Miguel “Adorn” On The Ellen Show

Miguel swept the ladies off their feet with a performance of his hit single during yesterday’s airing of Ellen’s show.

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  • veesky

    Those black chicks @ 2:47 were geekin’! lol…the one looked like she wanted to jump his bones

  • Original Ty

    LOL Ellen was bigger than that nigga…….. AND more masculine than that nigga……. AND dressed more like a man than that nigga hahahahaha skin tight capris SMH

  • LAGirls

    This dude is great for music. Much more so than people like this ——————————————->>>

  • Brandon

    Miguel R&B!

  • mrdontplay

    Ole Frankie Lymon azz nig lol

  • brooke

    Can’t wait to see Miguel & Elle Varner on the Trey Songz tour on 12/5 at Madison Square Garden in NYC! http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/1D00494FB97F5D1F?artistid=1013523&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=202