New Music: Mike Will Made It Ft. Gucci Mane x Juicy J “I Hit That”

est in 1989 2.5-cover

Mike Will Made It will release his Est. In 1989 2.5 on Christmas Eve. And what better way to brag about your statistics than the first single featuring Guwap and Juicy J. Depending on who, we probably did too.


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  • pshhhh

    Looks like Kdot is already influencing the rap game.

  • Yeezus Christ

    all these beats sound the same….. yawnnnnnnn

  • Santa is black. B.Dot had overalls.

  • Breaking News

    Dear God/ Jesus / Allah/ Yahweh/ Buddah/ Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego….Make this shit stop. Please!….My intelligence hurts.

  • 100hunnit

    all these comments sound the same….. yawnnnnnnn

  • Marko-V

    If you winning wit a particular sound why switch it up and throw everybody off?


    Check me out tho:

  • that cover is doper than the song

  • craig evan New track “Friendship On Fire” Let me know what you think

  • Breaking News

    @Marko-V This is where you get our plea to shift this shit wrong…I believe that this type of music should always have a place in the industry. They address the not so “proper” side of life…It’s the saturation (NON STOP TRAP) that get me sick personally. And on top of that. I don’t consider a producer/artist a real producer/artist if he dosen’t at least attempt to bring FRESH material to the table. Yes this dude should have the right to create what he wants to make his money…hell the lyrics can stay dumb as fuck for all I care….My point is, try, just once in a blue moon to present it differently. That means You can’t argue that this shit has sounded the same for over 6yrs…If you still get off on this bravo to you. You must be a cat.

  • Breaking News

    @Marko-V BTW….That mixtape is good bro. See…you bring “street” topics and present it in an interesting way…thats the diff.

  • Ether

    I don’t think anyone can argue against saying that juicy j has one of the best flows

  • lody Mack

    I’m officially too old to listen to rap music anymore.. W

  • T.O.S

    A song called I HIT THAT???? with a cover like that loool

  • billions

    Juicy that nigga

  • Marko-V

    @Breaking News first off I appreciate you even listening to my mixtape. Secondly, I totally agree with you about the oversaturation and under maturation of the “trap music” however, the time is not right for it to evolve. Real talk, those that make techno and dance music are beginning to pick up on the sound and once they totally tap into it and turn it into something else that appeals solely to a different demographic THEN you will see the development of a higher quality rap in regards to those who make trap music. And lastly, naw I’m not no “cat” however I understand the hustle and how people think in regards to making their music and what to release into the market place. Think back to the super producers (Timbaland, Neptunes, Trackmasters, etc) and how they kept to their formula and got paid. The second they flipped the script they lost touch with the public and no more work. Hell even Das EFX can vouche for that. Jus saying Mike Will Made It just sticking to the script.

  • Breaking News

    @Marko-V Firstly…sorry for the “cat” jab….LOL. Secondly. Respect. I see where you are commin from tho. Bless.

  • Killa

    pedophile cover

  • Gambino

    Pretty sure no one is aware of Mike Will’s first mixtape cover…

  • How Wonderful…

    Santa looks like he’s about to murk something…

  • AK

    “And what better way to brag about your statistics than the first single featuring Guwap and Juicy J. Depending on who, we probably did too.”

    What the fuck is this even supposed to mean? I feel like I’m staring at a magic eye puzzle where if I cross my eyes just right I’m gonna see 3-D dolphins and shit.

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    Santa look like he got bout 7 bodies

    and juicy j killed it

  • ….

    didnt see guccis name then I heard his voice and was like OH FUCK. instant stop. NEXT!!!