New Music: Lil Wayne “Awkward”

Lil' Wayne Promotes His TRUKFIT Collection At Dillard's

Lil Wayne experiments with his vocals again on this new track off DJ Stevie J’s The Appreciation Vol. 5 Holiday Edition. Needless to say, the song lives up to the title.


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  • Despite

    Just quit already.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-?-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS – Shout out to Real R&B Jesse Boykins III & Dwele !!!


  • pshhhh

    LOL! What is this dude talking about?! This is why Buddhism teaches you to not think during meditation because the majority of our thoughts are pointless and create frustration in our lives. I think Wayne might do himself some good to meditate.

  • Sky

    Yo this shit is so bad

  • Zagga

    Despite said it best…Just quit already.

  • Yeezus Christ






  • Yeezus Christ

    This is some good bullshit.

  • It’s the roc

    This nigga goes 100% off of feel, you can do nothing but respect that. It’s always genuine. Having said that, this song is horribad.

  • pshhhh

    This song is sooooooooooooo bad it scares me. It scares me that music can be made this bad.

  • pshhhh

    this music is Birdmans bird droppings

  • I am Kanye West

    Wayne is Joe Jackson and I feel like Michael from the abuse to my ears… Just quit nigga. Damn. He’s just going in the studio and just saying shit that rhymes now.

  • Relly

    LMAO IS THIS A JOKE? dead ass… no seriouslyyyyyyy wtfff is this

  • ayyeee

    Better than “no worries” i fucks with this song tho.

  • Aaron Idaho

    I can’t WAIT until you pussy hatin’ niggas hear Zip It – Turk ft. Lil Wayne.!!!!

  • still best rite now!!

    See thse comments YN? this is why Wayne needs to retire…..niggas wont even give him a fair chance. They’ll big up shit 10Xs worse than this but since it’s DeWayne they hate off impulse alone. How the mighty have fallen

  • RAX

    This did not make any sense.

  • kohl

    Better than anything off Carter IV

  • TheOne

    This shyt Fiya!!!!!!!

  • M.T

    what a waste of a good beat.

  • Leanin’

    To these niggas that Hate Wayne so much but STILL open the post to check his Songs!?? U Have a choice! SO if u choose to check it so u could hate, ur like the girl who keeps calling a dudes phone that she said she’s DONE with just so she could express Discontent! Bitch Shit! FOH! lol

  • O-bla

    Waste of a good beat. That’s all I can say

  • Fukdj Khaled

    This my shit lil niggas

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    did he really say the shower line”?

  • Piringle

    Shit fire.. Hell yall niggas talking about?

    Its probably the beat though. Honestly.

  • Evil

    That was awkward to listen to.Terrible song

  • Drake

    This beat was made for me but, I said fuck it and let wayne have it.

  • Blockah

    Can’t front this song goes hard…the man is talking about his rendezvous with a bad bitch only a gay dude would hate and the rest of y’all can’t relate…pull up dis tune!!!!!!

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    lil weezy done,let me spell it out DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO SKATE BITCH.WANNA B TONY HAWK ASS NIGGA.TRY SKATING ON SNOW BITCH.YOU DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cjones

    Tech N9ne did a way better song also called Awkward.

  • abubu

    this nigga is just an abomination…..

  • dro

    I dont know what you guys talking bout, this one of the best Weezy songs in about a year… Verse was coherent and connected.. He stayed on topic and didnt just come up with random rhymes about skate, fuck the world,eat pussy etc

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Tune stays on topic on this song

  • Black Shady

    this nigga is done

  • Chronic

    Drake needs to move to GOOD music and just let Ymcmb die

  • lmfaooooooooo wtf is this song about? My ears have suffered through this awkward ass song





  • crappaholic

  • ill will

    im startin to believe stevie j an lil wayne is fucking.. Why is dude always mentioning him, plus the video of them kissing in the club man put the pieces to the puzzle LIL WAYNE IS GAY

  • True life

    People still check lil Wayne post because of 2008. Lil Wayne was so on fire for a little but that we hear new Wayne and we just have hope that it will actually be something good. Then you get this, sorry 4 the wait, all the songs he is featured on and it just gets us disappointed. 2008 is still why IV did so good. He’s still living off his good years. People expect it then get disappointed.

  • stevie j all over this

  • HA

    Put a Wayne post right on to of Pusha T’s unfair nobody checkin for pusha

  • floridaboy

    damn wat a great beat.. wayne needs to just stop smh

  • D Twice

    I’m not a Wayne fan but I just realized something. If he is so terrible why do so many people take the time to listen to his shit….then give a negative comment?

  • HA

    This song aint meant to be a super lyrical major hit song its a fun mixtape song Love it or Hate it

  • vvho

    @ D Twice.. I think because deep down inside people hope weezy will make some fire shit again and stop fuking around, atleast thats why i still press the play button. But i end up disappointed every time still lol. He needs to retire

  • Dai

    I dont even think people are finding this song as wack but its just a bunch of shit he always talk about n even some of the same words. Being a fan of wayne u wanna hear him bring something new or put a spin on the old things he done.

  • this is 50

    future got niggas singing n when 50 did it yall was like fuk50

  • ?????

    y’all COMMENT-ATORS hate this song SO MUCH I LOVE IT! the song is dope BEYOND the pointless lyrics man. what yall hearing? instead of listening to the lyrics, HEAR THE MUSIC for once, man.

  • PEEP


  • JReezy


    I don’t go into a Lil’ Wayne post with the intention of giving a negative critique of his music. That’s probably the case with a lot of people actually. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but Lil’ Wayne has the tendency to make wack music.

  • sunn

    i dont even like wayne. this shit is fire. ngz spittn truth

  • This is trash and awkward after that video w/ him and Stevie J

  • ANT