• g.o.a.t

  • Danny


  • Dashing

    They need to shoot a big-ass cinematic video for this and make it a single. I swear Nas could get nominated for a Grammy off this song.

    He kinda botched the videos for Bye Baby and Cherry Wine IMO. Those songs could have def had a bigger impact.

  • Real Talk

    This song is absolutely awesome…nice performance by both Nas & Anthony! Nas did his thing with LIG! By the way Cherry Wine & Bye Baby were not botched videos…the visuals matched well with the songs. Continued success Nasir!

  • it’s the roc

    blasphemous but true fact #153: Nas has no breath control

  • Yo2Southside

    That’s the Nas debate always uses the wrong single weird beat bad video poor promotion. None of that matters to NAS he more than makes up for it with pure lyrics. Theeee GOAT. Who’s better maybe Pac.

  • it’s the roc

    @Yo2Southside, lyrically Pac wasn’t better, but Jay was better lyrically in his prime

  • Haberdashery

    @Real Talk, the videos weren’t bad, but they didn’t have the impact that they could have had. The “Cherry Wine” video is the last song we got with Amy Winehouse and it’s got less views that his “Daughters” video. And “Bye Bye Baby” could have been better for the same reason.

  • M.T

    favorite track off life is good. amazing.

  • riding

    Very good song

  • Danny

    Bye Baby vid was prefect imo

  • Real Talk

    LOL @ Jay being better than Nas in his prime. Who cares about how many views “Cherry Wine” got due to it being the last video we got of Amy Winehouse. The song is BEAUTIFUL! “Daughters” & “Bye Baby” are GREAT as is. Haters always trying to critique work that they don’t have the talent to produce themselves. The negative naysayers always trying to impose their views on how impactful a video or song is suppose to be.
    Some of Nas’ biggest hits “If I Ruled The World,” “Made U Look,” “Hate Me Now” & “One Mic” don’t truly reflect their impact based on the amount of views on YouTube. Nas still performing to SOLD OUT concerts with rtequest for these songs. That’s what you call having an IMPACT! “Cherry Wine” & “Bye Baby” keeps the crowd applauding. Besides after 20 years Nas has & continues to prove his IMPACT in the music industry!

  • SayItAin’tSo

    One of my favorite cuts on the album. Anthony Hamilton is just perfect for that hook