Where I’m From: Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary

It’s Mr. Carter’s born day and as a gift to us, here’s his documentary chronicling his eight concert run at the Barclays Center. Subway commute included. Cough up a lung, son.

In this documentary short, Life+Times takes an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the creation of JAY Z‘s Barclays Center opening concerts.


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  • Safe Dwade

    Lil Wayne>HOEv

  • IM730

    Yall trolls gonna troll but that conversation with the old lady on the subway was dope. You cant touch dude. Your favorite rapper or none of you iGangsters can touch homie.

  • man-made

    As a gift to us? Who is us? Nigga speak for yourself.. this nigga is too old and i dont want no part of him.

  • caseyp

    what a video

  • LuxuryRap

    Best part was when he was on the subway and the little old lady asked “are you famous?”

  • chan

    instead of being inspired to do greatness you bring negativity and shit.

  • weezy

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  • Kunta Kente

    He’s as old as that lady on the subway.

  • OvO

    Drake would get a bigger crowed if people were following him through Toronto.

  • realwickwickwack

    kunta …youth doesnt rhyme with quality
    so what´s your point dummy


    Elliott Wilson’s Masturbating over this

  • Thats the Jay-Z I know, Milking it for all its worth

  • I don’t get it

    Reading over some of these comments solidifies that there are some real losers in this world… How can you hate on this video if you a ran of rap… Some old lady doeant know HOV by his face but knows his name how dope is that

  • jayzuz


  • jayzuz

    jay z is a legend

  • The Truth

    If only Biggie was here. No one give two fucks who Jay-Z is if Biggie was still here… And niggas need to STOP calling him Hov.

  • Ball So Hard

    Look at where Drake’s at right now at the age 26. Jay-Z was just dropping his debut album at his age. Drake will surpass Jay-Z legacy with ease!

  • Mike smiff

    Proud of his accomplishments.. No hate here..

  • LuxuryRap

    Drake Stan’s STFU and stop comparing him with legends!!! Got damn y’all are annoying as fuck!!!

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Congrats to Jay-Z. Inspiring to say the least. I don’t agree with every thing he as done musically and personally but I will give him some honest heartfelt respect. Hip Hop would not be the same without this dude!

  • Brooklyn

    CO-SIGN @THETRUTH… Niggas in high school don’t even listen to Jay-Z. Astro and Joey Bada$$ the only ones holding down BK.

  • cosign @SayItAin’tSo

  • Donn

    Lol, the haters comments <<<<<<< JAYZ's ENTIRE LEGACY. This shit is inspiring.

  • RoeLuv

    You hate the man, but you took time to type some negative sh**? Hov won

  • M.T

    lol @ 19:27. Happy Birthday to the best rapper alive right now.

  • NYC Finest

    Biggie would of check this nigga for thinking he the best in Brooklyn. Jay-Z is the king of Brooklyn by DEFAULT.

  • The Real Truth

    ^ DEAD

  • Marko-V

    I kinda think BIG’s death pushed him to take that role of King of Rap. Jus lookin at his moves his career is pretty dope however he seems to get more enjoyment from the outside ventures that make him a lot more than just a rapper. Idk. However it goes Jigga is an icon and I enjoy feeling like I’m a part of something when I get an album or book or participate in any way. Even watching this video kinda inspired me.


    No spam on this one

  • Boo

    Amazing video. Jay Z is one performer that everyone needs to see live at least once.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “This man is MADE! … They love you Jigga – they love you Jigga!”–‘Encore’ off the Black Album

  • Space Ghost

    Losers kill me with the “IF BIGGIE WAS HERE, NO ONE WOULD CARE ABOUT JAY-Z.” How the hell do you know?? You don’t. If Big was here, y’all would be HATING on him by now. Y’all would be hating on ‘Pac if he was still alive. No successful black person escapes being hated on by his own race at some point. It’s horribly sad, but stop wasting your time attempting to be the Oracle and predicting who would have been forgotten. Hov is here because he simply refuses to lose. He continues to defy convention. One thing is for sure…I don’t have to pretend to be an Oracle in order to predict that Black Americans by in large will hate on any Black person that makes it past cult underground success.

  • damone

    Comparing Drake to Jay is like comparing Blake Griffin to Jordan… Get out of here little kids

  • Itz Yourz

    SMH…I tell you one thing…if niggas is comparing you or arguing your skills with someone that is dead and you still living? You the man in my book. You just basically saying to me there is no one living to put up against the nigga. Knock off all the talk of there would been a problem between them, Brooklyn finest was a glimpse of what they was going to do if that Comissioner album ever dropped…and that was shut shit down! His music is timeless. If a young nigga did listen to him today, they sure to I.D. with him. From being on the corner grinding, wanting more for yourself (reasonable doubt) to actually making it… champagne dreams with beer money(from every albums after reasonable doubt). In our genre of music he is a major part of it along with will smith (the first rapper to ever win a grammy for rap…thats when we got recognized and solidfy we wasnt just a faze, its here to stay). So yall need to kill all this hate talk. He doing for you and some shit that you like and listen to everyday…rap.

    The video was refreshen. Bk we finally got our ebbets field back. I thank him and who ever had a hand in building the stadium in BK. Madison Square Garden finally got some competition.

  • bigHUNT

    LOL dude up top said Lil Wayne is better than Hov. man. that debate has been answered looong time ago. tunechi is LAME. hov is legend. and still doing it at 43.

  • bigHUNT

    and i laugh everytime somebody compares cake…..i mean drake to Jay. drake is a better singer than jay thats for sure, but when it comes to spittin. no competition. only Nas is better than Jay, nobody else

  • Carlito R

    Damn I would of never thought anyone would had left any negative comments after watching that video. I guess hating must make some people feel better about themselves. My question is if you hate Jay so much why did some of you even bother watching the video? Let me guess you really wish it was about Rick Ross, Drake or Lil Wayne? I wonder if any of them will still be making dope music when they’re in their 40’s. Anyway I thought it was pretty decent video.

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