New Music: Gunplay “She Get It”

she get it-cover

Produced by DJ Relentt and off his upcoming Relenttless mixtape, Gunplay makes pimpin’ sound easy on his new track.

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  • Zagga

    awesome, more new Gunplay music! he’s got a good work ethic, I fully expect Medellin to be a great album

  • go get it

  • Yeezus Christ

    she get it doesnt even make sense

  • LO

    stop rappin gunplay your garbage

  • eDUB

    What is it with fat hoes these days? Rappers got no standards for pack bitches

  • ayyeee

    @eDUB Fat? Them hoes thick lol

  • @Artise1

    What passes for rap now a days….

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    i think this si the best ive ever heard gunplay. no joke-, shouts out to the whole MMG

  • KBZ

    photoshopped mmg chain on cover

  • majormar

    Gunplay best thang since tupac. Hating ass niggas dnt know nothing bout this. Mmg cte gunit I like good music fuckers. If gunplay was yo brother u would b happy for him so be happy for our black brother

  • R

    1 word – Lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Space Ghost

    Gunplay is very enertaining. He has a great voice. He needs Ross quality beats and he will succeed. I am gonna take the first step on this board to start giving constructive feedback to artists in order to guide them as to what we want to hear. If we all participate, then maybe they will take heed to our feedback versus tuning out when all they read is hate. Andre 3000’s verse on T.I.’s “Sorry” showed that they obviously pay attention to what we say……WHEN WE SAY SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!

  • Jay Jones

    who are those two “models”…name please?

  • lol then I bust a nut, then I play houdini!

  • GOAT Drake

    Hip/Hop these days smh. Just chose a beat and then make 30 version of the same beat and you have 30 “hot bangers”.

  • Killa

    LMAO at the cover, “yo throw some fat asses on there, yea that shit hot” fake ass pappy mason