New Video: 50 Cent Ft. Eminem x Adam Levine “My Life”

Under the direction of Rich Lee, 50, Eminem and Adam Levine send the alphabet boys on a wild goose chase throughout their new theatrical. See how it unfolds above.

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  • Shady

    Omfg dopeness!!!!!

  • SayItLikeItIs

    No 5 in the official chart & No 2 in the Hip Hop chart with everybody against him and no help from industry people tweeting buy this now buy this now

  • Stress92

    What do we think of this?

  • Cooper

    I fucks with this; get em Fif!

  • ClarkR


  • Gucci Mane


  • WestCoast

    Dope number 1 itunes

  • Fresh

    that’s Dope Freshness!!! FIf is on top of the charts with everybody against him. lol. this guy is a legend

  • Fabulous

    @Gucci Mane

    You must like that crappy trap music that has been saturating the game lately

  • Mike

    @GucciMane Youre idol has an ice cream cone tatted on his face. Your opinion means nothing

  • nofilter

    wow this was pretty bad

  • lll

    Funny how only haters come and comment.

  • AC Slater

    I used to love 50… GRODT is top 5 rap albums of all time..WTF HAPPENED TO DUDE?! He’s had the biggest fall off in hip hop history…

    He might need to get shot again to get his hunger back. It’s that serious.

  • M.T

    the vid was cool. song is still meh. Since “New Day” flopped, 50’s desperate for a hit.

  • Yeezus Christ

    song blows

    50 aint shit without Dre and Storch

  • ClarkR


    Usually that is the case, but if you look, out of the 12 comments here, only 2 are negative.

  • Yeezus Christ

    @Ill your a dumbass

  • @Artise1

    That’s what im talking about. Aftermath is in the building. Street King Immortal will out sell GFID and Jesus Piece combined. You can throw Frenchie in there too!!!


    how is 50 hip hop? this nigga is pop just like Rozay, Drake, Wayne, Kanye & Jay

  • Nickey Black

    I actually digged this joint, although Em verse is gonna need rapGENIUS…lol
    I couldnt catch that shit. But 50 did a good job. Real comfortable flow . Old school beat mixed eith some hard guitarsI actually digged this joint, although Em verse is gonna need rapGENIUS…lol
    I couldnt catch that shit. But 50 did a good job. Real comfortable flow . Old school beat mixed eith some hard guitars I actually digged this joint, although Em verse is gonna need rapGENIUS…lol
    I couldnt catch that shit. But 50 did a good job. Real comfortable flow . Old school beat mixed eith some hard guitars

  • DJ Game

    the video made me like the song more. still not feeling what em is doing.

  • Heyhey

    How many interscope songs gonna be called my life

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    good video, after a second or third listen its not too bad

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this single is what 50 needed, way more than the new day record i think this is better for his album and getting attention again

  • Ash Ketchum

    50 Cent STANS want him to win so badly that they are forcing themselves to like this MEDIOCRE ASS SONG….Its really sad too,I’m not suprised this nigga album is pushed back.

  • lets pray

    if u think 50cent is on top of dem charts cause of his influence then u retarded,aint nobody checking 4 fif thats why he has two white artists on deck,smh

  • Black Shady

    who thought this Adam guy on the hook was a good idea???? SMH

    I want to see 50 win…..but god this is bad

  • Anelka

    This nigga 50 is real desperate now and his fans are even worse. 50 looking old as fuvk, even Jay looks yunger than him. SKI will get pushed back again after this failed attempt at a hit.

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  • I_Am_He

    Lol @ all the hatin’ ass young bitches in here. Go suck a dick.

  • -_-


  • LLCoolJIsHardAsHell

    Welcome back Fif. Not too shabby with the bars.

  • Yessirrrrrr

    This beat is so dope. Real hip-hop shit.

  • LDirty

    This shit go hard.


    Eminem’s rhyme style is so complicated. I don’t give a fuck if he spit an entire verse about fuckin’ carpet cleaner, that shit would be ridiculous.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    BOSS !!!

  • HatersCanSuckADick

    Fuck all you haters. Go listen to your Gucci mane, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, and Young Money albums you fuckin’ pussies.

  • Cobra shoot 22

    fire as usual

  • sda

    heat this fya

  • Fresh

    you can def expect for game to drop a diss tomorrow , cause this song is already no 1 on itunes. game wants a piece of that fame.

  • nem

    #1 on iTunes!
    SUPPORT real hip-hop!

  • Fresh

    i don’t get all this hate. did any one hating here heard french montanas single ? that shit is retarded. beat is fucking terrible and lyrics… omg. those guys need to catch a fucking flu, so they wouldn’t be able to rap for atleast a weak.

  • money maker

    song is 4 on iTunes top 100 hit hit

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    #1 on iTunes already. Wooooooohooooooooooooo

  • hjater

    so many haters

  • BKLYN44

    FIRE!!!!50&EM=Dynamic Duo!!!

  • Dope. I stayed up till 6am to see this.


    FIRE and theres some hatin ass fucks in here lol always with the same complaints about eminem shoutin or gettin angry its called passion puttin heart into your lyrics did anyone tell 2pac not to shout?

  • hjater

    number 4 stop lying stans

  • Evil

    The video is dope,made me like the song better.Good videos always help a song.
    EM was cool in the video.I love his flow and rhyme scheme,its just sick.PASSION!

  • pat

    fuck all the haters. so tired of them. Wat evs really. Song is tight and the video is tight. Call me old school but i like quality lyrics and complex syllables.

  • pat

    also , in 10 years or so we are going to look back and say dam eminem and 50 were really good. Because in 10 years the rappers might be so bad that you wont be able to listen to anything new. So save the songs on your computers and hard drives or whatever. I know i will be rocking all of eminem’s and 50’s shit years from now. Then we can be like prior generations and say ” the music in our day was the best” lol

  • Speechless

    I don’t een know what to say to these preteens. Shady Records/Interscope #1… GrandHustle/Strange Music #2…. Blank #3…. Blank#4…. Blank#5-20…. YM/MMG/GOOD Music can’t even see these dudes. Wack money over female dogs, let’s go clubbing with my 2Chainz after i tell everyone i sold a kilo today lmao. Money ruined Hip-hop. 50 don’t live the ghetto life no more so he raps about his life now. He don’t need to rap, he don’t need promotion. He beefs because he has nothing better to do but sit home counting millions. Stupid jits grow up

  • nem

    10 000 likes in less than 2 hours on YouTube.
    A hit.

  • Youzy

    Eminem shows bastards how its done.

  • Chronic

    The amount of shit eminem fit into his verse is crazy. Better than any verse he had on the bad meets evil cd. I can’t wait for his next album, definitely not gonna be another recovery.

    50’s verse is just as good as any of Ross’s, but that ain’t sayin much. Cool song, but I think most people came for the eminem verse.

  • qbeezy

    not a hater but this is not gonna help him get that album out,,, should stick to selling drinks, and straight to dvd movies

  • Drops

    50 smart he knows nobody checkin for his wask ass music so he gets 2 white boys on a single lol


    This song is the official self-eulogy.
    Basically 50 cent is a has-been, a used-to-be who’s now sitting on a corner and telling tales of past glory.

    Curtis is a former bully who’s been bullied by an underdog.
    Consciously or subconsciously, he knows it’s over but still he tries because maybe just maybe the old formula is gonna work.

    But it won’t. Like Bob Marley said

  • BlackDivine

    its funny all these fake comments, people calling the real posters haters because they know this track is average.
    its now looking like 50 had to release this shit to get an album date from interscope,it makes sense now,thats why all these interscope employees posting these fake ‘it goes hard!’ posts,lol.

    yall dudes funny,like dude said i want 50 to win, but this isnt going to get him there.

  • WestCoast

    number 2 worldwide

  • ECU

    fif makin radio music nigga want da get rich or die tryin’ money haha

  • nem

    #1 Hit Single (OVERALL). #1 Hip-hop song.
    50 irrelevant, hah?

  • slaughter

    number 1 going big they back on top, I just wish the whole shady aftermath, gunit would do one Last album then go on tour. you can only dream

  • Billboard Magazine Review

    “This is my recovery/My comeback, kid,” 50 Cent raps on “My Life,” the gaudy new single from his oft-delayed fifth studio album, “Street King Immortal.” That line could understandably be interpreted as “This is my ‘Recovery'” — as in, Curtis Jackson’s version of Eminem’s “Recovery,” the 2010 album that returned the Detroit native to the hip-hop all-star game after years of middling efforts.
    50 Cent has spent years trying to properly follow up 2009’s DISAPPOINTING “Before I Self Destruct” and regain his cultural relevance, and “My Life” successfully mirrors Eminem’s comeback single “Not Afraid” by pairing pseudo-introspective lyrics with a chorus full of vague yet decisive statements.
    Maroon 5’s Adam Levine provides the POP backbone to a trio of surly verses from 50 Cent and Eminem, with the latter thrusting himself full force into lines like, “Sipping some of that revenge juice, getting my taste buds ready/To wolf down this spaghetti

  • windycityg72

    Dope Vid , something Original , not totally mind blowing but original ! Good 1 Fif and em

  • Toya

    I heard the song and thought “Meh” but then I watched the msuic video and thought “Wow!” Usually the music video just enhances the song but in this case, the video seems to validate the song.

  • Derik

    Hate can’t help it’s too late #1!!

  • JOeyzz

    people love hatin on 50

  • I think its interesting that regardless of the content of the comments, 50 cent posts CONSISTENTLY garner dozens more comments than most other artists


    @Jonathon Brown’s Portfolio

    So do RICK ROSS’ post, actually

    Only actual difference, Curtis’ actual career is dead.

  • Cruel Thing

    I like the song and the video. Welcome back to both 50 and Em.

  • Del

    i like it… better than most rap songs currently on the radio

  • crysis

    not even in the top 5 posts on this site. wtf up YN are you serious who runs yo shit nigga of course your post up there but you aint news. cant believe this fucking site. i guess only gay wayne YMCB and MMG get those spots right. seriously Slick Rick with only 23 comments in the top 5 GTFO

  • Mano17

    That shit weak as hell eminent and 50 are irrelevant

  • Pleasure Boy

    50 has officially upset all the haters LMAO

  • money maker

    lol haters crying but will not stop the heat haha 50 cent is the most important in interloper you the last alone

  • Small Homie


  • nem

    Ross Radar doing it again: “Hey, this song is #1 on iTunes, and just destryoing on YouTube (huge views…), but NAH, let’s not have it as a Top5 post, We have that MMG joint, let’s put that as #2…”
    Good reporting RossRadar.

  • 50 “ACTUAL” CENT

    “Yeah, Street King Immortal. The ACTUAL album, it was scheduled to release November 13th, but we had to move the ACTUAL date,” Fif said in an interview from Paris, France.

    “For this ACTUAL album, it’s already been a year late. It’s usually two years in my cycle that I go because I release the record and then I spend a whole year after touring and then I go again.

    So on this ACTUAL cycle it was ACTUALLY a lot longer because it’s the final album requirement for Interscope and we went through an ACTUAL audit type of situation until we got it all cleared up and now everybody’s ready to work, so it’s ready to come out.

    I finished it. I’m comfortable with the ACTUAL record, I feel it’s arguable as good if not better than what I did in the beginning with Get Rich and The Massacre.

    But you know, I’ve learned to adjust pretty well to people judging me as an artist and people look at the ACTUAL material and try to be critics more than ACTUAL fans. But I’m my biggest critic.”

  • war22

    shit is dope…i like the whole concept

  • bylaw99

    WOW its funny people wanna say 50 is desperate for a hit when the whole MMG/YMCMB/WEDABEST/BADBOY all gang up together to make a hit…this proves niggas just clearly hate to see 50 win..pathetic!


  • lynch-mob

    haterz still mad true story ,50 stay winning with this track an video

  • 50 “ACTUAL” CENT

    The ACTUAL Donkey just shot himself in the ACTUAL foot with this ACTUAL hot garbage. No matter how many ACTUAL Interscope employees and interns comment, the ACTUAL general public knows this is trash.

  • buzz

    after a few listens the track aint bad, plus the videos cool. wayy better than that corny New Day

  • realness

    a lot of people are quick to say its hating when they dont get the good results.. but all you blog lames are REALLY hating on this. Its not a bad album track for fif the song seems real, it may not be a single but let him breathe, this shit is a breath of fresh air compared to ymcmb and mmg bullshit… cut the shit out you rap radar fake hip hop heads dont know you head from your ass sometimes.

  • nem

    Still #1. Whattup?

  • goodgood

    only reason this is number is cuz of eminem lets all be honessstttt.

  • watup


  • Juliet Valencia

    This video is merely expressing the fourth amendment is dead (right to privacy) and the first amendment. Look what just happended to a little girl in my small hometown, her veterans day poem was banned for saying “god gave them peace and strength”, about her two granparents who served..