• Ferrari

    Oh now Master P wanna holler free C-Murder but just a couple of years ago he wasn’t even speaking to him

  • schead

    u know how that goes… and p prolly still dont fuck with em.

  • Bhe

    P hang it up please this is embrassing

  • acidrap

    Damn,you hatin bitches is so weak lol! This shit is hard mane.Im glad to have P back.I’m sick of all these studio gangstas on this site errday like french montana,chief keef,future,kirko…just weak ass shit all the time now.I like Alley mixtapes and P’s stuff is classic.This the type of sound he need to be on today.No limit started that whole trappin sound,listen to the beats compared to whats hot now.They BEEN doin it.

  • nyb717

    master p need to die.fck is u talkn bout u clown ass nigga!!!! smh

  • Kemosabi

    Nobody that’s ever tried to go back in time has ever been successful. Unless you count Marty Mcfly and that took a few tries.