New Video: Chamillionaire x D.A. “Show Love”

Featuring Chester French’s D.A., Chamillionaire’s sexting gets interupted by officer Debo in his brand new video. Don’t shoot! Poison is still on the way.


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  • Tyrone Austin II

    For someone who most considered gone or faded with time, this sure is a smack in the face. #ChamillitarySalute

  • This is fantastic. Cham has been hyping it up, and he came through. I love Chester French, and this video was interesting with an awesome plot twist at the end. High quality.

  • That sure was a dope video, sick concept and he got Deebos chick haha

  • brandonfarber

    Cham is one of my all time favs and the return of Debo for this video is cool lol.

  • Frenchy1011

    Dope video, dope song … glad Cham’s back! Everybody go support great artists, cop this on ITunes!

  • Tito

    Too DOPE!!


    This is CM JUNK approved!

  • crynce

    i finally watchiin it and i love it. Cham is my fav artist, and this is great, end of video is unexpected, but its great

  • Ricardo Ramirez

    this is a awesome song and video! love it an the the twist at the end.

  • JW

    I really like the song and love that the video doesn’t show a lot of stereotypical rap video cliches. I think the leading lady was beautiful and sexy without looking like a hoochie rap vide-hoe.

  • Geez87

    Koopa!! Poison is gonna be too dope!!

  • Bob

    Great Video Cham! Liked the ending.. unexpected

  • J.D.O.E

    Damn Man, this song is sick. Show love for it yall aha

  • Can Dorian

    it’s always nice to see how he is tuned to create new things. POISON is a must have!

  • brought me here. I was reading through all the comments..I like what im reading. Tyrone Austin II said some real talk. Chamillionaire might not be the MOST active artist, but you cant ignore the quality of the music he puts out. Its always consistent. Gotta love Debo man. That was a nice surprise. Wasn’t expecting that. IF you still support your fave. artist, then go on ITunes and buy this forsure.

  • Show some love!

  • Askanbek

    Video is dope! Song is dope! Girl is hot ! Hope you’ll release more videos Koopa!

  • Mason

    You gotta love all these haters talking shit, while Cham keeps dropping dope albums/songs/mixtapes

  • Despite

    Debo caught him ridin’ dirty.

  • austin

    dope video

  • Frenchy1011

    So dope! go support on ITunes!

  • Slick

    This guy is Amazing. He is so creative and talented. He is a great inspiration to alot of people. Keep up the Amazing work Cham. Salute.

  • Obama

    That “Ridin Dirty” money gotta be running out by now

  • I agree with the comment that said this song and video are a smack in the face to those who think Cham has faded out. Them boys are wrong. #Poison on the way

  • BJLJBranded

    They say when you’re left with cliff hanger’s like this it’s up to the viewers to decide the outcome. I say cham got away at last min. and now he’s rushing to get to the girl before Tiny does. haha Tv quality man.

  • Alvin Johnson

    This video cease to amaze me i like alot most videos these days look the same but this one caught me by suprise lol poor cham at the end though lol

  • Andrew F.

    What a great song and video! Koopa is back! …….Poison…….

  • Jason

    Great Video!

  • pi4ushkin

    too dope! Chamillionaire is BACK!!!

  • Brian Cockrell

    Dope video, everybody make sure & purchase it on iTunes

  • Connor W

    Man the professionalism of the video is way higher than ever. Lyrics and notes could’n’t be better. Fav song of 2012 I think.

  • Loved it man. Everything was great. The intro at the beginning was dope. The ending was unexpected. I laughed when I saw the cop still trying to catch you Ridin’ Dirty.

  • Storyline was great.

  • BucktownzFinest

    “You can say I took long enough, but you can’t say I’m not worth waiting for.” So true. Been so long since we had a real visual like this. #chamillitary

  • Bryan

    Awesome job! great video and I love the song

  • James Marlar

    I Love The Story And Video And Song

  • Lars

    Really nice video. Funny ending. Quality. Chamillitary!

  • Alex D.

    I gotta say this is a little different for my taste, but Chamillionaire pulled it off well. The video is well done also. Leaves you hanging! Kind of like a movie trailor; you just want to know what happens next! Overall, very fresh music.

  • Michael

    This video was a bit different than i thought it was gonna be, but i ended up liking it, and its getting catchy so SHOW LOVE! Chamillitary!

  • Mike

    I’m liking this video, its a little different but I think he executed this song well. Good job. Chamillitary tho.

  • Cory

    Must listen, Cham never left!

  • Dope Visual, Chamillitary will reign forever!

  • Brian

    A very cool video, like how it was put together

  • Awesome video wasnt expecting to see the same cop..

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    HAD to cop this off iTunes! Chamillionaire is the most underrated rapper of all time!! True story!

  • Tom Still

    Not my favorite style on the song but great production on the video.

  • Beaming

    Y’all wanna talk bout dick riding, what u all wake up today n decide chanillionaire was a real niga who’s music y’all all if a sudden LOVE. Y’all some fuckin weirdos I’m out this bitch.

  • WindyCityG72

    Good Stuff here some originality !

  • Wacka

    Cham been underated, song is beast.

  • Joseph Panian

    chamillionaire is killin it !

  • Jose Chamillitary

    This song is too dope played it out through out the whole day.
    Poison album coming soon!
    Ya’ll better start paying attention to Chamillionaire

  • Tanner Borud


  • this song is raw

  • Matt D

    Like the song. has a point and its not just the punch line after punch line

  • Justyn Brawley

    Smart Video, amzing song

  • Justyn Brawley

    Debo is back!

  • robert

    played this over 20 times today 😀

  • Steve

    Get your shots….poison on the way!!

  • James Marlar

    great song and video

  • Steve

    Cham still got the goods…Yall sleepin on a Great! #poison

  • Corbin

    The boss has returned

  • Chris

    Amazing !

  • Tom

    Awesome song Cham !! you never disappoint and glad you took the time make your fans proud, well worth the wait. Keep up the hard work !

  • Thomas Bland

    Cham is back. This was a perfect song. I forgot rap videos told stories. A++++

  • Cody Kerr

    Awesome song and video !

  • Aamir

    Well done Cham!!! He’s back!!!!!!….

  • Aamir

    Well done Cham!!! He’s back!!!!!!…..

  • Still wasn’t ridin dirty, man!

  • Alright, got me a new Cham song to jam out to!

  • Justin Moss

    Mayne, this is really dope. The story behind it is great

  • Sam

    wait for someone to get on the comments and say something like – this is great but Cham hasnt put anything out for about ten years. Wish he made music now. Or something simllar. Yall know what Im talking about.

    Anyways, this is a solid track and video. If you werent excited for Poison before seeing/hearing this then you should be now

  • Prabh

    The video and song speaks for itself.

  • Prabh

    Video was really amazing. Haven’t seen much quality videos like this.

  • jessie jones

    got this song on repeat Chamillitary

  • Justyn Brawley

    So TIRLL

  • Knew CHAM HAD IT

  • Defently

  • Why cant i pass the quest?

  • And now the smartest rapper alive is making a full blown come back. People better get ready for that blast from the past except a lot stronger.

  • Frenchy1011

    so dope!!

  • ThugLife

    Different from the usual but I like it!!!!

  • Mike E.


  • Dope and much awaited!

  • cham always got something meaningful to say in his tracks. Gotta keep playing it to get the whole message. One time aint enough ha

  • Sean

    Bad ass video love the twist at the end #chamilitary

  • Peter

    Chamillitary coming through!Get out the way!

  • Been a long time coming

  • Thomas Bland

    Chamillionaire has came through with some high quality music like always! Time for the rest of y’all to recgonize. I’m really feeling this song been listening non stop since yesterday. To get it on iTunes. #Chamillitary

  • observer weekly

    Chamillionaire is making a return? Well nice video man ill deff be tuning into you more

  • koushick

    this song and video is amazing. Just shows how much creativity and hard work can achieve even when independent from major labels.