• floridaboy

    for real niggas only

  • Downloading this immediately

  • Akuma

    Not bad…

  • wtfmynamechanged

    I used to slang herb that looked just like that.. then i got busted on the 26th of october.. life aint been the same since. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit bangs

  • Blaxdon

    dis shit nigga….dis shit right here my nigga……dis shit here nigga!!!

  • Blaxdon

    I don’t know who been talkin’ to Daz but this shit is undeniable. This is Snoop—- I’m just sayin’

  • @Craig_itsFriday

    Finally some real shit . YMCMB , MMG no fool that real g-shit DPGC !!

  • 100hunnit

    Fuck YMCMB MMG GOOD and ROC. This is real rap. West coast the best coast. West coast running rap now.


    what happend to the Lion tho?

  • kohl

    shits dope. Snoop and the Doggpound aint come out wit shit this good since back in the 90’s.

  • rhyme

    Dope……..Long over due.

  • Bry from Boston

    Aww man Ive been waiting for this

  • TDE

    Which one is the dom Kennedy song?

  • HardeBaas

    ^TDE, #14 We Gonna Do It Again is the Dom joint


    These niggas done put out so many classic songs together n solo its stupid. Im laughin at ymcmb fans.