• Sitting Like Frank

    This nigga taking another L

  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ your right you did just take an L

  • poetic assasin

    lol@ this neing news…. hopefully they do it right this time

  • skrillz

    our culture is entering a really wierd phase – kids growing up with the internet and all the phones all immune to what’s real and what’s not – thanksgiving mofos!

  • I am Kanye West

    Is she even allowed to say nigga?

  • TA

    okay mediatakeout…..

  • Jon B

    is this news worthy?


    “okay mediatakeout

  • Greezy

    How is this related to rap…

  • I don’t know, but I am enjoying the comments.

  • herohiro

    She got a mean sleeper hold

  • Carmen

    I Love these 2 together ! Forgive and Forget is a Woman’s thing to do. And in GOD’S eye’s and she did it !



    we weren’t aware this was RihannaRadar, our bad.

  • sometimes good vag can put you to sleep if you put in good work but i’m sure the dude must be tired because if it was some sex shit she wouldn’t take the pic or would she lol


  • ddave

    So if he beats her ass again she doesn’t get to complain or seek media attention or lie interviews about what happened.

  • ddave

    So if he beats her ass again she doesn

  • –>Lil B is irrelevant

    This site is tmz now

  • IIG

    Wait, how is he taking an L when he is fucking Rihanna? More importantly, where do I volunteer for taking that kind of L?

  • rockinmad

    A picture of a Chris Brown sleeping ?

    That was totally NECESSARY!
    Thanks so much Rap Radar, you made my may !

  • Evil

    who the fuck cares!!!!! this is not a fucking gossip site,leave that shit to tmz.

  • I think I’m done with Hip Hop. I think I’m done with the violence, beef, arguing, and general immaturity. I’ve grown up and as I have, I have realized that this culture hasn’t. Do you think Miles Davis was beefin with other Jazz Musicians or Metallica dissed Guns and Roses every week.

    This genre and all the arguing and fighting is getting OLD man. How many times do I have to hear about Rick Ross feuding with Young Geezy or 50 Cent. These are grown ass “business” men who fight like children.

    Also, the whole street culture of keepin it real and going to jail is lame. Rappers telling teenagers and younger kids its cool to slang coke and sit in jail for street credibility is just total bullshit. The lyrics are over the top now. “I’m think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover” – come on man. This is what people aspire to now?

    The Black Culture with Hip Hop used to be powerful and brought people together such as Public Enemy, NWA and others who actually fought for a cause through their music. Yes, sometimes they had to use violence and other tactics but the core message was positive no matter how hidden it was.

    Now its just let’s emulate gangsters who are sitting in jail serving consecutive life sentences and move weight through the IPhone. Let’s not talk about how hard life will be if you don’t get a decent education because its a global economy and you are competing against people in India and China for a job.

    Let’s also not tell them that guys like Rick Ross will be broke in 5-10 years when they fall out of fame and the tour and music money dries up – just like they always show 70 and 80’s groups on Behind the Music.

    Hip Hop used to be powerful – now it’s just trash and I am sick of listening to it and what it represents.



  • tits

    fuck you celtic you dirty cunt



  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    one second she hates him, next second theyre back together

  • Black Shady

    WTF is this post???? this is on some fruit level

  • A.C

    There’s a new artist that could use some publicity from this site…

    Yet this is the route y’all take lol



  • Chris Brown

    Dont wake me up

  • Rhianna

    obviously she returned the favor and punched him so hard in the face he got knocked out


    @celtic, no worries bro. The New(Pro) Era is coming.

  • jl

    Celtic is right


    this site is turning into TMZ, this isn’t HIP HOP.

  • I am Kanye West

    Celtic is sooooo right. Everything you said was very true…

  • Its interesting that the Crihanna obsession seems to have every1 under a spell. It must be love… Also good job on Chris’s part on the Michael Jackson – Spike Lee “BAD” documentary. Now lets get back to the music, his life should tell them how the media eats people alive.

  • PistolPistol

    No, she can’t say nigga.
    And she’s a deranged slut.
    And Fuck Chris Brown, I’ll beat his lil fucking Dru Hill ass down. Fake ass thug
    Not surprised the industry shows this fuck love. Money is money