New Video: Chief Keef “They Know”

Keef continues his different approach to promoting his album by releasing a visual to a track that isn’t on the album. Here he keeps it simple with his crew, his crib, and his car. Finally Rich December 18.

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  • Nah_Fool

    Chief Keef is in his own lane, he doesn’t need big production videos he is sticking to the formula that got him out of his grandmothers house ! He doesn’t need a co-sign from 50 cent he has a core fan base and they love the raw/gritty appeal he has

  • lody Mack

    Rbis shit is terrible…

  • fastflipper

    people r really thingking itshiphop ????????????

  • shit is bad autotune and he is gonna be dropped after all this flopping videos and album. ill battle him for 10k easy.

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    that shit comments.i cound’t even rap like that even if tried too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • chan

    i thought it was dope idk why

  • Black Shady

    LOL people at Interscope probably laughing at this nigga like ; take a look at this coon

  • Daffy

    ^ they probably crying that they gave him so much money… so trash

  • rhyme

    These GBE niggas stay doing videos with no hoes in it. Dancing on each other n shit. Not a good look for the CHI smh.

  • fsl4lfe

    This is what happens when rap is over-crowded with bums.

  • chan

    i love hip hop and usually wouldnt listen to this and if i did i would probably hate this but this is dope i dk if its the beat or the melody cause i have no idea what the fuck he says but it sounds dope

  • Life

    With that body out there and nobody knows who did it he already has that street credibility buzz with him…it will sell. Talent or not…This nigga is a problem believe dat.

  • eDUB

    I cant understand a single word in this song outside of bitch at 1:07. Gibberish swag.

  • A$VP J-MAC

    lol these songs dont be on the album tho

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  • chan

    fuck im on my 20th listen

  • It’s the roc

    Black boy black boy turn that shit down

  • pshhhh

    Is this dude speaking English?

  • Cam

    He’ll sell 30 to 40k first week and probably get dropped.

  • ro

    cheif keef finally got a female in one of his videos

  • I dont see the long term plan with this guy.

  • .beam

    Chief keef is fucking crazy. If anyone wants to know how the underbelly of Chicago is, just look at him, he truly represents the city’s crime-ridden areas very well. infact i say he even more-so represents the “hood” better than rappers like Wacka-flocka or Yo gotti. he’s Americas Nightmare: young, black and reckless at heart. I just hope he changes his life for the sake of his beautiful daughter.

  • Evil



    this niggaz a walking R.I.P. tat

  • dodo

    hip hop committed suicide.

  • Obama

    Supporting this shit is like supporting genocide… Literally..

  • GTFO

    The fact that you commented on this just to say something negative makes you a supporter. Idiots. The more comments the more attention.

  • floridaboy


  • bang bang

    i love this song omg!sosa keep doing it big.without your music i kight of killed myself yoy a savior my nigga gucxci!

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  • Mikk


  • Beaming

    funny thing is chief keef left WIZ and 50 cent out in the dessert on purpose and all these fuc boys cant realize it. Chief keef did a song with them for a hit record and the snip it already got good numbers but hes not an INDUSTRY type of nigga which is why he made an example out of both of them. plain andd simple. CTFU its funny as shit how he did both them tho!!


    50 cent’s head looks round as fucc , like a satellite dish or sum sh!t

  • Killa

    nigga talking bout killin niggas while holding a baby, skinny hell rell in the face ass nigga

  • Heather Eilleen Brooks

    Did you know you were holding the wrong bitch hostage, Skylar Grey and Jenifer is Eminems bitch, maybe you should hold them and ask for ransom, and Jimmy might pay you for Skylar, and Marshall for Jenifer.

    Get off me bitches, or I will throw this shit in your face, and take down all involved as I am done with your drama, and stupid shit nigger, is all you are and will be and next time you rape and beat a white women Cheef Quif, maybe you should get the right one someone will pay for, not one you will over.

  • Heather Eilleen Brooks

    Elliot, next time you get involved in a women being beaten and raped, maybe you should not come and look at her like a circus freak, in her own home town. Stay out of Mesa Arizona boys, as it is heated with Russians, Germans, and Mexico. They are watching you now for raping and beating me!