New Music: Game Ft. Kanye West, Trae Tha Truth, Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Slim Thug “Rollin”


With a Kanye and Cool & Dre beat (initially for The Documentary, says Ty Kidd) in the tape deck, Game’s rolling deep with some of Texas’ finest for today’s Sunday Service. It doesn’t get any smoother than this.

“ROLLIN” feat. Kanye West, Trae Da Truth, Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Slim Thug !!!!! Once again, we couldn’t get the sample cleared.. but once you get the Jesus Piece album… line this up right after “Jesus Piece” & it will fit pefectly !!! if we can’t clear it… we will find away !!! Produced by @kanyewest & @coolanddre … Artwork by @vladsepetov

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  • West

    Game is definitely holding down the west with Kendrick.

  • Nick

    this is absolute flames…anyone saying he stole kanyes flow will have to sit down after hearing his verse…he killed it

  • thugler


  • Diablo!!!


  • Tev


  • Now this is always does this and gives all the amazing records away for free

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-☆-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS – Shout out to Real R&B Jesse Boykins III & Dwele !!!




  • Akuma

    Game killed it even with that annoying flow….4/5

  • Unknown

    Bet, if it was only Game on the track, yall wouldn’t say it’s “fire” lmaoo

    Gotta have a lot of features now to make a good song lmaoo

  • caliking

    @unknown.. umm na it would be even better if it was just game on the track, game spits fire, hate it or love it

  • JJ

    There is a good reason this wasnt on documentary

  • La RAZA

    fucking great song..Kanye, Game, Trae & Z-Ro kill it

  • Wasnt feeling the beat at all.

  • emdee

    Rollin’ f. Juice >

  • floridaboy

    YALL ARE FUCKBOYS! a few months ago yall ALL talkin shit bout game now u up on his dick smh

  • bobbya

    to uknown…holy water, black jesus…both fire, both by himself

  • g


  • Yeezus Christ


  • M.T

    This was really good. Its a shame he couldnt get the sample cleared.

  • Suck


  • peso

    Dope. Game kills every song jesus piece will be fire

  • LMAO… French montana is the new Ja and The Game is the new French Montana with Gazillion of features on a track.

    Quiet rediculous

  • lol

    Look at the game fans posting multiple times under different names lol


    this wack era where you need a thousand features on a song to shine. game is a lame, who uses his size to punch little dudes, and cant even knock them out. all you game stans be real with your self. this track is regular, and your idol game use to be a booty popping stripper, butterfly face, getting knocked out infront of his kids, appearing on love shows, faggot ass nigga. niggas fiance looks like his granda, the bitch should be wearing pampers. game only acts tough cause he’s a 6’4 tall monkey. I bet if he was of average height. he wouldnt be acting all that tough. cause real tough niggas no matter small or big are tough. but you can tell game aint shit. only time he feel like superman is making bullshit fantasy rhymes in the studio. wishing dre would butt fuck him, so he can get some shyne……….FOH………………………

  • Ether

    this shit tightt, fuck mkw fuckin keyboard ho’s, there’s a new crew in town it’s called use your own name n experiences to rap.

  • Ether

    Longer the comment the bigger the fan

  • Ether

    Lmao nigga said “quiet rediculous” qhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahqhahahahq

  • Big Al

    I’ve been waiting for Game to work with these fuckers! Wish Ro had a verse though

    • OnaWholeGallon

      i heard he was supposed to have a verse but he went too hard and the game didn’t put it in the song.

  • WestCoast

    dope we need more

  • money maker

    hahaha lol wacky aka starship

  • IIG

    Props to anybody that goes and gets a Z-Ro feature. Trae too, but Rother has been overlooked for too long. Good track.

  • the chronic is back

    dddddddddooooooppppppeeee oh my god. Rollllllin! Game cant stop droppin. bombs

  • herohiro

    dat nigga z-ro on this bitch game over lol


    It will be interesting to see how much jesus piece will sell, I fell like he has got way more buzz when the red album dropped..

  • Suck

    DOPEBOY music, yeeeaaah DOPEBOY MUSIC. This is that Swag music, yeeaaah swag music. CLASSIC WESTCOAST. Flame after flame it’s like smoking a blunt real talk. Rollin is my word of the day

  • wickedess
  • fuckin dope! i wish it was just game on the track though

  • AlverPeder


  • K

    pure fire. jesus piece will give hip-hop a back-stretch.

  • J#dot

    Game is so fukin back but he never left get it

  • Steve

    Dope song, but did he really think he was gonna get “I Know I’ve Been Changed” cleared? A gospel song?

  • South

    Game gets the most replys when hes by him self and ya haters the ones that really love him games a problem he cant be faded he been on fire for 5 albums who does that besides jay and ke

  • Corporate Man!!!

    Plain and simple beat is hot, flow hot, what more can I say??


    This is CM JUNK approved!

  • the ripper

    Never been a hater because I am from South Central Los Skanless… The track is pure HOT trash!!! I said it and meant it… The Game is a straight biter…. Fucking pitiful… Come up with some new shit u scrub…

  • The original lucci

    Save your best for last fuck interscope records and jimmy ovine!! Them niggas should’ve of re uped wit the game even though shitty ass bws records has a roster full of nobody’s. game might not be a mogul toy but he’s a good rappee

  • @ the ripper

    stfu u fuk boi why wud ur opinion matter cus ur from south central eat a dick this shit hawt

  • bawse

    didnt hear zro

  • Los

    game is a bipolar disloyal cunt but this is better than anything he’s put out for awhile. in my opinion at least.

  • peso


  • DaBoyAG

    thats Z-Ro doing the hook bro