• Baous

    Damn Frenchie recorded Khaled’s moms? If that’s true khaled and Frenchie ain’t gon be cool no mo

  • MyOpinion

    “In Game’s case, there is absolutely no malice in my heart towards him. I’d like to see him do whatever he can do at this point. And Buck, I think that’s over, I think that’s done. I think his career is finished. It’s because his temperament, right now he’s in jail but knowing who he is the entire time he’s been around, I don’t know if he has what it takes to recover.”

    There was rumors about French being involved in that ages ago i wonder how his going to explain that to Ross and Khaled. I’d like to hear that conversation and if he is forgiven, that should show us the type of guys they really are.

  • Baous

    But saying Ross wasn’t established in 09 was a joke, he had 2 no.1 albums at that point and was going on his 3rd studio album. Fif knew who he was, he name dropped Ross on “funeral music” back in 07

  • Ran

    I don’t get how y’all could like Rick Ross for snitching, stealing another mans name, be a false drug lord & hanging with a dude who stay losing & snorting coke, I don’t like all the violence in 50’s songs like that, but he’s a better figure than that fake ass nigga by miles, & he gettin money other ways. Something to teach your kids besides fake drug raps.

  • MyOpinion

    Agree with @Ran

  • bylaw99

    @Baous what he meant was he didnt know Ross outside of music meaning he didnt know what he was about in the streets so he needed some intel which Frenchie provided for him along with Trick Daddy! lol..khaled cant let that slide. Frenchie a snake.

  • Pinochio

    Dalm fif!

    I could listen to this guy talk for like 20 minutes. He’s a real interesting dude.

    Stilll don’t liike his music though

  • Safe Dwade

    If 50 rap bout the shit he get interviewed bout he’d have these faggots chopped

  • mundL

    1999 to 2012, 50 is still the same guy!!!! Forever one of my favorite people in Hip Hop history

  • jjj

    Only guy that’s actually honest.

  • pleasure boy

    lmfao Fif is ruthless!!! What i dont understand is how Snake Montana went at Fif when he knew Fif had dirt on him… Fif is hiphop’s smartest nigga when it comes to battling his enemies, French fuccked up 4 that lol

  • Winston Churchill

    Big up 50.

  • Oj da Cornball

    Dude is ill. consistent. French done



  • Mike P

    50 with this interview about French just successfully shifted Ross Khaled and his own interviews from this point forward.. Ross and Khaled will hear how can you be cool with someone who clearly had bad intentions at some point that if 50 wanted to could have turned real bad for everyone involved and French will have to talk about being a snake riding on every wave that would have to be seen as a rapper.. Great smart and entertaining move on Fif’s part.. Divide and conquer by pointing to mans character!!!!

  • County Of Kings

    snitch tendencies.

    @Ran, 50 also stole another nigga name. just a less famous name, the country doesnt know that only nyc niggas know that.

    and remind me again who or when did rick ross snitch on anybody? dont recall that. just cuz he was a c.o. dont mean he cant sell drugs, u have to know that right? and gunplay is a coke head, i always assumed tony yayo was also but i could be wrong.

    50 and Ross, they the same nigga to me thats why its funny

  • Fernando

    50 Cent is on some 33 strategies of war shit. real talk.

  • money maker

    lol French is a bitch so this is how important he is to interloper

  • oby

    damn, Frenchie low key rode for 50 during the beef in 09, now he’s Ross’ employee lol. I can understand why fif is soo fuckin paranoid as far as friendships go…..you cant trust no one!

  • Afi K. James

    Maybe because french montana finally saw what a snake 5-0 truly is.


    50 is a snake nigga, he’s shitted on his homies in South Side Jamaica Queens like Bang Em Smurf & Domination. yea he’s real, but he’s a snake.

  • French montana will be fine… they gave Ross a pass remember, these niggas is all fake and snakes.
    All this news does is actually make you understand why they all hangout together… And they’ll remain together while they talk behind they’re backs and pretend as long as theres money to be made.

    But yo 50 you’s a BOSS for this move son DAYME, let a nigga release an album first before ending his career DAYME son

  • Damn Son

    Man i always sided with 50 during his and Games beef.. but i guess i have matured and they haven’t, because i like both of them cats and there’s no reason to still be beefin..they made one of the greatest songs in modern rap (Hate it or love it) he deaded his beef with fat joe and i heard him
    say himself he hated joey more then anyone else he beefed with…. only women hold grudges…then when you throw in that this was all business and not even anything personal..smh…get over its

  • Devante

    I used to really respect French when he had his Cocaine City movement with Max B, Dame Greese and Harry Fraud behind him. But its like now this dude has become Ross flunky…

  • lol at the joke guy County Of Kings… what snitch tendencies ?? nigga GTFOH.
    what law enforcement agency is involved and what crime was commited so you can use the word snitch ?

    Was The Game telling that he got permission from Wayne and Baby to fight some rapper snitching then ??

    Nothing more sad then a hater reaching… but i must admit its lovely and super funny to read lol

  • Ismail

    Co-Sign at [email protected] Nothing will come of this the Get Along Gang’ s hate and fear for 50 will give Montana a pass for being a 2timer and the MMG dickrider radio hosts like Angie and Rosenburg wont ask Montana, Ross, Khaled or Diddy about this if they were to have these guys on their shows.

    And to these Suburb teens like County Of Kings, If knowone goes to jail or gets into trouble with the law then its just story telling.

  • California Love

    good thing he rolls with the fakest dudes in the industry. French Montana will be just fine, even thow shit like this can get you killed in the hood.


  • 2 chainzz

    LOL look at the other ppl on the show they all like aha aha learning stuff and no jokes or comments besides just hearing 50 talk.. Real nigga in the game since (97′) 2003..

  • Mike Jones??

    That was all real spit..

  • 100hunnit

    There goes Curtis the police informant ratting another guy out.
    This shows how desperate Curtis is.
    First he drops a song that is 2-3 years old with disses.
    Second he snitches on French.
    Third hes snitching on Mayweather.
    Curtis is sounding pretty desperate now.
    His career is dead.

  • M.T

    damn i enjoyed this interview alot. 50 spoke some real shit and even though he fell off musical wise, i still have respect for him. Also smh at French Montana.

  • Mike Jones??

    Gucci said that French wasn’t 100 a few weeks back and people thought he was buggin.

  • Decepticon

    Theres too much fear and hate for 50 amongst these guys to let this become an issue. They’d rather let it slide and appear unfased by it then to have the whole world see them divided by something 50 caused. this will go away faster then the box tired to a rock and thrown into the sea with Rick Rossz badge and handcuffs.

  • Sandra

    lol at French Montana dodging the topic on twitter talkin bout jean shorts and sun burn. This is so sad 50 killin the boy.


  • lmao

    lmao at Decepticon.
    *dead* with laughter about the box with Rossz badge and handcuffs. I can just see Rick Ross getting rid of evidnce so he could lie.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    50’s a smart guy, lot smarter than wayne anyways lol

  • @Artise1

    This nigga French Montana done tried to dick suck every boss in the game after Max B got knocked. He a bitch ass nigga, that why Fif ain’t sign him.


    only fake niggas would give ducktona a pass for this. the game is fucked up right now. and its these stans who have no soul and have the mind and drive of a fake nigga who gave officer ross a pass as well. the thing is khaled and ross are so fake like diddy’s straight sexual orientation that , french ducktona would get a pass. what real niggas in the hoods and of all america need to do, is when they see fake niggas in the hood bumping the cops songs in there cars or french montana songs in there car. give them silly niggas a beatdown every time you catch them bumping that fake shit……..real talk to all the real niggas who walked and bleed that life……..


    50 Cent got ASHY and DRY KNEES. This is what happens when U wear jeans shorts with your kneecaps showing. lol. Donkeykong


    Not even 30 seconds into the answer already the adjective ACTUAL??!&$ Curtis needs English 101 really BADLY. SMH

  • zeee

    all im saying is 50 stay dry snitching


    FIF CAN TALK very entertaining but when it comes to actual music thats another story, he cant back it up, those other guys got hits! current hits so they can back it up


    “#Dunkeykong should send @Eminem & @adamlevine flowers for TRYINN to save his career come catch this fade monkey,” Montana tweeted November 30th.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    When Curtis Jackson talks, people listen. French Montana got some explaining to do. Game wanted to be FIF on “The Documentary” them dudes had great chemistry. Young Buck had it ALL now look at him smh. FIF is the smartest dude in hip hop. BOSS !!!! Look at all the business ventures this dude has.


    Musically THE DONKEY is washed up, though.

  • Fresh

    @COuntyofKing. listen up dumbo. fifty admited that he knew who 50 cent was and he said, that his name has a totally different meaning. fifty talks about 50cent on 50cent documentary you dumb ass . have you seen rick ross talking about free way ricky ?

  • king

    @french Toast

    even then he’s better than you…. ur a sell out bitch….

  • pw

    50 vs Ja Rule – He won
    50 vs Rozay – He lost
    50 vs Game – Draw
    50 vs Kanye – He Lost – Album sales
    50 vs Fat Joe – He won
    50 vs Cam’ron – He lost – Cuuuuuuuuuuuurtiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss

  • Life

    PW is wrong…After 50 got at Cam and said Jim Jones is the one that should be that nga Dipset split up.

  • SayItAin’tSo


  • jase

    50 vs Ja Rule

  • 85

    Fif’ droppin knowledge on you suckers.

  • Da Truthhhh

    Niggas is in a Hot Seat

  • Akuma

    @jase 50 vs Game – 50 LOST the beef….both lost fans!

  • Afi K. James

    50 Cent vs. Nas Lost

    Nas beat him on everything.

  • Afi K. James

    When Curtis Jackson talks, people listen. French Montana got some explaining to do. Game wanted to be FIF on

  • Q

    Game and 50 are pac n big

  • TeronTheDon

    Aside from all the calamity, whether you’re a 50 Cent fan, or a Game fan, I think we can both agree to disagree that if these 2 put there egos aside long enough to collab together, it would not only be monumental for Hip Hop, but they both would be the most talked about since Jay & Nas’s beef. Not comparing the two, but what other beefs were bigger besides Pac & Big, Jay & Nas? Whether you like it or not, Game & Fif was one of the most talked about too.

    Hip Hop would go crazy if these two let bygones be bygones.



    Yur right that would be crazy for them to come out on stage side by side

  • ThisIs50

    @pw lol thats such bullshit .. he didn’t lose to Rozay, and he killed game although i’m a fan of both, clearly because look at where they both went up to now. Also, 50 had a critical response for his album that year than Kanye, and Cam’ron didn’t have shit on him at all, the fans totally shifted in 50’s favor i’m not sure where you’re getting your facts but you don’t really know shit fool


    How can you say 50 and Game was a draw? Game career stalled and 50 kept moving up. 50 on national TV, Game trying to do reality shows. And let’s not even talk album sales. The Game’s best record has 50’s fingerprints all over it. You also forgot 50 vs. Fat Joe…and Fif won that too. And he definitely didn’t lose the beef with Cam.

    Niggas hate on 50 cuz he’s arrogant but also one of the most successful rappers ever. Get Rich or Die Tryin sold more albums than most of these rappers careers.