The-Dream 1977 Commercial Tracklist

Terius fans rejoice. A press release just announced The-Dream will re-release his digital LP, 1977  in stores on December 18. Last August, he dropped the critically-acclaimed work for free online.

1. Wake Me When It’s Over
2. Used To Be
3. Long Gone
4. Ghetto Ft. Big Sean
5. Wedding Crasher

6. Rolex Ft. Casha
7. 1977
8. Wish You Were Mine
9. Real Ft. Pharrell
10. Form Of Flattery
11. AK47
12. Tender Tendencies


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  • mr.lino

    wtf… wasnt evn bangin …..tryna b drake….so far gone pushed 90,000 frst week aftr bieng around over a year…wat he needs to do is get bak n da lab n mke sum new ish…..

  • 3 Timed

    Dope album but get off The Weeknd’s dick. You wait ’til after TW releases his mixtapes as an album to announce you’re doing the same? No hate, the timing just seems fishy is all. Like why wait ’til now? You could’ve done this a year ago. Everyone who’s a fan (myself included) knows 1977 was better than the Love King album.

  • Baous

    This is such a dope piece of work. I still bang Rolex & long gone now. TheDream is that nigga

  • TheRealBigHomie

    So I’ve got the free version already, but I’m going to pay for it because…?

  • poetic assasin

    Yall fools love the weeknd, if he wasnt affiliated with drake yall would pass him by

  • Batman

    lmfao @Poetic Assasin. u didnt even spell Assassin correctly? and when The Weeknd dropped House of Balloons it was critically acclaimed as one of the best albums last year, without a co-sign from Drake yet… The-Dream is just sucking The Weeknd’s dick harrrrd by doing this, Abel is getting some pleasure out of this

  • ECU

    Lets where them real fans at

  • Luminous Story

    R&B is garbage. Post some Hip-Hop or Rap news..

  • Steve

    Diss The Weeknd for biting your style, now yo do this smh wtf Dream

  • cm

    April, huh? Good reporting there.

  • ayyeee

    That was a dope album.. but i need a NEW album.

  • He wanna be the Weeknd so bad

  • HollyWood

    @Poetic Assasin. You’re an idiot. I listened to the Weeknd before he had a Drake Affiliation. Learn how to spell fuck face – *Assassin*

  • ss

    this hamburgler lookin as nigga

  • uptown

    Cover is beyond dope…nd I think he has had enough success to do what he wants to do…hate when ppl try to compare artists like that…just enjoy what they both bring tothe table…weeknd brings a different energy nd vibe..dream is a real nigga that sing bout real life shit…they are both dope artists..#FormofFlattery

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  • Baous

    Can’t wait!!

  • poetic assasin

    Just got to see this, that’s my stage name fools, thats how I spell it.

  • poetic assasin

    Serious question though for the people that are still here, there are a few weeknd tracks i like but overall he is just ok to me- what has drawn you all to really really like his music?

  • dll32

    One of the best r&b covers and definitely a classic mixtape

  • the brain trust

    On of the best mixtapes ever in my opinion.

    Sorry, why are people talking about the Weeknd? Save your stannery for an actual Weeknd post .