New Video: 2 Chainz x The-Dream “Extremely Blessed”

It’s not easy being a single parent. And in 2 Chainz’s new video, he depicts a mom working the pole to pay her way through school. More than likely, this is “Based On A T.R.U. Story” for real. Pick up the album here.

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  • Trillionaire

    Hip Hop is becoming sad..these niggas keep making the same video a million times..a stripper with a good heart trying to pay bills and go to school in this cold world…lmao cut this shit out

  • dll32

    [email protected]
    sad that this is what the average nigga can relate to…

  • the brain trust

    Lool cry me a fucking river.

    1. Stripper attempts to trap man who never wanted fatherhood with a kid.

    2. Is surprised when he rejects this deceptive arrangement

    3. She doesn’t accept the fact that he should have a say in the matter.

    4. Shits on him to all her peoples & decides to strip to pay for her bastard.

    5. Feels empowered as opposed to ashamed by her current circumstance.