• Obama

    That shit is awkward as fuck

  • Marv-O

    Dis Dat shit me and da homie Eli jam too. Keep doing ya thing Turk yo da shit down here in da suburbs of Equador.

  • gtouthere

    Turk still got dat vintage N’awlins flow WHOADIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pshhhh

    For real Turk? You get out of jail and this is what you were waiting for. Like you were sitting in that cell and you were thinking, “Geez, if I was free right now I would make a song called Naked and it’s going to go like, “No I aint gay but I’m going to make him get naked.”

  • Fire Marshall D.O.O.B

    SPEECHLESS!! Song should been called “Pause” or “No homo”.. swear I just heard him say, “naw, I ain’t straight..”

  • Despite

    Dis nigga confused!

  • NOLA504

    Yall Niggas Dumb He Aint Talkin Bout No Gay Shit Shit When He Say He Aint Straight He Talkin Bout His Pockets Hurtin He Gon Rob Da Nigga N Send Home Naked In Other Words Take EveryThing From Da Nigga..

  • ZoomZoom

    SO GAY

  • WHOAA…. okay turk…. seems like you were a “hot boy” in prison. HE CAME LOOKIN FOR BOOTAY!!!!

  • prai$e

    haha. i like the beat tho. no homo.

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Niggas don’t say “Straight” anymore….Somebody ain’t update this mans slang.

    Look at the “no-homo” niggas taking this shit out of context smh,It does sound funny hence the fact that he just got out of jail.Cash money left this nigga in the dust LMAO

  • R

    I kinda like it PAUSE!

  • mike

    let em knock the rust off..

  • lilrizq

    Pause… now look at this video I edited of my AirbrushArmy click airbrushinh T-shirts for Hyundai.

  • tBAGged

    lmfao wtf this song is crazy NO Im not gay but imma make em get naked, he is talkinga bout making a male naked, no i aint straight, yo i know u maybe aint gay but this song is confusing man

  • Tat baby

    Sounds like he’s moaning towards the end

  • Jack Bahlzack

    Good track

  • creeper slim

    song is mixed like shit.cant even hear the kick drum.Niggas aint got no ear for mixing music anymore.