• Belize

    Wonder how long before all the leaches jump ship from Ross. Lotta em on that sack boi

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Say what you want about him but this song is dope as fuck, video came out nice too. I fucks with it.

  • MMG


  • bumpy johnson

    dope vid

  • Ross with another dope visual..fav track on the album by far

  • Get it how u live

    gotten better with every album

  • Gambino

    remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets really fat and walks around with that cape and hat? That’s kinda like Ross in this vid

  • tweezy

    this is dope… awaiting this patiently.. http://bit.ly/U66BSN

  • jinx


  • Larry Hoover

    This fat fucker canceled his show in NC cuz he’s scared of these GDs #FolksNation

  • Bry from Boston

    ^^^ @gambino… Hahahaha i know exactly what you’re talkin about Hahaha that’s wicked funny dude lol

  • M.T

    good song and good video.

  • Bry from Boston

    Ross had a great run but i think hes coming to a hault. He flooded the market & it was awesome but that black bar mitz mixtape was pretty lame. Im a huge Ross fan due to his music but GFID wasnt the best body of work. Rich Forever has way better replay value. Teflon Don was a great album that had great replay value. Ive listened to GFID maybe 5-10 times. Its really good but i was expecting something a little better. I like it but i think time has to make it grow on me. That 3 kings track alright but i wanted a Dre production rather than a Dre verse. And jays verse seemed lazy and not enough effort to really shine. I dont feel like hearimg about the Barclays Center anymore or the Nets in his verses. Ever sonce he started dating Beyonce shit went downhill in his msuic i think, although i love every solo album besides Kingdom Come. It took a while for BP3 to grow on me then i ended up loving it. Even though Ross loes aboit shit musocally he is talented as Hellllo. Flow, lyrics, production selection.

  • yesken

    Great song and great video by ross. One of the best tracks on the album.

    So much for all the fuckboys who say Ross does the same stuff all the time…

  • $$$

    Nas playing the violin?

  • Bigboy

    That was touching; especially the party where his dress shirt is only buttoned at the top. I feel the lyrics even more when I look at hours bare chestand belly. Thank God for Rozay. What would culture be without him

  • Drops



    As always Rick Ross blesses his fans with a good song and a good video.