• I l3ang ur sis

    Sick video There fucked up Haha and the

  • M.T

    song actually grew on me but the video is wack.

  • bumpy johnson

    dope song

  • Black Shady



    This song grew on me to lol smh this shit is dope

  • Brandon

    Wow wtf fuck wrong with this lame… Please don’t ever compare him to T.I.P again!!!

  • yo

    song is hot. cant lie

  • Mike S

    We can’t stop here, this is bat country!

  • Wayne continue to make hits…

    [VIDEO] Pusha T The difference between Kanye and Pharell, Kanye working process, admits dissing Lil Wayne on Alley Boy’s song “Favorite Rapper”

  • dave

    I really really hate Lil wayne.but i fucks with this sobg.bitch i ain’t got no worries!

  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!

    Nice shit..ymcmbws

  • Peekay

    still doing the autotune, eh?

  • 2Trill4UrKind

    If u never saw the movie before u might be lost but I’ve seen it so I get the video. Plus the song is pretty dope.

  • inspired by fear and loathing?…i thought Curren$y did this first


    THRASH! This dude is washed up!

  • DjHazejr

    Damn ppl turned on wayne in 08 yall was jockin…i always like wayne to a point never said he was the best cause he aint….. 1 of the best but not the best ..nas

  • Sealey

    This guy wayne is wearing an upside down cross (chain)

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    lyrical quiality of lil wayne and general quality of his videos have gone so downhill, its not even a different style its jsut garbage rap

  • CJF

    such a dreadful song, videos aight thou