• xxx

    this really should be called Ghostface Killah on Juan Epstein.

    they showed no love for sheek and d-block, i mean i get it, wutang is one of the influential things that happened to hip hop. but dont ignore sheek like lox/d-block history isnt just as interesting. also K fox really just wasted her time being there lol

  • JustMyOpinion

    I gotta admit, at first, I wasn’t feeling this album idea. This album more than lived up to the hype. Great concept, great quality music.

  • majormar

    majormar MKW capo status. Shout out to wu block should have put wale rosay nd gunplay on da album. MKW its just us nigga. Smack tha cuffue off ya head.

  • Jinx

    ghost so funny and real..

  • Homie

    Damn they Sheek up there just taking up space

  • Mike

    Ghostface is the third best rapper alive.

  • Drops


  • heron barz

    classic interview ghost funny as fuck sheek is hunover as fuck cant be fucked talking haha. If they put these out more often they would be huge far better interviewers than the breakfast club ask proper questions real hip hop fans wanna hear not generic bullshit id try swap that chick for charlamgne tho


    Rosenberg probably has WU tat on his ass……

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  • R

    In my Opinion the beats was trash especially Termanologys one but thats just me. I listened to the whole shit on Spotify for free.