• Zagga

    He could do that as long as he’d be cool with one his artists going against another…he’d have to have like 3 acts releasing in one month.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Oh word Birdman? So I guess that means Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Bow Wow, & Cory Gunz all gonna finally drop an album? I don’t think so… More like we’ll see another Drake, Nicki and Weezy album every year, but that’s only 3….long way from a hundred. Really, no one believes you Birdman. Once he starts letting the B-listers on his team get some shine maybe then this statement could seem halfway credible, but as it stands Birdman said less in this statement than he says in his average verse.


  • KoldCase

    sure go ahead out of all those 100

    probably about 2-4 would be good


    and thats only cause of drake

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  • chino

    dis nigga here..last i heard lil twist album was supposed to come out 2 yrs ago, i am a human being 2 delayed hell your own album got delayed even yall mixtapes..good luck

  • Tronathon

    Easy to do when you about quantity over quality. I mean I get it, that method sorta is what got Wayne to where he was but it was also why people stopped fuckin with him. Not all just some. Wayne was everywhere, every single, albums, official mixtapes. He even had dj’s and producers taking his shit and leaking it to unofficial mixtapes. But there is no way that between 48 acts you will be able to push out 100 quality albums a year. 100 singles? Maybe that sounds more doable and still a very high mark to reach. 100 actual hits would be somethin too. Personally I think this dude talks too much especially knowing that if it wasn’t for wayne no single he ever released would do the number digitally that he brags about. But that’s rap.. Brag brag brag. I get it.

  • Outlet

    He said digital, it’s not unthinkable to for him to have his artist put out mixtapeish albums released online for some kind of profit, people would buy 5$ albums if it was quality music and what they were looking for. Not every artist can do mainstream numbers obviously. Plus birdman owns the whole label right?

  • Brutally honest

    French that “enemy” line was meant you and your boss Puff… No need to be agreeing with dude nor being in the same room when you said that

  • King Mathers

    That’s it…flood the market with crap

  • lmao guess Birdman doesn’t believe in quality over quantity. Birdman is such a joke didn’t he say he’s going to retire when Wayne retires? Didn’t Wayne say he’s going to retire after Carter 5? Drake and Nicki will leave the label before his retarded goal will ever see the light.

  • drew

    Aka flood the game with bs someone tell bigbird he only got 4 artist drake wayne nikki tyga and hip hop shift every 3 years

  • Leanin’

    Why niggas gettin Mad at Birdman for saying this, but yall dont get mad at the Big lables that do this Every Year like Universal, Sony etc….And those lables probability of success from those 100 albums are Smaller than baby’s! Only difference is that their So Spread Across the Genre’s that “We” dont even see what fails as they do good on Some level in their respective spaces.

  • Black Shady

    Drake the only talented artist in that camp lmao

  • Marko V
  • D Twice

    Of course he doesn’t believe in quality you assholes. This nigga has a big ass red star on his bald ass head.

  • Evil

    quantity>>>>quality..thats ymcmb for ya

  • tucq

    For whatever it’s worth, its a lot of cats on here knockin that man’s goals, yet its a FACT that YMCMB is one of the top labels around.

    Listen to the ambition behind what he’s saying.

    That is how you’re supposed to be. DREAM BIG OR NOT AT ALL.

  • The original lucci

    Rich gang

  • dave

    to do that everybody would have to release two albums in a year.nobody drops two ib a year shit barely obeenist time with these pushbacks.usually person drops one and then a mixtape.only person who drop that much music is currensy and lil b.

  • 85

    a rich nigga trippin

  • Shitfuck


    Did you fail math?

  • Theo Jones

    Birdman, you ever hear of quality over quantity? no? oh, okay.

  • Beaming

    Nigga talkin out his ass he ganna have to branch out to different gernes of music if he wanna make this jhappn

  • RB

    gudda gudda in the back like this nigga aint never let me drop!

  • WestCoast

    this gay nigga deserve death

  • Fiore Scott

    and they would all be garbage of the highest quality.

  • this is 50

    lol gudda gudda got a mike to say nothing and not drop another album

  • blaze

    is it me or is french not signed to cash money lol jus saying bro you shouldnt be nodding your head bro bro

  • 100 albums a year…OK……..?

  • bold

    this is EXACTLY what the world needs

  • faaaaalse


    5) awesome, i can not-buy those like i dont buy the rest of the shit they put out.

    4) cant wait to hear Drake “Its Later Now” when that drop?

    3) “but not you gudda gudda” (*tatted tear rolls down*)

    2) the Carter 57 supposed to be as good as carter 2, the single is “like 6’7′ on even more steroids” and bangladesh still making plans for how he gonna spend that a Milli money when it comes in….any day now…

    1) “I am not a human being 7” contains disses against some rappers but its not a real beef says lil wayne…. did it because he’s “just a human being” and we “make mistakes” ….despite the fact the albums called “i am not a human being” and the first single is called “no mistakes”….

  • @faaaaalse

    You win post of the year. Crazy funny!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    stunnaman is going to have to buy a lot more of his own albums to accomplish that