A$AP Rocky Long.Live.A$AP Cover & Tracklist


[tweet https://twitter.com/ASAPMOB/status/275750946334732288]

A$AP shows his patriotism on front of his oft delayed debut. Best Buy just revealed the cover and notes a new release date of January 15, which he just confirmed on 106 & Park.

UPDATE: Features R Us.


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  • ignorance

    meh, but hopefully the music lives up. he needs to link back up with the black god spaceghostpurrp as well

  • NuJew

    “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”- Jay-Z

  • prime dawg


  • Black Shady

    lets see…

  • Mook

    Finally we get a release date! This nigga had me worried that he was gonna turn into a fashion designer or something and never release the album.

  • Killa

    homie needs a single fucking problems is not the one

  • wickedess

    yea he needs a single…. im waiting for this tho…bit.ly/U66BSN ..

  • Beaming

    He needs a single? Fucking problem got a million hits within a couple weeks and is constantly on the radio TF u weirdos talking about? DO something with yourselves. As for the cover ….. Dope, cant go wrong with American Pride.


    Dis gon be good

  • z7ra_Vv

    Dont care much for him but that cover is dope

  • Killa

    @beaming hop off the dick

    hits aint sales doggy lol

  • Kobe

    @Beaming, It’s actually the ASAP flag which is the black and white upside down flag of america. Apparently it means they came to turn the world upside down, his words not mine when I saw him perform sometime last month.

    music wise, I can dig some of his stuff but as far as personality I think son is corny but so is a lotta rappers these days so…

  • Gambino

    Wasn’t Goldie a single? That song was dope but another one following Fucking Problems would be great

  • dodo

    honesty forgot about this dude.

  • A$VP J-MAC

    “honesty forgot about this dude.”

  • the brain trust

    Lmao @ Kobe

    You don’t like Rocky’s personality? Why does that matter? Unless you wanna date the nigga or sumn’.

    Looking forward to this. He has 2 dope singles & ‘Fucking Problemz’ is already at No 66 on the billboard 100

  • TA

    Fucking Problemz is the one. you niggys probably don’t go out but when it comes on in the clubs/bars people go crazy down here in the south.

  • Donn

    Kopping, ASAP is that nigga

  • R

    CB-4 sounds like Kanye,Drake and ,2chainz Etc except his own self and going Commercial POP GTFOH

  • cheeeese

    yeah ‘Fuckin problemz’ is a legit single, but im still not gassed about dude yet, but maybe he can win me over we’ll see…..

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    asap will do just fine hes got a bright future ahead he aint wack at all

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  • floridaboy


  • Black Shady

    From the look of the tracklist…I really wanna listen to this

    GOLDIE is still my shit!

  • Jules

    Action Bronson and Yelawolf is in there? Hmmm, not shure about that fit. I think the Santigold joint will be fire. Fuck Skrillex tho.

  • vlado

    cant wait. V$VP

  • B.A.G.

    Hes got Florence on the album… I heard everybody has been trying to get that chick on a song. From Kanye and Jay all the way to The Game, and my boy ASAP did that. Song is gonna be fire, mark my words!

  • dave

    im really diggin the Overdoz feature.not too much people are up on them.this could give them much needed exposure.tracklist lookin dope tho.hopefully his next single is better than fuckin problem i hate that song.

  • Orpheus

    Where’s the track with Lana Del Rey?

    Still looks fire tho…

  • Cheat

    No Schoolboy Q???

  • westidefive

    schoolboy q is on it, is on that pmw track

  • Trill

    He got alot of features on here but he gon do good this album is gonna be a great jump start for his career.

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Can’t front on the art work! Music… We will see

  • Greezy

    Where’s the Lana del Rey track? Regardless, track list looks promising

  • K. Wal

    I like how its Features R Us for Rocky, yet Game’s album has a feature on EVERY SONG but 1, no mention of features.

  • Devante

    Smh 80% mixtape tracks

  • Gametime

    Why when it comes to A$AP & all the fucking features no 1 talking shit? Yet Game when a game album bout to be released with features everyone talking shit?


    Hell yeah yelawolf’s on there!

  • dave

    Noone talking shit bout rocky features because he barely ever do them.its usually just him on a song, asap mob or q most the time.so its exciting to see him pair up with some new people.

  • kayandgee

    i will buy this

  • Beaming

    Did someone really call me “doggy” on here while disagreeing with me smh I’m donnnnne b u weirdos irked me for the last time what type of niggas are y’all supposed to b


    Theres a skrillex track. Not copping.

  • floridaboy

    release a normal track list…

  • headedhard

    Goldie and Fucking Problem are great singles. Yall niggaz on crack.

  • PaulAnaconda

    Most Of A$AP’s Features Are Practically All On 5 Out Of The 16 Tracks… Game Has Features On EVERY Track From All The Popular-Of-TheMoment Rappers On His Album After He Stated That He Would Have No Features.

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  • Adecmr

    YE ye ye! This is going to be sick~