New Music: Game Ft. Scarface x Kendrick Lamar “Murder”

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Game, Facemob, K-Dot go for the kill on today’s Sunday Service track, which did not make the album cut do to sample clearances. Jesus Piece drops Tuesday.

So here it is…. the last #SundayService before “Jesus Piece” drops this Tuesday Dec 11th worldwide !!!! the artwork displays the original tracklisting for the album making it easy for you to slide the tracks that were supposed to be on the album but didnt make it because of sample clearances…… So again, here it is & I truly appreciate all the love & support on this album…. “MURDER” featuring @kendricklamar & @scarface produced by @markhenryDC artwork by @vladsepetov

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  • Rockradar

    This album is amazing didnt think it could get any better but it just did god dammm!


    It’s alright. Best if the song was left off.

  • The Truth

    20K First Week

  • jinx


  • Rockradar

    @The Truth
    His album is amazing hes got loyal fans he will do much more then that. Definatly his best album since the doctors advocate


    Game actually deserves the sales more than these shitty rappers dropping music right now. go support Jesus Piece December 11th

  • Fat Motherfucker

    Beat is good but Voice too loud.

  • Greezy

    Heard about 80% of the album and I gotta say…he put in work, definitely gonna cop

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yeah,this really is murder. GOod to see three different generations can vibe together on the same track. This is not the best work I’ve seen from any of the three of them, but it’s a good track nonetheless. Almost everything Game has dropped leading up to Jesus Piece has been high quality, my only complaint being that he’s leaning maybe a little too heavily on features again, but that’s to be expected, and since most of the features have either been excellent or unobtrusive so far, this should be another excellent album in this heat wave during the coldest point of 2012.

  • Original Ty

    The beat is real nice, Game represented well, Face was just ok, never thought I’d say there was more substance and less posturing by Game than Face but it’s true on this.

    The only really underwhelming part is the hook by Kendrick. If all you’re doin’ is the hook it BETTER be Devin the Dude ill…..

  • poetic assasin

    Lovin it

  • priime dawg

    dope…didn’t listen to album yet, bout to buy it on tuesday

  • Andrew

    not to put Big Homie on blast, but i think he meant “due” not “do.” Lol yup I’m that dude.

    I like this though. It’s a dope track. Shame it didn’t make the album, but I don’t think it’s detrimental to not have it on the album.

  • fireeee


  • Montell

    Finally game doesnt sound like another rapper

  • The Real Truth

    50 was right….dude cant carry a album on his own….or a song without a built in hook

  • OvO

    What a increibel artist Chuck is, the album a classic and it hasnt even came out yet mad that drake didnt make the cut tho still love OVO ROLEX RECORDS YMCMB BWSMG

  • I think Game’s gonna have some of the best album of the year with Jesus Piece. He’s putting out some quality songs – @HITPmusicblog

  • z7ra_Vv

    Cmon im not saying game is the best at hooks but he can write them if needed

  • Q

    That album man shits a problem lp on the year

  • OvO

    @The real truth is u got 2 stop lickin on 50’s dick it aint 2003 anymore yur rapper is dead deal…..Game Time


    Fuckin dope




    Hot album<3

  • TDE

    50 cent can’t make a good album anymore period. West coast we runnin shit once again!!

  • Ke

    Game and kendrick need a joint lp

  • Pussy lickaaaa

    I lick pussys. I fuck pussys. I am pussys.

  • Lee

    West Coast!

  • Gunit

    Good album its still fuk Game! Tho GGG -Unit

  • Da Truthhhhh

    heard the whole album before it even drops, what value this album has?

  • Dope

  • Q

    @Da truth is was only 5 days before smart 1 stop hating on a master piece

  • Evil

    All the songs ive heard that doesnt make the album,are dope,like this song.
    Ive only hard 1 song from the actual album and that was disappointing.Hope he doesnt give away fire songs for free and the album ends up with the trash.

  • NY-Kidd



    The album deliveres more then any album out life is good is right there to… if you aint fillin Je5us Piece then go kill ya self u dont kno wat G.O.O.D music is go listen to waka or wat the fuk ever u uneducated illiterate fuks lol

  • z7ra_Vv

    @evil the album is growing on me.(dled it) imma buy it sometime next week. Ali Bomaye should have just been him or two better ppl than 2 chainz and ross


    !Pray! my fav! then Je5us Piece game can spit smoth the track wit 2 chinz is hot Game &tiny boi get it inn album is dope af

  • The REAL Truth

    To be honest his album will prolly only do 60-80K first week. His album sales has went down every album he put out. The Game depend on features to carry his albums it just the TRUTH.

  • z7ra_Vv

    @Evil- the album is slowly growing on me(i dled it) imma buy it sometime this week. the Ali Bomaye song should have been just him or someone way better than 2chainz and ross. so far Name Me King is one of my favs.

  • YmcmB

    Game ymcmb

  • the brain trust

    I’ve gotta say, Game really surprised me. After the atrocious RED album, I thought he was done…. but this album is genuinely worth a purchase.

    The production is stellar (probably the best produced album this year), all the features are excellent (Kevin Hart especially lol) & the concept was well executed.

    It’s crazy that the 2 dopest hip hop albums this year came from Compton.

    ‘Niggas say the West ain’t winnin’, i’m just tryna find the proof’

  • floridaboy

    if he still released it even though he couldn’t clear the samples, THEN Y THE FUCK IS LIVE IN CONCERT NOT OUT!? ITS BEEN MONTHS

  • the brain trust

    Yo Game really surprised me. After the atrocious RED album, I thought he was done…. but this album is genuinely worth a purchase.

    The production is stellar (probably the best produced album this year), the features are all excellent (Kevin Hart especially lol) and the concept was well executed.

    It’s crazy that the 2 best hip hop albums this year came from Compton.

    ‘Niggas say the west ain’t winnin’, i’m just tryna find the proof’

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    meh kinda sucked, facemob had best verse, song was too mellow, alright tho, kinda glad was left off

  • Raylene love

    @therealtruth he will sell way more then nicki manij lp and it will be number 1 hes a super star rapper

  • Samhook2

    ^^^*Minaj but your right 190k i think

  • Trillboy

    Best album since his DOC

  • 50 Cent

    Game ain’t selling nowhere near 100K. The nigga can barley sell out little bars/clubs. Nobody checking for him. His so called fans don’t even buy his shit.

  • Wilderness


  • HB

    60-70k first week. his core fans will support him. nobody else.

  • Kim C

    Lol @50cent have u been livin under a rock your fav rapper 50 is irrelevant just stop!?! Lmao… Game has 4 number #one albums bout to be 5 : ) does fiddy cent have that huh? NO! Haha Games the king of hip hop <3 bxtches

  • Kim C

    He has sold 5mill out the gate 1st album 12mill as today

  • D’on

    Best buy on the 11 yessir

  • 50 Cent

    Yea Game went #1 with R.E.D with 98K first week lmao…. Curtis Jackson can still sell out arenas while Game can barley pack House of Blues.

  • CaliSteppin

    His album is fire dont front. “Name Me King” is my fav track but all the rest are good too. Ill be copping the album

  • Jack..O

    Areans lol Game just did power house bro wat did 50 do oyeah is fight yesterday and it was sad lol

  • LOX

    Just heard the Album on my Dre beats and all i can say is Classic!


    JayZ our Game idk its to hard they the best on each coast

  • Ri ri’s butt

    Is Holy water on it

  • No!!Pacman6kO

    Im high

  • Kyle100


  • Kyle100

    Anyone kno how much a jesus piece chain is real gold?

  • Shit is official.Wish kendrick had a verse.face is that guy
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle:

  • King

    Can’t Get Right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 career


    1 more damn day got it on itunes but i need the cd aint nothing like puting a classic in yur car like sum nas sum jay and sum game

  • KrS2

    Been hearing hiphop since the 80’s heard the best and i heard trash but this guy never lets me dwn always nice on the mic every day i go to wrk Nas Game Jay Z Pac Eminem and D block rakim krs1 this album is a classic dec 11 cop dat

  • @Artise1

    Should call this album Game and Friends. He got the entire industry on this album

  • REx

    Nice kendrick hook

  • REx


  • ECU

    Hood gospel…nigga the game is killin them. Most underrated rapper, i see another #1 album with crazy numbers

  • Jayz

    Diz song>50 cent music carrer…even afta puttin new day ft dre ft alica,first date ft 2short,my life ft eminem ft adam,His album is gettin pushback octople times..

  • 6ix4

    this beat sounds exactly like Flatbush Zombies breakfast at ePiffanies

  • A$Ap

    Long live the king! Game!!

  • Ke z Huhhh!

    Good musik

  • Lloyd

    Are you really talking about dead 50 here. Game greater than 50 fam anyday

  • Lloyd

    50 dropped a somg with a 2 yrs old verse. I’m done

  • Q