New Video: Bryant Dope “Champion Sound”

Who won test, Mr. Dope? Inspired by LL’s vintage clip, Bryant steps up to the mic and carries on tradition for his new video. This will live on his upcoming mixtape, New New York.

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  • Cons

    The kid is nice

  • DJdna

    Queens is back! that sample too tough with no hook straight bars Q borough on the map in this new generation.

  • Get Real

    Hmmmmm, this can get interesting. A rapper who actually raps!!! I’ll keep a light on for this kid.

  • JB at worldgoodhiphop

    Good post YN…good to hear pure hip-hop! Props for that Smif n Wessun hook also. We just posted it on our site also ……”Just imagine worldstarhiphop with ACTUAL hiphop

  • soul read

    Queens been back 360 holdin it down

  • it’s the roc

    track = crazy, rapper = ok, overall = ill

  • Chronic

    Joey badass over this fool, kids the future of NYC… But glad to see that old school feel is comin back to the city.

  • shawn fez

    nah chill chronic…. joey got BK on lock ASAP got harlem and Dope got queens. they all fuck with each other so its really nothing

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    good to see a kid bringing dat real hip hop back