New Video: Master P x Kirko Bangz “Friends With Benefits”

Fellas, keep a tight grip on your chick. When she’s not around, she is out and about getting pampered by Master P and Kirko Bangz. Master P’s Al Capone and Boss Of All Bosses coming soon.

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  • nyb717

    lmfao this nigga is bugged the fuck out!!! u think niggas believe u p? out of touch like a mufucka!

  • WindyCityg72

    Whats there to believe P got money!! I believe P more than a lot of these fake phoneys out here.

  • Coulda gave that song to Romeo or one of the young rappers on your roster. NO-ONE likes this song , especially coming from P. smh.

  • Bigboy

    Why is P making music with.c-listers? im sure asap or j.cole would collabarate if he would ask nicely

  • fh

    P give it up dog you too old for this shit make music for your age homie

  • Fck a hateR

    All around Nice video for a fresh song. All u haters gonna die broke. Keep that fire coming No Limit. We see ya & we appreciate what u doin for hiphop.

  • Fck a hateR

    So u want P to giv it up becuz he’s too old?? How old iz too old to get money?? Dumbazz loserz always hating on tha next man. Keep it coming P

  • Yeah P, just be You

    The music is Wack, especially coming from Master P, he should be above trying to be like make music like this,, and wearing shorts with long sleeve shirts. #BeYou

  • Space Ghost

    Haters stop hating. This is the only genre of music that yaps about an artists age. Master P still has it. He just needs KLC and its back on again and by the way, the only thing wrong with this song is the mix.

  • c-murder

    midlife crisis !!