• Nathanial Hörnblowér

    This guy sucks, no hate it’s Sunday can’t hate on a Sunday. It’s just a real critique of what I’ve seen him put out there. Coke boy? You a joke boy, straight up bad, boy. Guess those ten years is up huh Puff?

  • how you gonna let a arab call you nigga i cant get it ya lost

  • zee

    los killed it atleast…

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-☆-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS – Shout out to Real R&B Jesse Boykins III & Dwele !!!



  • T

    As posted some days ago :

    One (singular) JOINS another on stage.

    Two dudes (plural) JOIN another on stage.

    You guys claim to have the biggest blog out there, but can’t even type…

  • majormar

    Majormar*MKW* position Capo. We mobbin. Rosay my nigga co to coke boy forreal. Gunplay the new tupac. Meek got streets on lock we tha new roc. Hate ut or love it. Capo ill smack that cuffue off ya head

  • Mike Jones??

    Stop runnin up on me with this WACK shit!!

  • Bigfoot

    This site got too many niggaz with shit they don’t like. Do ya’ll like anything. let a nigga get his money. He everywhere right now and killing that donkey who tried to ruin NY rap. Curtis is dead.


    50 would smack doodoo stains out of sissy diddy and and that yellow bus taking ducktona………..fake niggas dont last. never