Faith Brings Out Lil’ Cease At The Apollo

Faith Evans’ Thanksgiving Celebration took place last night at The Apollo Theater in Harlem USA. During her set, she brought out her ex-husband’s protege, Lil Cease. Where’s Lil’ Kim when you need her? Let’s take ’em back.


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  • tbd1983

    Ah those were some great memories ….. Cease needs to do that sequal to “The Wonderful World Of Cease A Leo”

  • B.Dot

    +1 underrated album

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    funeral invitation for these two motherfeckers on the stage.

  • Bry from Boston

    Its funny i listened to wonderful world of cease a Leo for the first time in like six years the otha day and i thought it was terrible lol.. When it first came out i loved it.. Kinda sounded like a bad boy album with puff and the production.. I like the album now but i used to love it

  • YUP!

    Y’all do know that originally was his song right?