• Uh-oh

    Heatmakerz beats were wack and redundant as fuck.

  • Wigz

    i love heatmakerz beats. they go hard as fuck.

  • Insider

    they ain’t got nuthing new out nor is anyone checking for them…….

  • Mike

    Heatmakerz had a good run.


    One of my cousin was in a Heatmakerz remix contest on HHG a long long time ago. If you came in top 4, you were supposed to win a day in the studio with them. He came in top 4 and there was no day in the studio, they ignored him… now he producing for rihanna while these bums still pitchin up soul samples lololololol

  • ChillRobC

    @Karma hahaha looks like karma got their ass. What RiRi joints did your cousin produce?

  • The Co-Signer

    Nigga, didn’t the Bulletproof Wallets album come out BEFORE Come Home With Me?

    But I guess that’s some behind the scenes shit….I guess he could have game him the beat before GFK heard it, recorded it, pressed it, shipped it, and sold it…

  • ….

    S.A.S murdered that beat years later on their Coming to America mixtape

  • County Of Kings

    s.a.s. aint murda shit lmaoo fuck outta here nigga

  • Insider

    Yeah I heard dis dude be on some bullshit like he da shit…..he can’t fuck wit Aarab who took da style and flipped it…..Toasted dis nigga…fork in it DONE!!!!!!!