• Midsize Jerm

    After seeing countless songs/albums/mixtapes by black rappers with the name of famous white people as the title, I have decided to pull a role reversal….look for my new mixtape, Martin Luther King Jr. coming soon from your favorite white rapper, BK James.


  • Devante

    Stockton and Malone of rap yo.. Not flashy but they get the job done.

  • Ramelo

    If he stops rapping about Pretty Thugs and them basic ass bars he be spitting it should alright. No MC has fallen off skill wise as bad as Prodigy. Go back and listen to the lyricism and wordplay in the mid-late 90’s and listen at the generic dumbed down crap he’s been spitting for around 10 + years now

  • brollya

    cant wait…. hnic3 stil in rotation……

  • Polo Kid

    P and Al should just form a group..Mobb Deep is over

  • Realniggashit

    P needs to focus on his writing skills before he drops more music he need to get in that nobody can fuck with me mind frame

  • Chris8732

    his name is Alber EinSTEIN though…

  • dodo

    this dude looks real old.

    retire bruh.