• JustMyOpinion

    EMBARASSMENT to the Hip-Hop and EVERYTHING it stands for. Is this what we’ve come to? I can’t believe the NY market is condone this poor excuse for a song/talent. My city is better than this.

    Plus……who listen to terrestrial radio anymore?

  • This nigga

    The new dude on HOT 97 is type annoying


    ^ that’s Ebro. he’s the Summer Jam program director. fking asshole that guy.


    These 2 videos just show you how HOT97 interviews are TRASHHHHH.

    Fuck Rosenberg
    Fuck Ebro
    Fuck that black chick in the ass

    Breakfast Club>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Your Father

    Rosenberg is so annoying with his purist bullshit.
    I don’t know if him being the same colour and as Wonder Bread has anything to do with him overcompensating but who is he to say what’s “real hip-hop”.
    So what if the shit’s geared to hipsters or not?
    Everyone’s supposed to meet Rosenberg’s taste to be real hip-hop?

  • Black Shady

    WTF is Trinidad James??? I keep seeing posts of him in the last 3-4 days. did I miss somethin?

  • Deebo

    Trinidad go in. Mixtape was surprisingly fresh.

  • Nathaniel

    their perception of what hip hop has been for the past 40 years is just false. when has Black culture ever been tasteful to america or the general white public? “they” hated NWA, Death Row and every artist on the label, and Rap music was the scourge of america because of how they claimed it influenced their children. the only “cool” thing about our culture, to them, is the fantasy of a reality of a people they know nothing about, or the money they can make from investing in it. Hip Hop has never tried to appease white america. never. it’s always been rebellious, subversive, and anti-establishment in general. from top to bottom.

    some of these fools can’t see how jadakiss is no less bad for children than trinidad is. biggie. dip set. from their elitist “oh, let’s not offend white sensibilities” stand-point, they’re worried that trinidad james says nigga when every rapper does? what did afrika bambataa dress in? who wore jeri curls and posed with guns? Jay came to awards with du-rags and t-shirts, jerseys, saggin’ pants and chains.

    what it’s really about is that classic east coast supremacy mindset. it’s not about his dress-code, his hair, his teeth, the content of his music or the words. it’s about him being a southern rapper and NOT styling his music after east coast tradition. those types (rosenberg, ebro) and others like them hate that shit.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-☆-General of MKW – (CYBER FEDS IS WATCHING ME !! )




  • GTFO

    The music is good. They’re judging him on his style of dress. That’s why Country music stay winning. They talk about the worst things wear what they want, but sell the most records. Cause they don’t have stupid fans like hiphop does.

    Quick to judge but never support the artists they like.

  • Sugarshane

    He’s some new dude that Joe Budden propped, so all the sites are posting his shit as if he’s not garbage. His songs blow.

  • Devante

    Smh Lil B made a couple of bull shit track for the hell of it.. An actually open a lane for this shit…

  • Nathaniel

    what people gotta realize is this is Black culture. hip hop is just the modern expression or persuasion of Black culture. so you can’t claim hip hop in the east coast. it’s 40 million Black people in america that influence everything about hip hop. not one coast, no matter where it started, because by the mid-late 80’s, it was out west HEAVY and in the south HEAVY. NWA, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Snoop and 2pac paid dues. Swisha House, Suave House, UGK, 8-ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, paid dues. Outkast, Goodie Mob, Organized Noize, Kilo Ali, Witch Doctor, paid dues. Cash Money, No Limit, dues. Slip-N-Slide, Luke, dues. all these acts sold millions of records, were all over TV and in the hood, started Black businesses and kept them going, employed thousands of niggas, and paved the way no different from what east cost rappers were doing. what these east coast lost cats don’t realize is Hov got the science down early and that’s why he’s still around. He had the Andre 3000 sample on Rap Game/Crack Game back in 97. slowed his flow down from Scarface (way down in houston) influence on Hard Knock Life, and recruited UGK for Big Pimpin’ in 99. and EVERYBODY was rappin’ that Bun B and Pimp verse more than the Jay, even though Pimp wasn’t even lyrical. even the beat itself had southern bounce. niggas need to wake up. the south didn’t just get here yesterday. respect the expression of all our cultures representatives. and fuck what these observer, “visitor” white people say. “You’re Only A Customer” rosenberg. and the rest of them too.

  • Trillionaire


  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Real Talk where the fuck did this fuck boy Trinidad James come from? Did I miss the point where someone said this nigga supposed to be dope? Fucking industry niggas

  • come on i liked that jiont everything cold i aint try to hate on the brother but it aint that dope

  • i gotta say i dident listen to his tape so let me do that first

  • Iran The Race

    @ Nathaniel

    Great posts!

    Although your first post didn’t have a central concise premiss and conclusion, nonetheless, it was still a good analysis.

  • man oke promo chemical drugs is mad wack

  • Deebo

    Some of ya’ll are off base. Dude can actually rap and his mixtape is better than alot of the shit ya’ll pipe on here daily. I will be checking for dude for the forseeable future.

  • Donn

    So we’re supposed to accept rappers with NO lyrical skill??? Wtf is going on??? Yes this guy will be around in the nxt 4 years right. This is sad

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Breakfast Club > Hot 97

    @Donn you mad nigga? Go listen to a Kendrick Lamar album and shut the fuck up..

  • @Nathaniel

    Realest comments I’ve ever read on here.

  • Next big thing in hip hop? You decide!


  • Dsunn

    This nga got presence and originality. Don’t believe me just watch. Half the haterz gone be on it in 2013

  • Well said Nathaniel

  • i dont understand….this dude is gonna have a yc moment right now, expect this song to drag out longer than racks on racks and to have a bigger remix..

  • i notice charlamagne was already asking “so what u was an army child”, that seems to be the thing in hiphop right now going on with multiple artists..

  • Del

    another shitty rapper I’m supposed to know about all of a sudden… two thumbs down

  • me

    cant be mad at that man….he put out a song and people liked it

  • whats the deal

    yall must not have listened to the whole mixtape. This was the hype track, as they said in the interview. The rest of the tracks are way different. Fresh Tape, been bumpin since the early summer and still am

  • R

    He raps like a 2nd grader and got a buzz SMMFH

  • ultrakid

    @Nathaniel, , Pimp C had the best verse, but Jay killed that shit too. infact its like this: Pimp C verse> Jay’s verse> Bun b verse…. IMO

  • dave

    theres deff gonna be a huge remix.mark my words!

  • dave

    and this nigga ebro is a loser.madd annoying.this nigga is suppose be they boss use to he behind the scenes.ever since niggas mentioned his name during rosenberg beef wit nicki minaj this nigga been feenin for the spotlight.go back to ur cubicle nigga

  • acidrap

    This silly nigga aight cause he aint lyin his ass off like the rest of these rappers.This kid aint talkin bout poppin pistols,trappin,jackin.He on sum other shit with mollys and art n shit.He aint no genius or great talent but he doin his own thing for his folks and whatever I guess.Now these other LYIN ass clowns like french montana,chief keef,future,kirko…I could kill wit my barehands in a second.Just cowardly studio gangstas.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    I have to congratulate the other commentators who posted here for touching on everything to the point I don’t have much to add.

    Ebro clearly wants to be famous but he’s just microphone gangster.

    Rosenberg is just that doofus white guy who thinks because he can name the producers on “Midnight Marauders” he knows hip hop. Hip hop evolves from the streets, Rosenberg. You don’ t know the streets

    Every Breakfast club interview is the same lame stuff. Envy is the set up man, Angela has an annoying boring voice with the most vanilla questions ever & Charlemagne will say anything to be “shocking” but never funny.

    Trinidad James, heard the mixtape. It was ok.

    These videos show why Pandora is winning

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