New Mixtape: Lil B Crime Fetish

You do the crime, you do the time. But for Lil B, he’s spending his time handing over his new collection of music. He’s got bars, so fulfill your fetish by hitting the jump.

1. Respect Me
2. Crime Fetish
3. Gone In 60 Seconds
4. Lurk N Twerk
5. Shoot Them Gunz
6. Old Sku Mobbin
7. Stay With The Mack
8. Who Got My Back
9. Stress
10. Thugged Out Bitch
11. Earthquake
12. 3rd World Hustla
13. Suck My Dick Ho Remix
14. Beat My Ho
15. Mona Lisa
16. Lead Work
17. Mac Pressed Over
18. Street Dreams Remix
19. Life
20. Licking The P
21. Gimme Mo Bitches
22. Deez Bitches BASED FREESTYLE

Download here

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  • Gambino


  • Where’s Keke’s Song!?!?!?

  • Black Shady


  • Kali

    Suck My Dick Ho Remix?Really?


    That “Gimme More Bitches” already ringin’ off.
    Glad RR actually posted some more cool shit. Maybe some Captain Murphy next?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    oh my god, i cant believe you posted a lil b mixtape, hes dropped like 10 since the last tiem you guys posted one, i know big homie got love for lil b now, i can dig this lolllll

  • Polo Kid

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Damn!

  • celtic

    Dope as hell. This guy is the next Kool G Rap of his time! Melle Mel aint got nothing on Lil B. Hip Hop is saved thanks to Lil B.

  • based god saved my life

  • A$VP J-MAC

    #RARE POST ON RR TYBG!!!!!!!

  • Lil Bitch

    This nigga must be the wackest rapper in fucking history.

  • Rockpound

    New Instrumental Mixtape!!!

  • figaro


    Errboady else in the rap game killyaself BASEDGOD’S here.#CRIMEFETISH #WATERISDMG #LILBTHEBASEDGOD

  • Q

    Hahahahahahaha wtf is this is it a joke?

  • Q

    The gays love him.. this dude said u saved my life lil b lol wow this homo as guys on this site

  • Lethargic1

    Rare cover.

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    Wow…who lookin out for this trash?


    based god reppin that pink flag bitch mob !!!

  • wdd

    so rare


    sooo based! good to see rap radar posting some new Lil B shit!

  • Q

    @Nutsony….it will never happend again

  • real ish

    im done woth this site..posting this garbage…you should be ashaned of yourself….document bullshit…… n8o 724 fuck your favorite rapper jan 1st..real raps backa dn this shit will not survive

  • rick ross garbage lil b is god BASEDGOD

    basedgod fuck my bitch pleasssssseeeee pretty please!! then fuck my mom so we could be related.tybg you my savior i bow to you.

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    @rickrossgarbage… wtf U SAY ?! yall see them groupies dat nigga is so fukin GAY LMAO HAHA

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    Lil bitch boi is a insult to humanity and his sheep fans have really weak minds its sad….this fag got K tha fuk O lol


    This post is irreleavnt! who tlks are hears bout this guy!?

  • Task Force Lt.

    Thank you for this rare based offering.