• Marko-V

    Confused as to why “they” made the cover. smh No hate tho. Congrats. I might not get this issue tho.




    Chris Brown your not a rapper…Thats is all

  • Oh no…

    Two musicians covering one eye on a mag cover?

    Let the Illuminati jibberish commence.

  • Why Is “Chris Brown” on the cover of a so called Hip Hop/ Rap Magazine??

    Big Sean I Understand And To Be Honest “Over Due”, But Chris Brown? Nah,,,,Thats That Sh*t I Dont Like!!

    Man The Game Has Changed,,,Smh

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  • Allfremusic

    Looooolzzz!! Dope

  • Yeezus Christ

    Typical dumbasses hating on chris, shut your mouths idiots

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-?-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS



  • Donn

    Two dope artists, no hate on this side. Young niggas getting it

  • gtouthere

    xxl fell off when YN left, tho YN did have 50 and wayne on there over a dozen times im sure he wouldnt put these 2 corny ass niggas on there.
    If they wanted to put young talent they shoulda put Meek, Kendrick, Asap or French Montana

  • e

    @gtouthere cuz French montana is definitely young and more talented then Chris Brown or big sean

  • Illuminati gibberish? Maybe but the Egyptian obsession is very prominent. Covering one eye definitely means something, it isn’t by chance or because it’s aesthetically pleasing. There is reason. Why? I couldn’t tell you. It’s obvious and relevant and is integrated all through out hip-hop right now though.

  • acidrap

    Pimp C, T.I. and B.G are the only niggas names that is worth a shit on that cover.Errbody else on there is weak as hell.Thats how sad the rap game has become.

  • Oz

    Does anyone even read this mag anymore rest in peace XXL pour out some liqure and Remanise when this shit was really relevant (2003)

    As they brought down the source so Complex mag brought down XXL

  • DIGGSY!!!

    Big Boi droppin a album in December and they give Chris Brown a cover. I’m glad the world gone end

  • @mrright516
  • Dashing

    Douchebag and cornball. Excellent choices, XXL.

  • Brittany

    It’s really funny to me how people try to “define” what real “hip hop” or rap is! Obviously the people who get paid that cash for these know what there doing when they make cover decisions even if it involves politics. I mean they have a job, and you get paid nothing to comment about how they do it. Lol plus Chris brown has kilt all y’all “fav rapper” hooks anyway.

  • Haberdashery

    Better Choices for XXL Cover: ASAP Rocky, Game, Big Boi, Meek, T.I,

  • HAQ

    Sellin the illusion. Fuck these tools.