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  • Donn

    Inspiring. All that success with no major label. Good shit Mac

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This man is cashing in more than fuck boys who signs to a major label trying push there wack albums. Mac is sittin back laughing at all them niggas who signed a 360 deal who aint seeing no paper and album getting 5 push backs only to flop.

  • dodo

    can’t hate.


  • Yeezus Christ

    white people love them some wac miller

  • Lmao

    Why everyone bring color into shit? Racist f***s only color that means shit in this world is green. White, black, brown. Personality is what it is all about. Loyalty, respect.

  • dave

    congrats.well deserved.

  • faaaaalse

    glad to see the whites dominating outside the office as well #whitepauerrr #andanotherone #andanotherone #sarcasmdoesnttranslatewellonscreen