New Music: Skylar Grey x Eminem “C’mon Let Me Ride”

With both the hook and a verse, Eminem goes joy riding on Skylar Grey’s new single off her forthcoming, Don’t Look Down, which he is executive producing. Video coming soon. Radio rip via hhnm.

UPDATE: CDQ. Lyrics included.

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  • Dhillon


    Eminem ruined this song.

  • Del

    Em’s gotta be bangin’ this chick

  • enough of this pop shit em

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    It’s good for pop fans I’m sure. He had to help her out as much as shes participated with him and Shady records. This song isn’t aimed for the hip-hop audience.

  • Peekay

    This is a really bad rip. I’ll have to save my negative judgment till we get a CDQ.


    right so hes not shouting oh quick lets find somethin else to criticize

  • ^

    Don’t pretend you actually liked this song.

  • Brown Shady

    His flow, his flow, his flow…. did you hear his flow. It was a great verse really. “…and all some pussy n**** on the Internet could say is that verse ain

  • she resembles yeah..hes pounding

  • Evil

    This song will be a big hit,the hook will make sure of that.The video will be interesting.

  • YNRR

    HIT written all over it.


    Tbh the flow is really dope, still I don’t really like this song, but thats just me….anyway I hope em is featured on more hiphop songs in the future!


    And to whoever says em fell off, just listen to his verse on SH’s “our house” or 50’s “my life”

  • The Guy

    Is it me or the hook got some kind of weird x-mas theme…

  • M.T


  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Damn this chick was like an indie/folk song singer for years, she signs with Interscope & now she’s Rihanna ??

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    eminem ruined the song

  • Bangers N Mash

    Skylar is making fun of the industry in this song… seems like a couple of you guys are too dumb to put that together.

  • Dopeness

    Em is on fire this is so dope n different then just rapping about money

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Eminem also “executive produced” SlaughterHouse’s album. I would be worried if I was Skylar

  • tucq

    The hook is from “Bicycle Race” by Queen.

    Its also a play on Pee Wee Herman.

  • R

    Shit might be another beat producing Slaughter House mess I like the trailer Trash Pic Doe!!!

  • Dear Rap Radar,
    If You Love the Hip Hop Culture Please take this song of your site.This is the worst “musical production” I have ever heard in my life. I cant even grant it the honor of calling it a “song” because there is no content, that had to be the worst verse “Eminem” has ever recorded in his music career. Sometime needs to inform Interscope Records That the people are not responding well to this record and it needs to be scraped asap!

  • mundL

    Hahahaha funny single, I ain’t even mad at this

  • Converse


  • Word

    The song is horrible in my opinion. Man, I dont have a thing against pop or anything…its just… BUT, I will say that was the first Eminem verse I liked in a long long time. Reason? He didnt not YELL on this as much as he usually does. He didnt use that rapid fire flow (or if he did, itd be nice if he didnt do it in conjunction with him yelling). Thats it! All Eminem has to do is slow down his flow and not yell, and use a more consistent flow that doesnt sound studdery, and anything he says will sound great because Eminem has a great voice. He just messes it up when he starts sounding like Batman from Dark Knight