New Video: Kingpen Slim “The Haunting”

Based on a true story, the DC upstart literally lets his trials and tribulations run past the margins in his new video. Download The Triple Beam Dreams here.

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  • jayblaze

    Deep! Have to check out this tape now


    This is the artist that needs to represent for DC… Pay close attention to this guy

  • iCan

    every single? intro to date has been phenomenal. deep and dynamic. great work!
    every single? intro to date has been phenomenal. deep and dynamic. great work!

  • Dashing

    When are ya’ll gonna post the trailer for that new 50 Cent, Eminem, and Adam Levine “My Life”? Ya’ll are messing up.

  • dll32

    Nice ! Gonna check out his mixtape!

  • Anti

    Now rappers make songs about cases they snitched on? Smh @ Julian Jones aka Kingpen Snitch

  • Cool Calv
  • be smart

    I don’t call it snitching if the person that did the actual crime tried to frame you which is what this sounds like. #BeSmart

    Deep song, downloading the mixtape now

  • Yudu Gray

    Very Honest? Video. Love the project too!

  • The one & only

    He’s not a snitch! If somebody pointed the finger at you and said you killed two ppl.. what would you do? If you can pull the trigger be a man and stand up don’t put it on your man! This was a beautiful & heartfelt video

  • Truth Wins

    People should really just get the paperwork and not snippets of newspaper articles. It’s all public record. Funny that nobody ever mentions the actual “snitches” in the case. Let me guess because they’re not trying to be rappers. Also funny that the man that everybody is trying to defend is the one that tryed to put the whole situation on Kingpen Slim in court. But they don’t mess with snitches right? Oh the irony. Any intelligent person can see what’s going on here. I never met him but I wish Kingpen Slim all the success in the world and hope his music pulls him out of this barrell of crabs we call the DMV. Keep pushin Slim, the truth always wins in the end.