• Black Shady

    fuck outta here with that shit

    • Derek Leblanc

      Fa real Hommie Bet they wouldn’t Come To Baton Rouge With That Talk Cause We All Equal And The Same Color Over Here nothing worse then a Racist in 2013 ain’t no place for shit like that nowadays and non of us are a certain race nowadays we all mixed With Both colors at least all us out here Hommie 225 BRC Big Ups To My Family over at No Limit Forever,Bread Winners Assotiation & Bad Azz Ent.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ ha. WORD.

  • its the roc

    black boy black boy turn that shit down

    • Derek Leblanc

      Get your Racist Azz Of Here homie

  • realwickwickwack

    Turk is trying but Mystikal is really wasting his talent with these guys


    Mystikal really should have signed somewhere else.

    • Derek Leblanc

      No no no he belongs With Either Ca$h Money Or No Limit Forever That’s His Comfort Zone and He’s Been working his ass off and going so hard since he touched down its So Hard To Be Locked up for that long Especially Here In Our Crooked ass State Of Louisiana And Get out and bounce Back On Top Of The Game and Be Getting So Much Love And Respect and a solid Real Down fan base and My Homie Young Turk He Bounced Back To a good Position Too He’s Going Way Harder And Developed A Verry Uneek style since he was With Ca$h Money both are Legends In My Hood. Boosie My Lil Cousin Gonna Be Out Of Angola Any Day This Is Real Talk And He’s Gonna Surprise The Hell out of Everybody. Can’t give a lot of details But Him BigWayne,DonkeyYoung Giga,Money Bagz,Quick,Lee Banks,& The Boosie Boyz Got A Big Christmas Surprise For Everybody That Has A Lotta Somthing To Do With Young Jeezy That’s Gonna Shock The Whole Country in a good way. Big Things Going Down Just Put Y’all’s Seatbelts On Throw Em Back And Enjoy The Movement That’s Bout to take Place cause Y’all’s Ears and Brain might not even much Be able to handle it. 225 BRC Jigga City’s Finest Straight Dumb Duffy and Re-Tawded Free Boosie TEC And Keno.

  • JT

    nobody’s mentioning how mack maine surprisingly kinda went in?

  • majormar

    mack maine got bars. he killed that tha hardest

  • Chronic

    ^ you do realize not one of your posts makes any sense right?

  • Uncle Ray Ray


  • acidrap

    Mack lame blows.Mystikal kill this shit.Turk gettin better.