• thatdude


  • thatdude

    also, Big Homie, assault isn’t something you call someone…

  • xxx

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fuckin problem video

  • prime dawg

    one of the illest out

  • Mook

    Something sinister to it…

  • Attention for attention’s sake is corny. VEVO (though I hate the bitches) dont just take your video and add it to their playlist. There has to be arrangements made for that. Not fooling anyone with that.

  • Marko-V

    At first I didn’t really get the hype surrounding Earl and then I began to look at the videos and just listen to the rhymes and now I ‘m going to admit he’s pretty good. Definitely a top emcee in the current days of Hip-Hop.



  • prai$e

    yea, fuck vevo. it ruined youtube.

  • Hmm

    79 comments on that wack chamillionaire song & 9 here..
    plebs all of you

  • Jerome

    this is dope

  • Earl that dude.Boy is a problem

  • JayRock

    Sick! Earl is Man

  • P.weez

    Early man is that nigga.

  • words

  • Uncle Ray Ray


  • It’s Just Music


  • drew

    Backpack rap lives!!!!

  • Safe Dwade

    Some more control system bs? Kiss the frog my nigga

  • Safe Dwade

    Video dope af tho