New Video: Redman “White People Are Rioting”

Ring the alarm. Reggie hits the streets and wrecks havoc over an Erick Sermon-production. Sheesh, the Fuck Doc still has it in him. THWD coming soon.

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  • Jus10

    Huh? What THWD?!!

    A new mixtape? …on another note, this is throwback Redman style! Thanks!

  • Space Ghost

    This made my day. UUUUGGGGHHHHH……So gutter…soooo hip hop……sooooooo REDMAN!!!!!!

  • tbd1983

    Redman’s back, he scared me when he put out the “Reggie” album, like the current powers that be @ Def Jam twisted his arm to release that. He should sign with Erick / Def Squad and be good

  • red

    only 3 comments on real hip hop music, smh

  • Peekay

    DOPE! This is some throwback golden era shit

  • Luck
  • Donknottz

    Dope as always, reminds me of Doc’s the name Era. Vegetarian Diet is doing him well. Looks like he lost a good amount of weight.

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    red been done since how high, and im from birckcity 18th ave and munn nigga.wats good.

  • PistolPistol

    Jakebroke ass is tone def as fuck. I’m from the bricks pffffff
    Redman is back! Some actual real hip hop.
    Fuck yes!

  • notnowjez

    That’s fucking hip hop right there. Funk Doc is the shit. NOBODY comes close. NOBODY.

  • Elitesmoove

    Classic! Nice to hear real hip hop every now and again….I hope someone caught up in the system wakes up and brings back the individualism back in hip hop…a lot of Clone Wars going on right now…

  • cru

    pond cock, the don juan doc

  • SnubDuff

    the fuck doc? fuck yu mean

  • peeda ro

    I bet a Redman and Gunplay track would be a beast…now gon hate

  • sick

    God Damn. Reggie KILLED IT

  • whuuut thee album

    RAW!!!! – u right red & gun play soundin sick right about now- str8 raw rap – its still legal ppl!!!

  • cory