New Music: Yasiin Bey “I Don’t Like (Freestyle)”

Switching up the flow and voice is the artist formerly known as Mos Def and his rendition of Chief Keef’s hit record. Bang bang!


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  • mundL

    how corny

  • This shit is fire period.I just wish he could call himself Mos Def.he said so real shit and it was different from his usual.Shit is dope

  • LoverofHipHop

    I fucked with this….yasiin/mos got off on this and said some real ass shit.

  • Rozay

    a little late there yasin you dumb fuck

  • poetic assasin

    Smh @ callin him a dumb fuck. If an artist uses the dead presidents beat do you say the same thing? Any this was straight, wish he would drop another solid album

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  • popo

    i thing mos def is not dumb but ignorant on many issues he raps about or talk about.

  • jjj

    How is he ignorant?

    He debated with many people, no one proved him wrong.
    Until then, shut your fuckin’ mouth and bow to the Black Star.

  • Iran The Race


    White Supremacy… I don’t like


  • WTF, maaaaan dont make me throw away your old shit too, just like i did wit shyne.

  • shoot’em up bang bang

    He Murdered this track, who cares how old the beat is. He just shitting on niggas with todays rap style. I guess haters gon hate either way!!!

  • zeee

    is onyx coming out with another album?

  • CBH

    Yasiin’s track >>> Keef’s track

  • RageOfEnvy

    He said Africoon Americans Damn

  • Christian

    “white supremacy is what l don’t like”

  • R

    Hes sounds like Kanye his voice is better and his name was better! Yasins sounds like a girl name Def is Mos Def going thru something in his life this change of identity shit aint working! Dont end up like Shyne PO

  • popo

    @jjj i can proof him wrong on abu jamal in 20 minutes.

  • SayItAin’tSo

    How you can hate on Mos is beyond me! Let him try some new shit. Mos = Hip Hop

  • Ty Boogie

    First and foremost respect the Mighty Mos and his contribution to the hip hop movement. Second change can be great and we all know this. My hat goes off to Mos for spitting once again about real shit and not the normal cars,hoes and money.