Nicki Minaj Goes “Crazy” On Steven Tyler

Former American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was recently asked to rate the talent competition’s new panel. He said if Bob Dylan was auditioning, Nicki Minaj would’ve sent him packing to the cornfield. Nicki didn’t take the comment lightly and called Steven a racist via her Twitter account.

Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet!

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  • ClarkR

    Dear lord this lady is an idiot

  • Peekay

    I almost want to call Nicki racist for even suggesting that. Give me a break and get off that high-horse!

  • Evil

    what a bitch.Trying to pull the race card…and it fails.BIGTIME

  • LikeJordan45

    I hate the way this bitch clings to the race card. You’re a pop artist and you still playing these games? C’mon ma, grow up and stop trying to put people “in their place” who have accomplished more in this life than you.

  • london

    quit bitch.annoying brat

  • ClarkR

    and just for anyone who doesn’t understand what steven tyler meant : He was talking about contestants from the midwest, small towns, small FARMING towns… people from the middle of no where being thrown into the limelight out of their element and being ran off the american idol stage back to the “cornfield” He used Bob Dylan as an example. Bob Dylan is from Minnesota/ the Mid-west.

    It’s scary that this woman is role-model for so many young women, teaching these girls that if someone says something you don’t like, just call them a racist. I wish she would think about what she is doing.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mr. Tyler may i suggest putting a suitcase upside her head i bet you Nicki will change her story.

  • WestCoast

    nicki suck my dick and stfu

  • Larha

    nicki is so corny for this (and more)

    he would have said the same shit about jessica simpson

  • CBH

    She sounds ridiculous. Bad week for entertainers and Twitter.

  • alex

    Nicki Wouldnt be anything without YMCB, she sucks as a raper…Just give up You suck!

  • Jacob

    First the woman card at the whole summer jam thing now race card smh…

  • nuff said..this chick needs to get gangbanged by a pack of wild wolves and dropped off in agfhan wearing taliban clothing and beat with 2 by 4’s from home depot… needs to stop whining…. what happened to this 2,564,899 personality types- broad…?? dam.. i liked Moment for Life… well shes not..thats what matters..

    – B. Dot

  • Iran The Race

    Look at all the lame ass white people (racist suspects) getting all mad that Nicki called out the suspected racist Steven Tyler on his bull shit! Ha..

  • thebullfrog24

    I don’t know if i’ve ever seen artist this delusional.

    I use to think that mariah carey was just picking on her…I now realize they don’t like each other because they are the same person. Stupid diva bitches that are crazy.

    From the summer jam shit, to the american idol shit and even the shit she pulled on the breakfast club. She’s a delusional bitch and i’m glad everyone else see’s it to.

    She could of been the greatest female rapper of all time, but i doubt she’s even around in 2-3 years.

  • Iran The Race

    You know your white and racist when you constantly reference everything with “CARD”.

    example: race-card, woman-card, victim-card, ect. ect… Damn racist white folks where yall been hiding all this time on RAP RADAR? ha..

  • Iran The Race

    ^^^^ You’re (your)

  • Chillthrills

    this bitch!!! Aint she white? Blond hair,,,,and shit,,,,daaamn she wack,,,,,somebody call heather b,,lol

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  • thebullfrog24

    Iran The Race says:
    Tuesday, November 27 2012 at 1:45 PM EST

    You know your white and racist when you constantly reference everything with

  • mac attack

    She used, “lol”, I’m cringing

  • the brain trust

    This stupid bitch needs to off herself cuz she sounds mind numbingly stupid every time she speaks.

    Nicki, take your skin bleached, plastic ‘surgeried’ ass outta the music industry.

    The world is bored of your shenanigans.

  • Del

    how was that comment racist?

  • ClarkR hit the nail on the head. Couple that with the fact that Dylan is known for his SONGWRITING and not his voice per se. With today’s logic, she wouldn’t have given him a chance at all. Onika failed on this one.

  • DC

    Nicki Minaj is an idiot for thinking that’s racist. Its not hard to figure out “Cornfield” = “Midwest”… WTF is she even talking about? Damn girl, I’d be embarressed if I were her.

  • omg. nicki is always on her period

  • Frank

    The site has so many lames on here.

  • R

    Niki the clown has more white in her than Obammmaa!!!

  • ClarkR

    @ Frank

    Based on your comment I’m assuming you agree with Nicki ?

    Could you please explain why? I’d like to better understand your train of thought. If you can explain yourself in a way that makes sense, I’d have no problem agreeing with you.

    I don’t think racism is something that should be thrown around lightly as it really divides people in a dangerous way. It is detrimental to all people, of any color.

  • Im have to take Stevens side on this, from living in the midwest and Im Black. I also run a Hip Hop site. Bob Dylan is from Nebraska so he was saying send her home not send her to the cornfield as being racist also. Steven T grew up being called Ni””er Lips, He Talks about in interviews.Damn Nicky you move forward and you keep falling back

  • Your Father

    It has nothing to do with race.
    Just the level of her talent and her musical knowledge (judging from her own music).
    What next? Riff Raff on the panel?

  • SpkdaTruth

    He’s just basically saying she not juding based on talent thats it, shes trying to turn it into something else, she did her thing and got famous but she really doesnt have true artist talent

  • Don Trevon


    Stupid B!tch

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Nicki, just stfu, please. Now sit down and eat your veggies

  • Converse

    How are you fags going tell her what he said wasnt racist? Its all about how she interpret it.

  • koO

    Here’s a thought: ignore the bitch and make her irrelevant?