New Music: T.I. x Andre 3000 “Sorry”

“And all some pussy nigga on the Internet could say is that verse ain’t good.”

Accepting no apologies, T.I.P. and 3 Stacks each deliver on the latest track

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  • 3K talking about Big Boi??

  • Ya Boy G

    Whooooooooooooo 3 stacks! This was nice.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Hardest track this nigga came with in years. Dre should have did the hook through the whole song

  • This the TIP I been waiting to hear. Talk that talk nigga!

  • Kenny Gs3

    GODDDDDDD DAMN!!!! who produced it ???? who mixed it ???? answers … people …

  • Aggie Pride

    T.I. took a 100 steps forward with this track. 3 Stacks nothing new blessing us with another dope verse.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Loved every second of this song, kinda like closure on why outkast came on such an abrupt stop when they were on such a roll

  • “Sorry” is the new anthem for anybody that you have hurt on your path to finding you! Live Free 3000 and Live Free T.I. for getting 3 Stacks on such an inspirational song. 2013 is going to be awesome, if this is what we got to look forward too….

  • Jacob

    I need more 3k more often

  • mundL

    good song overall, beat and hook are disappointing

  • mitch

    Best T.I song n awhile, this what im talking about. real verse from Andre

  • poetic assasin

    I pushed pause before I got to 3000’s verse — t.i.’s verses/the track alone shut down anything that has been released this month. :pushes play:

  • Junyah1979

    Instant classic since royal flush

  • poetic assasin

    DAMN @ the 3000 verse.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-?-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS – Shout out to Real R&B Jesse Boykins III & Dwele !!!





  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Wow! This has been an amazing day for Hip-Hop!! This one is a win!

  • Cruel Thing

    Damn, I love me some 3Stacks lol. They both murdered this shit.

  • Black Shady

    those T.I verses….greatttttt
    hook – coulda been better
    beat is smooth
    3000 great

  • DoinTooMuch

    Best T.I. song since his paper trail days. 3 stacks verse was priceless.

  • CaliSteppin

    This shit is crazy! Tips verses were great but 3stacks flow is on some other level shit

  • mundL

    what am I reading here, his TIs best song since Paper Trail? Haaaaa

  • this is dopnesss….

  • wickedess

    thats a dope song!!! very dope… this is amazing too…

  • imtravi

    Just as expected! Hats off to these guys.

  • RT.Affiliate

    Gotdamn! T.I. went IN on this one. Got me really anticipating the Trouble Man album now.

  • Chronic

    Alright, TI finally ain’t fuckin around. And andres verse was one of the best verses in a minute by anyone.

  • M.T

    Dope! T.I didn’t disappoint. Beat is smooth and that andre verse was crazy. Andre def shoulda done the hook in the beginning too. Really looking forward to Trouble Man now.

  • jamesrowdy29

    I’m over T.I. but 3000 is a special talent still.

  • NYCown

    T.I. They doing exactly what I said they was gone do! Jumping back on the bandwagon!!! Turnup KingBack… 12/18/2012

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Very Dope!

  • Sick!

  • Iran The Race

    20/20 Vision Salute!

    This song so cold..

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  • D Twice

    I thought that verse he laid down on 16 was the verse of the year. This ain’t far from it though. I hope this man releases a solo album and shows why he is a top 5 rapper of all time. Until then keep making these collabs 3 stacks. I wanna hear a track with him and J. Cole.

  • ss

    that verse aint good

  • ss

    wow i take that back .. i wasnt feelin ti since he came back from jail but this shit bumps

  • broski

    this shit crazy!!!! NOW I FUCKING over my heart t.i album sound like this dam it

  • SLIM

    Mannnnn… You know what?! I DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF 3 STACKS AIN’T NEVER PUT OUT A SOLO RAP ALBUM. ALL I GOTTA SAY IS THERE IS NO EQUAL!! Other rappers possess great lyrical ability but lack his insight, approach, delivery, charisma, & heart. Greatest of our time! This dude is a creative genius! And yawl called him weird at 1st. Nah, he’s just a OUTKAST! THE SOUTH IS REPRESENTED RIGHT ON THIS! GONE

  • lilrizq

    3 stacks sta murkin a beat fa sho… dope track T.I. Now look at the video I edited of me and my crew doing a show fo Hyundai.

  • Yaps

    Cool track, terrible chorus.




    Great verse and production.The least favorite part of the song is the hook. Still much better than that new song Curtis released yesterday.

  • Bro.NoShame

    Whoaaaaaaa TIp killed it, then out of the blue 3 Stacks…. came in and just ripped it…. Applesauce on your face……

  • Thad

    Lets talk a 3 Stacks and Kendrick collabo!

  • Chillthrills

    FIIRREEEE,,,,,this is real spit right here,,,my artist champion would of laced the hook harder,,but fuck it,,,worth some spins
    And he touched fif on this,,,,,nice

  • Frontrunner


  • Akuma

    8/10….good look for T.I.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend


  • caseyp

    What a song

  • not

    3k is better em, hov & nas it’s because he’s from the south that he doesn’t get the title of G.O.A.T

  • the brain trust

    So relieved! Best T.I. song in years.

    Everything about this song is great.

    And just like that, i’m anticipating the album.

  • rosav

    The listeners to this track were just blessed!!! #3000’s verse

  • truth23

    I’m sorry but I didn’t like the song. The chorus was horrible, T.I. and Andre verses were average at best. I expect better.

  • Oh so soulful………..

  • Teenage Millionaire

    Andre fucking 3000 ……

  • Brandon


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    better than Em and 50 single? 3k went HAM on this one, ande YES HIPHOP VERSES ARE GETTING BORING

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    “Why are we trying so hard to be stars, just to dodge comets?”

    Lines like that is why Hip Hop doesn’t DESERVE an Andre 3000 album. No one would bump it, just some “pussy nigga on the internet ” can say the album “ain’t good” and “boring….boring? Really?”

    Hip Hop wants, but they haven’t earned an album 3 Stacks. Till then , take a feature cock suckers

    @p0is0nedKoolA on twitter . Lester Bangs of Hip Hop

  • LouisDaKing


  • HK

    dope. they did a good job.

  • Andre reminds me where Kendrick almost comes from…this track is pacific coast hwy drivin’ alone music.

  • Frenzy10

    He goes at 50 in this on.

    ”To make my partners resent me enough to come n get me
    Catch me slippin’ and hit me, just like they did 50
    Cause I’m in the position that he think he should be given
    Listen, dawg, the fact of the matter is
    I’m on a narrow path and we all can’t travel”

  • 3Stacks

    Been Killin Niggas on their own songs 4 decades

  • 200mph

    ^^^ NO. i think he’s using 50 as an example. you ever seen Get rich or Die tryin?. 50 got set up and shot by some of his own people, so T.I is speaking of jealousy and envy by those close to you.

  • shit………… that’s 3000 song …… not t.i.’s …….how he do that?

  • sck

    The verses are dope but I wish the singer on the hook didn’t suck. 3stacks shoulda just done the hook.

  • 85

    something we can actually listen to. This my shit !

  • Converse

    Too dope

  • Dr. Rambaldoni

    The Game new song-

  • Lilstevejr

    Kendrick Lamar shouldve been on this track! it wouldve been an instant classic!

  • Da Truthhhh

    Wack, Stop Sucking Dick.

  • stashcityswa

    Instant Classic!!!

  • Nickey Negrito

    Dre can make a nigga 4get Tip was even on thiss track. Dude is nice and refreshing. I gotta give this dude way more props. He is becoming the Dave Chappelle of hip hop. I definitely see the influence he had on Kendrick’s album. Verse was crazy!

  • Nickey Negrito

    I agree, i think Dre is better than the mc’s @not mention. This verse was dope.

  • Marko-V

    Still tryin to figure out 3 Stacks entire verse. Reminds me of how Hip-Hop used to be. Not for simpletons.


  • theTRUTH

    Tip spit some real shit, but 3 stacks gave Tip a piece of magic on this. First listen I wasn’t feeling the hook, but upon further listening it grew on me, fuck it, can’t please everybody… 3 Stacks and K dot need to do work right away. I need Tip to spit like this with K.R.I.T.