• Black Shady

    shit i cant front….last song ive heard from Wiz was that snoop collabo

    I had to go check the Work Hard Play Hard on youtube. 36millions views???????? i didnt think it was that good, but then again the hook is clearly radio friendly.

  • ss

    she aint gonna be tight after the baby

  • floridaboy

    ONIFC was such a let down nd im a stoner who loves wiz

  • ONIFC you got to give it time, to me it’s more like wiz mixtapes but a good one I felt that his first album was just a little too on the verge of pop the songs were good and so catchy completely far from his mixtapes. I feel that this is more true to wiz than before.

  • thatkidd

    Onifc was good .. Everyone thought he fell off on his mixtapes but onifc is a dope album and it has a message behind. Salutes to wiz and the gang