YN Interviews Big Boi

Back with BAM, I had the pleasure to sit down and have an in-depth convo with the legendary Big Boi about his upcoming album, Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. This is what happens when Jedis connect. Pay attention and you might learn something. You’re smell come. Album drops Dec 11. Pre-order here.

UPDATE: Part 2 we speak on #VLADR‘s unique album packaging.

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  • Man this guy is really feelin’ himself lol

  • Darkwing

    Real ass nigga !

  • MJ

    Less than two weeks to release date!

  • gurantee

    Anyone who was responsible for Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, ATLiens, Aquemini, Stankonia, Speakerboxxx, & Sir Lucious Left Foot can afford to be “feelin himself” a little. PAUSE

  • Jay

    “This is what happens when Jedis connect.”
    YN please, the only thing Jedi in you is sharing the same age of Yoda.

  • YNwaT

    YN you a bitch for real. you laugh like a fuckin dickrider and you irrelevant pleehboi.

  • We done went & put ATL back on TOP!!!! Thanx 4 ALL the SUPPORT on this record!!! In the 2nd verse you heard Big Boi Shout out the homey “C-BONE” well, Be on the Look-Out for the BANGER “COLLEGE PARK” by Blackowned C-Bone f/ Jermaine Dupri!!!!

    INSTAGRAM= @DJ_AARIES @TheRealBigBoi @BlackownedCBone

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  • Marko-V

    Yo, Big Boi is working and should receive more props than he has been getting. This will become a history lesson in Hip-Hop how 3 Stacks is more revered than Big Boi.



  • JustMyOpinion

    @ YN great interview.

    Being honest, I am speechless son is talented. Here’s why, not to take anything away from other rappers, but not too many rappers can separate (NOT breakup) from a group and be consistent with their music. It’s a pleasure to see Big Boi true to the music. We are witnessing true artistry, musically speaking, right before our eyes.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the inspiration for the album cover art (different hues).


    *Reading Big Boi’s mind during entire interview* “Dre please come back man…ima creative muthafucka but im tried of writing 3 verses”

  • M.T

    good interview.

  • thanks Yur really Helping me out 1

  • Wow! Great to hear from Big Boi again! Stoked to see this up today. I often wonder what happened to Andre and Boi, I will be looking for this new album to drop for sure. Right now I am listening to Stankonia in remembrance of those nights in the club. look forward to reading further posts about Big Boi in the future.

  • Black Shady

    I dont know if YN is too big now to read the c-section, but for real good interview. THIS is what RR needs for 2013 : INTERVIEWS!!!!

    I dont understand how yall so late on interviews. I mean you have a team (b.dot, big homie, etc etc) wtf are they doing? get on the field lol

  • bumpy johnson

    good one but YN def got to switch up that laugh ………… lollllllllll sounds like dick riding at full swing .

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  • That Guy

    Big Boi deserves the “sir” in his other persona, fo real. The quality of the album will be greater than the majority of hip-hop albums coming out yet will undersell and get little exposure. We’re to blame. Sad.

  • Boss

    Met big boi up in NYC a few years back. He was jus chillin on the street blowin a swisher. Cool ass dude.

  • KiDD RaPP

    this artist bit off my NIGGA TECHNODROME1 illustration style…. http://technodrome1.tumblr.com/

  • Black Jesus

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    Think about it. Shiny stuff is what animals are attracted to. You’re not an animal. Right. Your not white. white people are animals, that’s why they need shiny stuff all the time. Success in their world is a shiny surface, because they came from shitty caves a while back. That’s where white people grow, in caves. Evolution is a jewish racket to sell text books and merchandise to brain dead white people.

    You grow best in Africa. They are trying to trade places with you.

    You come from the richest land on earth with the best physical, spiritual and mental abilities. Be Black you’re the master race. You’re not support to have a job…get real. Hardwork? That’s what animals and machines do. They were all created to serve you. The earth was created to feed and house you. The sun was created to warm you. If you want to shine just walk in the sun.

    Niggaz: The New Heaven & Earth

    Everyone that’s not Black is your servant.

    You’re mind is the spaceship to where you want to go.

  • Zebra

    lol nice story, Jesus.
    there might be some words of wisdom, but overall…im white. and your sick

  • ATL vet.great interview.Big Boi stays on his hustle.ready for this and a Kast album

  • D Twice

    So Big Boi and Andre can still drop quality verses and they just choose not to make music together. DA FUCK?

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ YN

    GREAT interview. Thanks for the part 2 about the album artwork. As I alluded too, in part 1 of the interview, the album art is amazing.

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