Moment Of Clarity: B.Dot vs. Hot 97

I’ve had it up to here with New York City radio. After hearing the same three songs in less than an hour on Hot 97, I tweeted  “A NYC radio DJ could incorporate at LEAST 5 local records into their daily mix. But they don’t. Kinda sad. Yo @oldmanebro, change must come!”

@oldmanebro is Ebro Darden. He’s an Oakland native and Program Director of Hot 97. PDs are the boss of a radio station. Ebro responded to my tweet and a debate ensued including Hot 97 personalities Peter Rosenberg and Tat Wza.

Peter Rosenberg: What’s up with Hot 97 supporting good local underground hip-hop?

Ebro: Oh so, he wants Flatbush Zombies? Sean Price? Oh that’s what he wants? He wants Denzil Porter? Joey Bada$$? We support those records, but those are for the minor leagues right now, they still on the come up. We put them on Rosenberg’s Real Late show until they make it to prime time…

When it comes to airplay, there’s more politics in radio than on Capitol Hill. Songs just don’t get “added” into rotation. Record labels spend money for spins ad space, while programmers monitor AQH analytics. So no Ebro, that’s not what I want, nor expect. What I want is for New York radio to showcase more local talent during the course of a full business day.

Fuck a blog dog. DJs break records. And Hot 97 employs some of the game’s most notable for their mixshows  (i.e.: DJ Camillo, DJ Enuff, Funkmaster Flex, etc.). On a mixshow, PD’s loosen the reigns and allow DJs to construct their own playlists—in other words: They get to play whatever they want. Unfortunately, music from locals are few. Hot 97 pacifies this problem with Peter Rosenberg’s Real Late on the dreaded, Sunday 10PM-12am (Ed correction 12 time slot.

Following a similar Twitter rant this summer, Flex and I formed Social Media Mondays. The spot was to air new music that sounded FM ready. But after a few weeks, the segment came to an abrupt end. Go figure.


This is bullshit. Hot 97 embraces artists only after they’re successful—or have money behind their songs. Later down the line, the station claims bragging rights as if they were ahead of the curve. Instead of being innovators, Hot has followed the playlists of other regions. Locals are now forced to play second string to outta town rookies like Trinidad James and Chief Keef.

I’d be first to admit that a lot of rotten music comes out of the Big Apple. Yes, artists have to put in the leg work and make quality music fit for the FM dial. But radio has to do their part too. It starts at home.

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  • Doe Doe

    I gave up listening to the radio a long time ago

  • Busby

    U know..Ebro got a point…cuz u niggas on Rap Radar won’t posting Odd Future shit until Kanye sent that co-sign…

    Juuust saying…

    • B.Dot

      False. First post came after their first sold out NY show…and i still say they suck (aside from Frank Ocean and occasionally Tyler)

  • County Of Kings i fucks wit u but i think u reaching with this one. the game has changed. you and this blog are the proof of that change. so while things are changing u cant expect some things to just stay the same. or the things u want to stay the same.
    before blogs and mp3 and itunes i would go to hot97 for new music, to break new artist. but internet killed that for the radio, so they adjusted. i admit listening to the radio sucks, but so what, thats why i come to this site multiple times a day, thats why i gave apple 200$ for an ipod. only time i listen to the radio is when i’m in a place thats playing it that i cant control, or the morning show.

    they have bills to pay same way yall do. i see this huge big boi ad all over rap radar right now. i dont know if i see that for a joey bada$$ or whoever local new act is out there.

    hot 97 might not be great but they are light years ahead of ya boys at power 105. outside of the morning show they might as well close the office for the day until the next morning, thats how irrelevant the rest of their programming is.

  • BlippityBloop

    Rosenburg was suckin that Ebro nigga heavy. And I feel where B Dot is coming from, its all about the financial backing, its not about building buzz. That lame nigga wasn’t keepin it 100, gotta give B Dot credit this time

  • AK47


  • Doe Doe

    @Busby ye your right this site only posts up the big names even Elliott Wilson said it himself lol thats why i like 2 Dope Boyz

  • radio blows

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Nobody wants to hear flatbush zombies on the radio.
    “Is this what rap need….Abunch of tatted up niggas that rap about weed?”

    Joey Badass is very boring..People are going to turn the station when a song of his comes on.Hot 97 are not willing to lose ratings just to prove a stupid point.

  • B.Dot

    @County Of Kings
    We (self included) are hip-hop nerds. We go hard and scour for new music. The average/casual rap fan hears new music via the radio.

    @Rap Game Shawn Kemp
    I agree. I don’t think he’s a great writer, but he can improve. Plus, I not everyone is capable of making music with for a MASS demographic.

  • Angelo

    @bdot I agree with you bro! The politricks of this shit are nauseating. I understand that the young audiences want to listen to the dance happy pop stuff they play but….Where is the love for Action Bronson? Meyhem Lauren? Roc Marciano? Joey BadA$$? Denzil Porter? Sean Price? Skyzoo? These artists aren’t MINOR LEAGUE…they’re more talented & genuine artists than these label projects all over the radio now. Hot97 & Power105 need to take out the word Hip Hop from the label, b/c they really aren’t playing any of it. With all that said….I still think Radio isn’t coming back, mainly b/c it’s now about the Rap Business & not the Hip Hop Culture…Hip Hop as a culture overall is dead & diluted!

  • BobbyWhite

    this is just hurting hip hop… waiting til they in the primetime, fuck that, how are they gonna get there ? no wonder hip hops losing popularity

  • majormar

    The radio station in 757 va way worst only time they play locals is Sunday night for like an hour. Pusha t dint even get the spins he suppose to n his own town. And they never break artist never

  • raylosophy

    I hear what you’re saying B.Dot but Busby has a point. YN has famously said (several times) that RR “…might be late…but when an artist matters, we showcase them.” Obviously RR isn’t going to post MC No-Name just for the sake of being “FIRST” so why would you or anyone expect radio to do it? They are only going to do what makes them money. I applaud your efforts but you’re really wasting your time. I don’t even think PD’s copy out of state playlists, It seems as if they look at the Billboard and iTunes charts and selects their playlists accordingly.

    I gave up on radio a looooongggg time ago, maybe it’s time you throw in the towel and tune in to underground/internet “radio”

    • B.Dot

      @raylosophy: Busby has a point. YN has famously said (several times) that RR “…might be late…but when an artist matters, we showcase them.” Obviously RR isn’t going to post MC No-Name just for the sake of being “FIRST” so why would you or anyone expect radio to do it?

      I don’t if that’s verbatim, but the site’s purpose was to fill the void of documenting what’s going (which we did and now followed). Radio, esp, NY radio prides itself on being in tuned to the streets, but in actuality, they really aren’t. This is why an artist like Mac Miller or Macklemore can pack a show and they’re scratching their heads like “how?” you missed the boat!

  • Belize

    ya this is true, but before you say this look in the mirror. Yall pump wack niggas on here on the daily and make these kids eat the shyt up like skittles.

  • Get Real

    Who still listens to Hot97 tho???

  • Mike

    True indeed sir

  • chillthrills

    gotta pay to play,,,however radio is corporate,,so money is the bottom line,,,,,radio programmers,could care less about local talent,,,,,niggas rent to high to be looking out for a up and coming artist,lol,,,,
    ice cube and public enemy said FUCK THE RADIO!!!!!!!!!,,,

  • Ramel

    If you feed the youth with the watered down messages of I Wish I Could Fuck Every Girl In The World, along with all the gimmicky music that plagues 99% of Hot 97, Power 105 today and don’t balance it out with more options for the youth to listen to you will witness the problems we’ve been seeing over the last 10 years and witness it get worse and worse. Hip Hop won’t thrive again until it goes back to Original Form of self reliance, and OWNING our culture again.

  • im with B. Dot on this shit fuck radio anymore though i listen to sirius and they got the same problem half the time but i enjoy when B. Dot comes in and breaks new artists on the all out show!

  • Shawn

    I completely agree with B. Dot. Chief Keef/Trinidad James and all these other songs or artists dont get played until they have built success on their own! For the most part Hot 97 are just band wagon supporters/fans!

  • the brain trust

    Completely with B Dot on this one!

    Hip hop radio is supposed to be a pioneer. It’s supposed to break new artists, start new trends, play local cats who make good music; as opposed to dickriding whichever artist is currently in the limelight.

    How dope would it be to hear Joey bada$$ ‘Survival Tactics’ or ‘Snakes’ on Hot 97?

    The problem with hip hop is ABSOLUTELY the depreciating quality of what’s on the radio.

    Fuck hot 97 & whoever else is promoting stereotypical coonery & calling it ‘real Hip Hop’.

    B dot, keep fighting the good fight.

  • i work for radio and i still don’t quite understand it. but put it this way…you got satellite: they play a larger variety of songs that your local radio station doesn’t play. why? i don’t know, i work for fm radio. but i agree, if the song is dope, why not play it? rosenberg runs a show that showcases hot local talent. i’m sure he’s spoken to ebro a couple times about hot music he’s heard…or maybe he hasn’t heard any new music he feels is dope enough to be in rotation…or maybe ebro won’t put it in rotation because it’s all about $$$. i just feel like if the music’s hot, it should be in rotation.

    but i gotta give it to hot 97…i hear a lot more variety in their music (in the morning) than i hear on power 105 in the morning.

    i remember i was listening to funk flex one night (the night GOOD Music came by) and i heard “take it to the head” 6 times in less than an hour. NO LIE.

  • Ramel hit it on the head. Thats all that maters.

    They get in radio to make money and culture is not even important or even a thought. Its all about money, no sense in even ranting B.Dot, its a money game. You wont find anything authentic on the radio, period. Its about money, not talent, culture, or anything else of that nature. And the response from ebro is typical. If you cant pay me Im not playing your music, thats all he means by “prime time”. Basically sell out, and youll get played.

    Again, Ramel hit it on the head. Black commercial radio is to fuck the youth up. And until you have that gimmick, you have no chance of sales or getting air time. Thats what happens when blacks own NOTHING. No control.

  • CaliSteppin

    I havent listened to the radio in years.. Same songs every hour and there horrible with some occasional good ones. *Goes back to plugging in my ipod and listening to hip hop with SUBSTANCE

  • CaliSteppin

    And that Ebro guy comes off like a bitch

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Hip-Hop fans act like 17 YEAR OLD FEMALES….Y’all complaining about the radio and most of y’all don’t listen to the radio anyway.Y’all complain about shit just to do it LIKE FEMALES.

    Ya’ll got the internet at your disposal and y’all hoes complaining about radio…And one more thing STOP BLAMING Lil wayne whenever something goes wrong in rap,We get it he sucks.Hiphop isn’t dead only butthurt HIPSTERS say that

  • Dashing


    It’s a new era. Radio used to break artists but now it’s left to blogs, tumblr, and YouTube. It’s sad but it’s true. The “pay to play” game is much more rampant than ever and independent artists can’t afford to spend like the majors can. It’s a new source of revenue for radio stations who are losing listeners everyday and advertsisng dollars keep moving away from them and to ya’ll.

    The good news is that blogs (like RR) have the ability to break artists that they deem are worthy. A blog like RR, which has a certain level of cache (in large part to YN), can be the tastemakers in the industry by putting people on. And ya’ll have done that to a certain extent. Eventually, those artists (if they’re legit) will make their way on to the radio because they won’t be able to be denied. The difference between now and back in the day is that radio is no longer the main place that fans go to get new music. And they no longer affect the culture in the same way. They don’t create the momentum, they dickride. And that dichotomy often clashes with the authentic hip hop personas that represent the stations (i.e. Rosenberg’s Nicki Minaj rant last year).

    What that means for you though is that you have more influence on what people will actually check out than radio. You can rep Joey Badass if you believe in his music by posting all of his new songs and editorializing when you post them. And if people like it, then they’ll comment and click the link and you’ll post more, as will other blogs, and people will buy it on iTunes and then it’ll get hits on YouTube, and then it will hit radio

    As frustrating as it is that it’s different, it’s the era we’re in now. Radio is no longer king. Blogs are.You should just embrace your newfound power.

  • chillthrills

    @artoxication,,,,,woord!!!,,,,black owned is the only way to reach our people,,,,thats why i listen to


    at least they play everything,,old and new,,,,,

  • Less concern about hip hop, more concern about your future. Its only important for kids, once youre grown, you realize its all fake. Get smart.

  • pluck43

    …And this is coming from a guy who said that “Backseat Freestyle” should of stayed off of good kid m.A.A.d city

  • chillthrills

    Radio is for heads that don’t have internet connections,,,,basically

  • truth23

    I agree with, I feel that New York radio is the ultimate co-sign. I think that radio in general need to be more balance. I’m going to use J. Cole for an example, to me they play his weakest songs on the radio like Workout because it’s hip-pop but they won’t play his better songs like lost ones or Rise and Shine. I believe that the radio stations are forcing artist like french montana, chief keef and 2chainz on us. Why can’t they introduce us to new artist or play more Cole, Kendrick, or Nas on the radio, They play like the same song 3x times within an hour. All I’m saying is you can play hip pop just balance it out with music with substance too.

  • @Chill

    No doubt, the only way. Our people seem to forget we can write our own contracts and own our own businesses, and they dont have to have anything to do with hip hop. The world is too big to limit your mind to anything, especially a business like hip hop. Im painting a new shirt in a bit, check it out RR. Posting it in an hour or 2.

    Hip hop is dead.

  • RapReal

    Hot 97 is in a never ending and losing war against 2 clear channel stations, Power 105 and Z100. Hot 97.1 use to be a place where you get that new New York… but they’re just keeping up with the Jones.

    NY Radio is dead. Bloggers are the new radio jocks.

    FUCK RADIO. We make our own playlists now. We listen to radio for interviews then turn that fuck shit right off.

  • well said. I work at a college and community radio station, I get so tired of seeing artists have to go thru this. It’s frustrating to know that stations think the only time to devote to this is on a Sunday, when they can incorporate these songs throughout the day. I don’t understand why these station don’t understand that adding indie/local music to your station makes you more well-rounded. I meet so many people who would rather pay and listen to satellite radio because they feel they have the power to choose and the shows are more on the “right now” than regular radio is. But until people stand up and truly demand a change, this will also be the politics of radio.

  • Mike S

    B. Dot you can be one of two things in this world. You can be a person who complains about the way things are done, or you can be the one who changes the way things are done. Obviously you want to be the second. How about putting together some weekly playlists that people can download and bump of the iPhone during the week. #AbandonRadio

  • – …Radio, esp, NY radio prides itself on being in tuned to the streets, but in actuality, they really aren’t. This is why an artist like Mac Miller or Macklemore can pack a show and they’re scratching their heads like “how?” you missed the boat!…

    You’re right about radio, but trust me, they’re not gonna change unless/until people stop tuning in. Everyone claims they don’t listen to radio anymore, but someone’s listening to it, because even tho the music business is suffering…Radio is doing great (financially).

  • LOL Ebro putting so much emphasis.Like what he’s saying is so profound.but I feel like ppl at that platform have a different agenda than online blog plays records to appease the “listeners” with limited amount of time/schedule.Where is online, it is endless-for almost every type of listener of a certain genre.And lets also include the importance of a co-sign by major artists’,some work but others are all show and not proving anything besides the fact that they’re GARBAGE.


  • Kay

    @BDOT I love that you went at Hot 97 . I am a big believer of stating a problem and stating a solution not just a problem. Contact me and lets starts a Petition just like other people do when they dont like the violence on tv or someone gets gunned down. Time to show the radio stations how many people want to hear other MUSIC DIFFERENT ARTIST. Contact me and I will set the online petition up.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is TOO hilarious. The pot is calling the kettle black. Are you kidding? Every last one of you music gatekeeps engage in this behavior. I don’t listen to terrestrial radio, so I have no words on the Hot 97 side, but I listen to satellite radio. Satellite radio is involved in the same thing, playing the same POP-HOP records, sometimes, as radio.

    Let’s admit it, we’ve spent 10 years listen to this thing called rap music change MIT started with Lil’ Jon “different” sound then followed years later by SouljamBoy and it continues with 2 Chainz. Everyone dance and snap their fingers praising these artist never asking them for quality music (aka eligible to be one of music’s inductee’s).

    So…let’s not pretend this a HOT 97 issue when it’s more like a “everyone that is responsible for the music reaching the masses” issue.

    Granted, to be fair, if I think an artist is subpar, I don’t hit the play button on the site. Now, if I think it’s quality music, I press play. Yes, it’s all about choice.

    Plus, Ebro has a boss that he has to answer to as well. You read what he said, they play those songs…….in the late/early hours of the night/morning. So, in his mind he met the requirements his boss asked him to.

  • real shit B Dot

  • CaliSteppin

    @Mike S thats a pretty good idea

  • mrbabyhands

    Part of the problem with radio is the lack of competition of the airwaves. If another radio station broadcasted some of the more “underground” acts, i guarantee the big “urban” radio stations would lose some listeners.

    if all you have in your area is like 2 radio stations that play hiphop music, and they all play same songs that the labels give them, then its natural that you’ll have a gap that can be filled.

    i dont think radio is dead. its just been monopolized on the low. what we need is more radio stations. The competition would have the biggest effect. But this is how they get us– the infrastructure is hard to own. Ever since the early 90s, big companies have been consolidating the radio stations and frequencies.

  • Real Talk

    @p0is0nedkoola & QUEENZ

    Some try to belittle or minimize Nas’ success all the time. Some seek pleasure when they feel Nas is being slighted/excluded by the media as being one of the GOAT’s. Some take pleasure in hearing anything negative about his personal life but through it all Nas PREVAILS!

  • Reblogged this on itsthahype.

  • Mike S.

    Fact is people in NY (especially the ones that even still listen to the radio to hear “new” music) will reject anything that isn’t dope somewhere else first. NY radio is no different.

    The difference between NY radio and other cities is that the locals actually support their artists in those other cities.

    Not so much here. When you look at New Yorkers now (especially the younger generation) they’re highly influenced by the music & style that comes from everywhere but NY. Everything is copied from somewhere else (with very few exceptions). Radio is just another form of that same “me too” approach. You have a tiny bit of leaders and a bunch of followers here.

    An example is ASAP Rocky. (I know his style is copied from all over the place, but that’s besides the point). When Purple Swag came out all these kids just figured he was new and different from everything else out. So what they do? Copy him. SMH

    I work in a recording studio so I saw first hand how much things changed once ASAP came out. Then of course Cheif Keef comes out and everybody has to have a Young Chop-esk beat. Same shit with radio. Everything is a knee-jerk reaction.

  • Nathaniel

    imagine. B. Dot… #1 (arguably) Hip Hop blog representer waiting on NY radio to support the “right” artists.

    i suggest you sit down with Elliott and figure new, creative ways to make what you want to see from radio, happen with your own abilities. you’re a RR personality, and if you play it right you’ll be more than that. THIS blog isn’t ALL you’re capable of doing well. time to step out there and see the trends for what they are, examine the present, plan for the future, and be on the cusp of where the elements within the culture are moving.

    stop looking to Hot and Power radio. they aren’t for what WE are for. props though, brother. your thinking is leaning on correct imo.

  • Original Ty

    I think that anyone that thinks this isn’t a problem is being naive or doesn’t realize how this is hurting the culture and craft of hip hop. If you don’t have your own drug money or some type of sponsor (somebody with the money to pay for spins) you don’t have a shot.

    There are thousands of artists out here with nothing but their talent and maybe a producer and an engineer that believe in them enough to give them some beats and a way to record quality music at a cut rate. THAT’S ALL IT SHOULD TAKE! When we started saying that anything and everything is hip hop and you cant say that anything wasn’t, we gave the powers that be a chance to dictate to us what was hip hop. Yall hear all this elementary rhyming and singing now that’s called REAL hip hop? The easier they make it to do “hip hop” the less TRUE talent, skill, and soul as a writer and reciter is needed. And the more they can get any bubble gum dude or girl to be “hip hop” and take it over. That’s what we have now. A radio full of “hip hop” that ain’t real music and the real artists with a view point get zero burn. Last point. If the radio DJ’s don’t wanna break new acts, fine and good take that money and feel good about it, just don’t try to claim that you trailblaze because you don’t. You are now a bunch of followers that let the suits tell you what’s hot enough to be played. Get over yourselves and your power cause yall are just puppets. And yall wonder why the DJ is obsolete now…… we USED to need yall niggas SMH

  • Mike P

    With so many music lovers finding other ways to get caught up or even find new artist without radio I kind of understand why a programmer would go for only playing a sure thing. It ensures their job the next morning. We also have to take into account the market that is NYC. Artist from their get more love away from home then it. The only place like that in the country. It takes a group from the south a guy from the mid west and some sprinkles here and there to even get a rapper some shine before NYC hip hop fans get on board.. And he or she is a native New Yorker.. I guess that’s why you feel so strongly about breaking what you have their then waiting for it to be broken elsewhere.. Look I don’t have the right answer or solution to the problem.. But I also don’t listen to the FM-AM radio and haven’t for the last 5-6 years.. Satellite my iPod and the internet provides me with all I need to keep in tune and better yet ahead of whats next and happening now…

  • malione

    if all yall feel like this then why not say it in an arena where it could be heard and possibly be a catalyst for change instead of posting it on a blog where the only people that are going to read it are people like yourselves

  • BrutallyHonest

    @B.Dot your fighting a losing battle , what you should is take that idea you and Flex did and use it for RR. Do it every Monday, showcase five unknowns with their audio track and a short bio on them (w/ a link) and have the people rate these artists. Whom ever they feel is the hottest of the rating scale . You can give the winner an editorial on YN’s “RESPECT” mag and post his/her music randomly on RR (like you do with 360) . Simple as that ………………..

  • Lost cause or not, i’m ridin with B.Dot. Other stations look to the big city formats so other DJ’s would follow suit. If radio ignores what’s going on, hiphop still loses a great ally. This is a conversation that needs to continue

  • Black Shady

    yo B.Dot; on the real…….my nigga, I co-sign every single word u put on that post

    bout time some1 with “power” (if thats what we can call it) call them out

  • King Kong

    That dude Ebro is an asshole


    Nice work Bdot. Good to see someone out there that actual cares about the culture.

  • Carlito R

    ^^^^^^^^@Original Ty and @BDot

    Even if a local artist with good music and a decent buzz does have their own “drug money” or some type of sponsor (somebody with the money to pay for spins) the radio dj’s in NY will still turn them down because they’re not signed or on a major label…only a major artist can make NY playlists even if that major artist’s record isn’t that great compare to the local artist who is willing to PAY.

  • I feel B.Dot on this, but you also gotta realize NY artists don’t even sound like they’re from NY anymore. There’s really no such thing as an East Coast regional sound because these niggas been chasing after that South shit the last decade. If I’m a PD, I’d probably not play some knock off Southern shit too, not If I got authentic Southern artists doing the exact same thing

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    Ebro get your story straight. Hot 97 ain’t the majors no more playa 105.1 is #1 in NY since you took over. Good job. Joey Badass in the minors but you playing Trinidad James. Explain that one. Hot 97 don’t play cats cuz they got one hot track tho. Hot 97 is the NBDL now. Y’all gained your respect when you kept it real with NY and Hip Hop. You obviously stated that y’all don’t break artist but instead you dickride then jump on the bandwagon. Check what this douche bag quotes though.

    “Hot 97 is the only station that continually supports and breaks New York hip-hop artists,” he says. “We are continually in the community helping young people have a voice. Hip-hop is a culture created to enable those that did not have representatives, be represented—their fantasies, their fears, their anger, their desire to be carefree and party, their dress, and everything in between. For better or for worse Hot 97, has been a part of the fabric of New York hip-hop and we continue to be. Ask any artist from New York what we have done to help them change their circumstances and chase their dreams. Then ask about Poser.”

    This cat Ebro is a joke. Go back to Cali man you fucked my city up enough and Hip Hop at that. 40 year old dude with power to play real music but instead letting kids dictate to him what’s hot. What’s the point of being in your position if you just a pawn?

  • mrdontplay

    Sean Price and Minor League does not belong in the same sentance

  • really 23


    U Ain’t Never lied playa…

  • Genius

    If his job to play music people like and people can choose what they want to hear then a radio station is pointless especially with Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. This guys a genius. Just go online and listen to watch you want. Fire yourself now E Bro.

  • Brodie

    The reason we go online and listen to the music we wanna hear is because the radio will not play it. Hot 97 use to be the shit back in the day especially when authentic hip hop made its way on to the playlist. I remember when rappers use to stop by and give on the spot freestyles and they would damn near make the playlist. Im from Va and when i was in High School mixtapes use to have those same freestyles ripped off the radio just to be burned on a cd. Most artist best mixtape tracks use to jump there way into daily rotation. It use to be that way down here for a short while then in came Clear Channel and fucked everything up. We just want variety on our radio dials because hearing the same bullshit 3x within one hour is not what we want. Not to mention you cant turn on the radio without hearing 1 artist on at least 4 songs. Its crazy i dont hear Slaughterhouse singles on the radio at all but i can hear Rick Ross, Future, French Montana, Nicki Minajs bullshit and Drake every 10 mins. when we are driving in our cars we are not on the internet we are busy listening to these morning shows playing the same shit everysingle day

  • Mellow

    I remember going to texas back in 07 and i was surprised that they played their local artist and have them on daily rotation, And majority of them niggas arent even known outside of the state, i think Chamillionaire, paul wall, mike jones slim thug and ugk was poppin at the time but i never heard big tuck, tum tum and all them dudes before. My point is they were on the radio…. no video or nothing and there songs were better than the industry shit from everywhere else. Samething when i was in Ga back in 05. Never heard of Young Jeezy outside of Boyz N Da Hood and so icey with gucci but his songs were on the radio getting play. Im from Norfolk Va and the only time they play local artist is on some bullshit 1 hr time slot on sundays like people are listening that late on sunday…. Really? Anyway stations like HOT 97 are proving themselves to be majority industry and not culture. Just because its a job dosent mean it has to be work. Yall are suppose to have your ear to the streets act like it.

  • Wayne Brady

    Who still listens to Hot 97?

  • clubba lang

    The radio is what it is. I’m not even mad about it. I simply don’t fuck with the radio..ever…for any reason. When I wanna hear something different I check DOTGOTIT.COM. No politics there..they just post dope up and comers and good music. That’s all I really care about anyway. Fuck radio.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    @B.Dot I appreciate the passion but let’s look at it also from a technical standpoint.

    A lot of these unknown artists have terrible production! Their mix isn’t suitable for radio. I used to do engineer work for some studios in NYC (right track, king chung) & one of the things I learned is the diff between mixing for the radio and mixing some unknown artists demo.

    Most of these kids don’t get get their music “mastered” which is needed to be played on the radio without distortion aka “the levels are too high/hot”. Joe Budden is a great example! I love that guy but his vocals are ALWAYS distorted! Sounds terrible & amateurish.

    Finally, in terms of Rap Radar , I think it’s fair to say that this blog is open to diff music styles in Hip-hop & I appreciate that. Is this site over-saturated at times with one artist (Ross, Ross & Ross), sure, but hey ya gotta pay your bills , I get it.

    In the end, it’s up to the listening audience to FIND good music no matter the genre! Some of my fave hip hop artists like The Dopplegangaz or Finale are out there, but WE , the audience, have to do the research. There’s all sorts of tools. Soundcloud, spotify, last. fm etc

    We can’t ask the radio/bloggers to stop being lazy when our behavior as an audience is just as lazy.

    Don’t wait for some guy behind a keyboard or mic to tell you what’s out there, it’s as bad as letting them tell you what’s hot

    Hit me on Twitter
    the Lester Bangs of Hip Hop
    no 2 line opinions allowed

  • Obama

    Irrelevant.. Radio is dead..

  • FaceTime100

    B Dot AKA Blogger That Is Going After Radio Support For Artist That He Basically Manages. CMON SON!!! There Are Plenty Of Artist Thats Popping That Rap Radar Dont Support. When You Change The Site And Start Supporting Like Other Blogs Then Ask For Some Radio Support. GTFOH

  • zeee

    who shit listens to hot 97? that shit is played out. like the same three songs they play all the time

  • monte

    hot 97 makes the most amount of money to spin the records that they do. If they supported more local, they’d miss out on more money. you don’t get extra cash by being ahead of the curve and playing artists on the come up. the general public wants to listen to the most popular artists or the big leaguers of rap. they’ll worry about the top-prospects when they get to the show.

  • tre

    It’s intriguing that this discussion is being sparked by a blogger at Rap Radar.

    B.Dot, you claim “it starts at home”, but have you ever looked in the mirror?

    Refresh Rap Radar, take a look at we see: Top 5 Posts and Recent Posts. Y’all know very well that the Top 5 Posts are going to be your most popular content. And looking at Recent Posts, we’ve got big boi, nas, kay slay w/ uncle murda, mike will, asap, rick ross, bow wow, etc.

    So you talk about breaking records / new artists, yet all I see on Rap Radar are posts from media / record labels trying to promote their shit. And it’s so obvious cause hip-hop blogs all cover the same stuff. In case you’re wondering, posts about upcoming mixtapes from semi-established artists doesn’t really do much at all.

    Put simply, y’all know very well that you don’t really give up-and-coming artists a chance either. You post what draws the most traffic. When’s the last time anyone’s discovered a new artist on Rap Radar?For comparison, The Source (physical) magazine has an Unsigned Hype section. At Rap Radar has Blackout and You Played Yourself.

    Not saying it’s right or wrong. But you’re complaining seems to suggest that you don’t realize Rap Radar is the mainstream radio equivalent in the blogosphere.

    You’re right – it starts at home. So maybe Rap Radar should heed this advice and try harder to introduce visitors to new artists / underground content. Then maybe we can have a discussion about radio.

    P.S. Check out the Recent Posts at 2dbz to see what introducing vistors to new / underground content actually looks like:

    ?uestlove x Danny! x Sonos (Video)
    DviousMindZ – Elephant Shoes Volume 004 (Instrumental Tape)
    2DopeBoyz x Rocksmith Present: DopeHouse (Preview #3)
    Big Boi – Mama Told Me f. Little Dragon (Original Version)
    Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) (Mano ’93 Nostalgia rmx)
    Smash Brovaz – Paper Planes
    ShowYouSuck – One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest In Pizza (Mixtape)
    LoveRance – Freak Of The Industry (Mixtape)

  • k1ng petey

    ny cats gotta stop making trap music straight up

  • Mellow

    how do people compare a blog to radio? Rap Radar is specificaly aimed at mainstream shit where is once upon a time underground artist once thrived off radio. Blogs and Radio are two totally different elements. It seems like attacking this blog is the only ammunition people have. The radio is gonna play what they wanna play, we just saying we would like some other shit put in rotation. i mean its a radio station right. Ive seen plenty of unknown niggas get posted on here but what are the chances of people clicking on the link to see if they like it. At least on the radio if they play it enough like they do everything else somebody will start diggin’ it. Maybe if people didnt rely on the net for everything we wouldnt be having this convo right




  • mrholloway

    So has this record not be on repeat for the past 15 years at least??? In college I had these so called die-hard “real hip-hop” fan friends who wouldn’t listen to anything outside of NY rap. Coincidentally all of them were from NY, NJ, or CT. Till this day…they are still doing the same. Let that shit go…NY is no longer a true force in rap music….why because the people can’t relate to it? How come every other rapper out ATL/Chicago/Miami is putting out hits…..they may be one hit wonders…but they are controlling the airwaves. They put out music that connects with the people. Since you mentioned Trinidad James, who obviously is not a skilled wordsmith at all…has the damn near hottest song in the country and it happened over a three week span….HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? We don’t know but it does! GET OVER THAT SHIT, its almost 2013. Rap music climate shifted long ago and it won’t return to NY unless these artists study the game. Not saying don’t be themselves…but its a business, you will never be successful making music for your homeboys.

    Oh yeah…two words to summarize what I said: Elitist mentality.

    Yall niggas ain’t elite…

  • Original Ty

    @ Carlito R You are right for the most part but the are a few exceptions, Drake being one of them. Remember he didn’t have a label home for the longest but his single started a bidding war. He just had that Degrassi money and other resources that most young talented artists just don’t. Like I said though for the most part you are right, the Majors send the singles they want played from their artists and the radio says yessir.

    Also there have been artists since way back when Master P did it, with enough cake to go independent and pay stations themselves. Let’s be real, we are talkin’ bout NY but it’s pay to play EVERYWHERE. If you can’t pay, say ….Radio One for instance, none of their little stations will have clearance to play your stuff ANYWHERE around the country. Most of the independents that rose up in the 90’s (Rocafella, Murder Inc, Cash Money, No Limit etc) were financed with drug money, that’s no secret. THEN majors chased them down to offer distribution worldwide. Despite this though our point is the same, talent alone isn’t enough anymore and that’s a shame.

  • just chill, no one listens to the radio anymore, much less hot 97 really.

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    Some of these comments are asinine. New York is the mecca, birthplace of Hip Hop. Since New Yorkers know about the way these labels rape artists, labels had to go elsewhere to rape people. Since other areas took over hip hop shits gone down hill. New York will forever have the best rapper ever, Notorious BIG, and we have the best rapper alive still, Jay-Z. The money and labels know what they’re doing making coons out of rappers now a day and you muthafuckas got the nerve to say that’s the evolution of hip hop. Come on now stop embracing the song and dance for the money. Artists have to find a way to fit the format of the radio, what the fuck does that even mean? The best artists that lasted throughout time were all themselves and put out real music. I guess some people embrace the ignorance and the coonery. We talking about New York radio here so all y’all don’t have to do with this conversation could take a hike, go online and watch Trinidad James or whatever it is you think Hip Hop supposedly is.


    I went through these comments and have yet to see B.Dot address the format and biased coverage of this site.”fill a void”…all of these sites post the same stuff. The only void filled was becoming a MMG|YMCMB|WTB hub. Pot calling the kettle black, throwing stones in a glass house and all that rah rah…and that header “voice of the people”? Take yourselves off the pedestal. In addition your “About RR” and “Who we are” sections are blank.maaaaaaaaaan fuck it

  • Killa

    Ebro should be fired, a good record is a good record. Big time vs primetime is a lame ass excuse. If jay comes up there with a wack artist and is like play the record the shit gets played. niggas act like they have integrity there is none. I support on this

  • County Of Kings

    @ fuck swag i got $$$
    and alot of yall

    yall arguements i dont get where they come from. yall niggas bashing hot97 like the competition is better? what the fuck does power105 break? what shows and djs do they have? what are they names? who do they interview? outside of the breakfast club power 105 is useless.

    bdot has good points, but the fact that he calls out hot97 and not power105 shows me his people are at power 105 and thats who he fucks with 4real. dj clue might bring something to the table but for the most part hot97 is the leader in nyc radio.

    another point is that joey badass, action bronson, these dudes are not for afternoon radio. they are not for kids to listen to while driving home from school with mom. i agree that niether is lil wayne wishing he could fuck every girl in the world. but those songs are happy catchy songs. underground niggas are boring and not for daytime radio, they are for night time radio. yall calling out hot97 like somebody else is better. if hot97 were to disappear then nyc radio would have a major loss overall in our culture. they dont bring alot to the table but they bring way more than anybody else in the nyc by far.

  • Anth

    F*CK Hot 97.

    And B.Dot put a playlist together (WEEKLY) of the hottest or latest songs from ANY artist. Or watch this this is a solution too.


  • Jr

    B.Dot is a fuckin idiot.
    Learn your business fag.
    Think before you say the dumb shit you say.
    This blog is proof of your stupid thinking with 90% of the shit you say.
    Youre starting to act like KRS thinking you dictate what Hip-Hop is.
    This blog is bias as if we’re all supposed to like the same shit you do.

  • For once…I completely agree with B. Dot.

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    @county of kings

    No one from 105.1 went and put out a video about this situation first of all. So the reason no one is addressing them is because the program director of Hot 97 wanted to put this conversation out there. So why would anyone go at 105.1. He says in the video that Hot 97 is the major leagues but since he took over they have become number 2 to 105.1 in the ratings. This is a fact you could look it up. So homie is gonna go that hard and act like NY Hip Hop is wack and NY niggas gotta step their game up I’m gonna defend my hometown. I was born and raised in NY and I grew up in the Hip Hop culture. This dude is from Cali and probably could care less about NY Hip Hop since he getting paid to look the other way. I’m not knocking the man, he got a job to do, but to act like Hot 97 is the majors and artists gotta get a buzz through hard work then dissing some NY rappers in the process, then playing Trinidad James on the station, come on son this nigga need to GTFOH with that. If you wanna call your station the majors then be ready to take the heat when your station is playing bullshit on the radio. As far as underground Hip Hop being boring, maybe it is to you, so that means all they gotta play on the radio is happy jack bull shit hip hop. Are you seriously saying that. I hope that you’re not New York because you really don’t get it. Only real New Yorkers would understand where I’m coming from. Nas and J both said hip hop was dead a while ago. Maybe NY gotta play Jesus and bring a resurrection to the game because right now the shit is on life support.

  • whogivesafuck

    B.Dot, Wilson,

    If this is the case with NY radio, can I ask as one of the premier blogs, which up & coming artists have you REALLY supported?

    Where is Joey Bada$$, Das Racist, Leaf, Big Baby Gandhi, Bodega BAMz, Sasha Go Hard; to name a few off the top…

    Also, any time I visit your website, the majority of posts are related to commercial artists, releasing subpar records (i.e. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill).

    Not to mention pointless videos/visuals of rappers smoking weed and flashing their wealth.

    The problem is on all sides, not just radio. Blogs/websites have become so saturated their are only a few that truly shine light on up and coming artists.


  • Harsh Reality

    Unfortunately, everything will either change or come to an end. Rap originated in NY but now the world has taken over rap. Although, NY gave birth to rap, like a child it has to grow up and follow its natural progression. NY just might be the mom that doesn’t want to let go. NY supporting local talent won’t bring ur wayward child home. Sorry.

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    @Harsh Reality

    I guess America should let go of basketball too, the USA Olympic team been getting their ass whooped every year because everything will either come to a change or an end. How did you figure all this out? Way more than half of everyones top 10 rappers of all time come from New York. Some of them are still alive by the way. I know you’re definitely not a New Yorker the way you talking. From this point I don’t think Hip Hop could evolve much more without turning into another genre. New York Hip Hop probably isn’t as relevant right now because of how fucking fake the industry is. Real New Yorkers are too real to be that fake. So at the end of the day in order for Real Hip Hop and Rap to keep existing there is gonna be a point that the real comes back and restores things back to its natural order. Hip Hop is the real struggle put into music. Not people with money backing morons and turning them into coon entertainment. So I guess New York gotta get it’s child back on check because that’s how we do. A change gonna come, trust. We created this thing once before, so don’t think we can’t do it again. We don’t need corrupt radio support, we gonna make it regardless.

  • Brian

    I love the site Rap Radar and love how B. Dot and Elliot Wilson is constructing this site. With that being said, as some of people on the comment section I do believe B.Dot is reaching, heavy. It’s one thing to comment on their radio station playlist. It’s another thing to actually tag them on Twitter and just ask for attention. With the success on Rap Radar you would think B.Dot would humble it down. But obviously not. Not to take anything away from you, like I said Rap Radar is one of the only sites I visit on a daily basis and I will probably continue to unless this stuff happens. Why support someones website that continues to use others as a platforms of there own website.

  • OZ


  • lololololol this is funny to me, y dont we have some1 from new york running the shit over at hot 97, with clowns like ebro they making themselves look retarded, bcuz they were saying all of this about nicki minajs album etc etc, about how its not hip hop enough, but now they are saying “everyone has to go through the minor leagues” when it comes to lesser known hip hop acts, like make up your fucking mind, and honestly cut the bullshit, no one cares about radio as it is…keep this shit up and im pretty sure everyone will stick with satellite

  • I totally agree with B.Dot. Tho Im no longer in NY and Im now subjected to Tampa radio which probably ten times worse than hot 97.

    and How does less intellectual rap automatically equal more exciting than a song with some thought in it. So cheif Keef is exciting and Joey Badass is boring.

    No I just think PD think its safer to play Cheif Keef over Joey.

    The mantra seems to be when all else fails play something ignorant.

  • Why is everyboody attacking this blog? Yall dont listen to radio? Niggas are always more concern about the messanger than the message. smh

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    This discussion is 15 years too late, once ya boy Clinton passed the Communication Act in 96 that allowed the consolidation of local radio stations by a few corporate companies (Clear Channel, Emmis, etc…) it was a wrap. Better to focus on investing money & resources into our own trusted internet radio

  • Harsh Reality

    @ f*ck swag I got $$$

    No, I’m not a NY’er, I’m from Atlanta. I enjoy all music. One of the main reasons that hip hop proliferated is because it was accepted by others that are not from NY. If that had not happened, this discussion would not be relevant. Instead of constantly reminding Everyone, Everyday, where rap originated, just try to help the culture thrive and live. And u do that with your support for rap, no matter where the artist is from. So yes we get it, we know it, we read it, we googled it and watched the documentary…rap originated in NY! However, the money that carries rap is from other states, countries, and continents. So, don’t ride the coat tails of ur city. It’s past old.

  • @mrright516

    No dude from oakland is gonna tell NY what major or minor is..Ebro is flex son son and hes flex boss which makes him a clown..Whats worse than a coward?? A coward wit power..or in this case a clown with power..every artist he named is grinding dude is worse than these cracker

  • f*ck swag i got $$$

    @Harsh Reality

    I don’t live in the internet I live in NYC. Of course hip was accepted by others that are not from New York but originally the music that was accepted was from New York and influenced others to join the culture. I am trying to help the culture thrive and live, but how could I do that if someone is shitting on the current Hip Hop culture in my own backyard. Other people from other areas support their hometown artists. so why can’t I? I’m not shitting on everyone from other areas, I am a big Young Jeezy fan, and have respect for Ludacris and TI. I am talking about the people putting out that trash music and the people making these excuses for them like they’ve been studying George W Bush’s Presidential campaign, coming out with these defenses that make no sense to people who have any intelligence. I’m not riding the coat tails of my city I’m just bringing up facts. What factual info have you given me besides Hip Hop is dead in NY? Believe the hype if you want Hip Hop is not dead in NY, trust me I’m out here. What I will tell you is the powers that be want people like you to believe it is so they could keep the bullshit going and make sure their business thrives. Listen to the interview again, it doesn’t take make to realize what Ebro is saying. Minor league means you ain’t connected inside the industry network, which is the money and connections backing you. All the artists he named are on their grind out here making shit happen without the machine behind them. Again I’ll bring up someone from your hometown ATL, who in interviews said he’s only been rapping 10 months, and he gets on Hot 97? Think about what your saying and stop dissing my city. If it wasn’t for the Bronx, this rap shit probably wouldn’t be going on…so tell me where you from!

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  • Charlie

    “Parlay with the PD’s now they got our shit on replay”

  • Curtis75Black

    Honestly, who the fuck is Rap Radar to talk when the same thing is done here ? Internet is supposed to move where radio fell off, yet y’all do the same shit. All bloggers to some degree, share the same music, talk about the same topics ( Jay-Z & his many business moves, nicki Minaj with her wack music, as well as any other mainstream artist). When was the last time y’all pushed a Veteran’s new project like Craig G’s Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man or Masta Ace & MF Doom’s Son Of Yvonne. Y’all are just as mainstream, looking for the money just like XXL was years back. Instead of waiting for radio to do the pushing, YOU are supposed to do that, so they can take notice.

  • abrooklyn

    b dot your an ass because most of the garbage music comes out of the south too.. not only ny. so knock it off.

    • B.Dot

      @abrooklyn Who’s disagreeing? Both regions do make bad music.

  • PEEP

    This has been since “Payola” actually got a name.

  • PEEP

    @Curtis75Black well said, sir.


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  • LouieFlashLife

    B.Dot I respect what u do with the music …. But be honest with me why dont u guys post any type of battles I love RapRadar but I feel yall dont give Battle Rap their just do!

    • B.Dot

      Depends on the participants. i.e.: Lux vs. Calicoe.

  • Damn my comments was erased??? Lets try this again.. B .DOT I Have been trying to put you on to a artist out of Brooklyn by the name of SNAKE HOLLYWOOD, for a while now. He recently dropped a EP titled MY CONDOLENCES, which is pure HIPHOP. The Project is on iTunes and any other music digital store you can name.

    Will you front on him, or will this post get deleted once again? Snake Hollywood is a dope MC, and his new EP MY CONDOLENCES is very superior to a lot of the music that is out right now.

  • @bdot… u know its all bout the MONEY meng…u know this.. lets see how u play it…
    heres a track:

    dude we goin thru the same thing in miami…only one station plays local talent..and it has to be hardcore shoot u in the face music that they only play in the late night….. other than that.. nigs gota pay up.. i know a dude that paid 8grand to get his shit played at a local station here in Miami…believe it or not.. i know nowadays nigs got the internet.. but back then it was alot easier to get connected with a radio station.. nowadays its alot of poliTICKing with bloodsuckers man….

    @bdot well played with ebro dude..well played…all about that mula chula now

  • either way.. aint complaining.just informing….we still push for that radio time…

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  • Da Business

    I’m a lil’ late on this whole ordeal, but I figured that I’d give my 2cents. My thoughts r fuck the radio plan and simple. 
    B.Dot, u guys hold more weight than u realize. Every yr I look forward 2 u’re year in review. To check and c if a slept on a lp or mixtape for that matter.
    Since like ’04/’05 every artist that I’ve been put up on has been thru ur site or a similar one. 
    Radio for me is only good for sports talk(GO HEAT)

    • B.Dot

      @Support Good Music Thank you.

      @Da Business We’re just happy to be here. But fuck the Heat! Go knicks!!!

  • Support Good Music

    I don’t understand some of these peoples arguments. The article is about a Hot 97 Program Director who came out his face about not playing artists who are in the minor leagues and not with the major(labels). How did this become about Rap Radar? This dude works at a New York radio station, not an internet website. He also has been on record saying how Hot 97 supports New York artists and one of the jobs of the radio station is to help break artists. I have yet to see Rap Radar claim to do that. Plus Rap Radar is an information blog, not a radio station. Sure radio does relay information that is going on in music, but mainly people go there to listen to music. People go on blogs to find out information, not really to listen to music. People are missing the point here, this guy put himself out there to be put on blast. Now he is being politically correct in getting himself out of this mess, but at this moment of clarity, clearly he spoke from the heart and showed his true colors. B Dot clearly spoke his mind about simply playing 5 songs from New York artists a day, never saying underground or minor. There are definitely 5 radio ready tracks out there right now by New York artists. A lot of this commentary is way off track. Let’s stay with the topic people.

  • Curtis75Black

    Radio used to break records but they don’t do that anymore. It’s all about who you know. We all know that. When video was poppin’ that was the other way to get people known. Now we have the Internet, where we have Hip Hop blogs posting music, giving reviews of projects as well as shitting on emcees for whatever reason. We all see & acknowledge it. We’ve seen artists get no love who has dope projects because of a so-called beef with a “relevant” emcee. We’ve seen Vets get kicked to the curb with no type of love from the Internet peeps, basically showing their age & bias. Internet is where it should be but it’s not. It’s just as mainstream as the radio. When you know a hot track and don’t post it, you’re just as bad as the radio for not playing it.

  • Get at em B…. Bump this dude expose these hipsters asap…

  • SuckaFreeTee

    Im not from NY and I agree 100%

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  • Major radio for major acts, period… really this is some ignorant bullshit.