New Video: Vinny Cha$e “Biggie & Jordans”

Directed by Kid Art, Vinny Cha$e and the Cheers Club stroll through the city with Michael Jordan sneakers and

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  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Leave that lane for A$ap shyts sounding The same from all these tards!

  • Carlito R

    Wow surprised that they young dudes were praising Biggie. I would of thought someone their age would of been shouting “Weezy & Jordans”. I guess classic music does cross over to other generations.

  • prai$e

    mixtape was fire.

  • -_-

    white girl had some drake sized eyebrows -_- hope she knows she can have that shit taken care of wit a waxing appointment…..

  • dave

    this is really dope