• Space Ghost

    This made my day…..classic.

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Watch Listen Learn! SICK!!!

  • Uncle Ray Ray

    I appreciate this shit …

  • Nickey Black

    Marley is the best.

  • It’s the roc

    In a perfect hip hop world, say 1996, this is the post that gets 30 comments

  • E1T1

    Classic!!! We need more of this from the hiphop legends. (call it “Behind the beats”)
    This helps keep the history alive so the youngn’s can get an understanding of what came before them.
    Also, giving them a little bit of insight as to what creativity looks like. 😉

    My 2 Cents,
    Each 1 Teach 1

  • dope


  • Rob Williams

    NICE! Marley’s the best.