Sean Price On Ebro’s Hot 97 Snub


Days after Hot 97’s Program Director Ebro Darden drafted Sean Price into hip-hop’s minor leagues, P responded to the dismissal via his Twitter account. Read below. Cop Mic Tyson here.

@Rosenbergradio yo!!! Ok ok ok I just saw that clip with Ebro talking his shit its cool but if u mean I’m minor league because I’m not being played on on his [statation]. know what It was disrespectful @Rosenbergradio see what I was talking bout and now you turned into one of em FAM I’m done no more TALK.

Red and meth don’t get radio play are they minor leaguers? Memphis Bleek don’t get radio play is he a minor leaguer. Yeah that shit was disrespectful Fuck it they got that I’m done with it God bless em.

Fuck it man I got a song or 2 in rotation on shade 45 I appreciate that and I appreciate Ebro 2 at least he’s honest even tho it was a dis.

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  • skrillz

    cmon P dont be so sensative – u supposed to be Mic Tyson B

  • Effed up!

  • Ebro is the physical personification of the phrase ‘Getting drunk on your own Kool Aid’.

    It shows the level of intelligence (or lack thereof) that these stations require of the people they hire.

    Ebro is a prime example of why the industry is in the sorry state it’s in at the moment.

    Who is HE to say what is minor and major league? Who is HE to say what dues are paid and to whom?

    So Ebro is now the bastion of “Dues Paid” and the gatekeeper of the “Major league”?

    He isn’t honest, he is merely an idiot who has no concept of the word ‘Quality’.

    If Ebro watches that clip back, he should feel embarrassed at his level of ignorance,

    Imagine waking up every day and you are trapped inside the human shell that is Ebro? Imagine being him? I would ask only one question; “Where is the cyanide”?

  • Donn

    Why does not getting on Hot 97 matter, u don’t need them to be successful, they don’t play a lot of ppl and those ppl are doing just fine, it’s not that serious

  • Oj da Cornball

    Eh, i think Ebro’s comment about minor league was geard towards the new comers and not them.
    he just didn’t clear it up.
    But then again Sean’s right. If they ain’t minor league why they not getting played?

    To be fair, even veteran gotta put in work. You can’t drop something on strength of your name.

    I mean if 50 Cent had to drop 4 mixtape before getting some attention again, and he major league, why shouldn’t Sean or Meth?
    Then you gotta be strategic at that, not just drop the tape. underground rappers stay with catching feelings.

  • Black Shady

    why the fuck Ebro all over the radio anyway??? just play your role in the background smh

  • M.T


  • Thing is radio is sort of like a catch 22. I don’t think even this blog can talk because the scope of this blog they could break a new artist just as easily or faster than radio these days. I asked Elliott if he was gonna do such a thing on this site he straight up said no. So while I think more variety comes on this blog they are just as responsible for what doesn’t get played at radio as pd at radio since they are almost in the same position to break new music.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Sean Price is wrong…………………………..Memphis Bleek is minor league lmao!

  • P BODY

    @skrillz….it AINT about being sensitive…Its about DEMANDING the respect you DESERVE! Sean P is hiphop….he aint no new fly by night youngin’ and thats what he probably took offense to. That shit bothered me and he wasn’t even talking bout me!
    Ebro was all the way wrong saying Sean Price’s name when talking bout “minor leagues” and “up and coming rappers”……Does ebro know about Boot Camp Click? THE BCC? DuckDown? Healtah Skeltah….Rock n Ruck?? This nigga got classics….CLASSICS in my book (and alot other people’s too) so I think Price was justified in responding to the shade thrown his way like he some new guy……..
    it is what it is………Pick up that MIC TYSON yall….its dope, very dope……

  • gtouthere

    Ebro acting like he breakin already established artists and shit.
    Peter over there the number one hip hop backpack supporter and is lettin Embo run his mouth SMH
    I guess NIcki Minaj gettin in his ass is makin him feel brave lately

  • CabriniGreeny

    Sean P. You got skills. I’ve been listening and buying your music since the mid-90’s. You know your lane. It does not matter what the PD at Hot 97 got to say. Make good music and put on great shows.

  • Regular Guy

    Just make good music.

  • Support Good Music

    Damn there’s a minor league and major league in Hip Hop now. I thought music was music. I guess it’s smart for him to support the majors since he’s getting paid to. Didn’t have to throw dudes under the bus like that though. What part of the game is that? I guess signing to the major (labels) and getting ass raped is how you get on Hot 97 in this day and age. So the real hip hop with no financial backing is now considered the minors? When did this all happen?

  • Ebro

    “Hi my name is Ebro. I’m from Oakland and now run the New York radio scene.”

    Yea that makes sense. Good job Hot97, you picked a good leader…..fukin idiots.

  • Rap Radar doesn’t support emcees like Sean Price in the first place either so…. *looks around confused*

  • When the PD thinks he Jay-Z and the DJ’s think they Diddy,
    No wonder the state of the game is upside down and shitty!

  • Winston Churchill

    Hot 97 is shit anyway.

  • No one checking for Sean Price b


    HOT 97 doesn’t play real hip hop tho, they play bullshit. payola still exists,

  • Pete from Harlem

    Let me be The Devil’s Advocate right now…

    Hot97 is the top radio station in the #1 market when it comes to radio.
    This has never changed.
    Artists in NYC have ALWAYS felt slighted since this was the case.
    “We live here and we can’t get on the radio…IN OUR OWN HOMETOWN?!?”
    That’s always been the sentiment.
    But…there was a workaround. You have a hot record in the streets, it would eventually get picked up by Hot97 by automatic default.


    The business of radio is about ADVERTISEMENT, regardless of the format.
    They sell slots of ad time based off the popularity of the programming.
    The more listeners a program has, the more they can charge.


    To their credit, Summer Jam has been going strong for many years, in more recent, including a secondary and a tertiary stage to showcase not as popular acts with a potentially strong following.

    That being said…Ebro Darden at that point made the MISTAKE of grouping Sean Price with other up and coming artists with little to no prior history, while in his stance of bravado.

    Yes…he is the PD of the most important station in NYC, let alone the country. So, he was feeling himself, and as such, decided to show everybody he can stunt, too. That he can talk greasy with the best of ’em.

    If he didn’t mention Sean Price by name…we wouldn’t be talking about this.

  • zeee

    im not really feeling this Ebro dude and his arrogance. not feeling rosey-burg either right now.

  • Isee

    Everybody want they 15 mins. Bloggers, PD’s, etc. Fame is a hit from the Drug Power. One taste, hooked. But, everybody doesn’t have talent, so don’t tell a artist they this or that, when you really a fucking creep, that sucked enough dick, to get a job. Lames with power, has ruined rap period.

  • JD

    Fucks with it. Red & Meth for real.

  • Mike

    Sean Price for President

  • Support Good Music

    @Pete from Harlem
    Hot 97 is actually number two right now in the ratings to Power 105. So you already started your argument off track. Of course artists from New York should feel a certain way about being called minor league in their hometown. Do the research on the other artists. Joey Badass has a bigger following and is buzzing more numbers wise than Sean Price so how is he subpar. All those artists he mentioned work hard and have good music. Maybe you should give it a listen. I am pretty sure that guy Trinidad James that is getting a lot of play on Hot 97 truly came out of no where. That guy hasn’t even been rapping for a year. So if you’re going to play Devil’s Advocate at least come with something valid.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-☆-General of MKW – (CYBER FEDS IS WATCHING ME!) FUCK THE GD’s …Leave Rozay Alone !!!




  • Pete from Harlem

    @Support Good Music

    Off track is a bit much.
    These numbers change every day.
    The point is still the same.
    New York is the #1 major market for radio,with California being the second.
    Their motives are different from any artists’ motives.

    Radio is in the business of advertisement.

    That point is valid enough.

    That’s radio’s one and only objective.

    If you noticed…I only highlighted the fact that since Sean Price was grouped together with everyone else who hasn’t been around since the 90’s making good music is the sticking point for most everyone, INCLUDING Sean Price.

    No one else can even think to rebuff that little fact, which I believe who none who were also mentioned has.

    I like Joey Badass. I fucks with SkyZoo, The Kid Daytona, Nitty Scott, Action Bronson, Currency and many other underground and lesser known artists. I know better to think that without a monster record, checking for these guys in regular rotation on Hot97 or Power 105 would be a waste of my time.

    Radio plays by a completely different set of rules that have a definitive bottom line.

    Pusha T said just recently, the mecca of Hip Hop music has shifted from New York to Atlanta. The South is on the front burner right now. Been that way for a minute. Other regions and the artists that hail from there are getting their shine now.

    Detroit. Chicago. Even Wichita,Kansas…shouts to XV!!! (I fucks with him,too!!!)

    Radio just plays the numbers game.

    Always has, always will.

    It don’t stop anyone from eatin’ these days.

    But let me be clear….Ebro Darden was being an ass when he said that.

    No one’s refuting that point. Especially not me.

    You’re popular in most of the smaller markets, you’re highly considered to be added to the larger ones.

    That’s the game. You can get added if you play the game how it’s set up…or have a monster on your hands. But it all goes through the smaller markets to the larger ones.

    Touring and shows all over definitely contribute to this.

    As for Trinidad James…he has come out of nowhere. But he’s got that monster on his hands.

    Case in Point.

  • Support Good Music

    @Pete from Harlem

    Good points. Radio is the business of advertisement, and at the end of the day any businesses main goal is to make money. The things you are saying now make sense. When you played Devil’s Advocate you didn’t make half of much sense as you do now. You’re right about having that one big hit, but according to Ebro one hit won’t get you on Hot 97 aka the majors. If someone is obviously on the business part of music then play your position and collect your paycheck, why would they put yourself out there and insult the people that are out there putting in work in an attempt to put music with substance out there.

  • Mellow

    im still trying to figure out the comparison between a blog and radio??? you cant even compare the two. You simply cannot make that argument. I mean music is music and i thought that was what radio was for “MUSIC”. its easy for people to say you dont need radio to get poppin’ or whatever but they are them same niggas who don’t listen to the radio. There are songs over 10 years old or more still playing on the radio till this day. It helps in longevity if you think about it. And it doesnt get played because the record companies are still paying for it, its because its good fuckin music. i really think that because music sells are low they push the sing songy pop shit more so it will get stuck in your head. the music that isnt pushed as hard sells the most, but imagine it those artist songs just got a little airplay what it could do for their albums. You hear Cashout and future on the radio all day but how many albums they sell. Nas barely on the radio and his shit Gold. French Montana on the Radio all day but i dont know one nigga waiting on that album, well i know im not. But anyway its bigger than hot97 but new york based hip hop isnt gold anymore and new york radio isnt trying to help, other markets seem to help there backyard why cant ny

  • Mellow

    just so i know do radio stations in Cali play more west coast artist music on the air or is it like everywhere else. Because ive been to other states and they seem to support the local artist alot more than hot97 and power105

  • Pete from Harlem

    @Support Good Music

    I’m glad you understand what I was trying to convey. I was too vague before.

    The way I see it is like this…..Radio will only fuck with you as long as you’re bigger than the next man. (pause)
    That means if you’re gettin’ that press, if you’re gettin’ those interviews, if everybody and their momma wants to do a song with you and you consistently make those hot songs that go on to become monsters …THAT’S when they’ll give you those looks people would kill for.

    It’s the same way for all parts of this rap shit.

    Think about this…Nobody outside of Chicago would even think to listen to Chief Keef if Kanye wouldn’t have gave him that look and jumped on “I Don’t Like”. Don’t front. Keep it 100. And that’s just the way it is. Hell, most people wouldn’t know who Chief Keef is.

    Also…Nobody was giving those looks to ASAP Rocky first out. Only after he got hot in the streets AND across seas was people showing love. All those big name producers like Swizz Beatz and the sort would have never work with him prior to that.


    Major deals have budgets…and everybody likes to get paid.

    They’re not doing this for free,man.

    ….and I respect that. Even-though, most of this stuff remains unsaid. No one wants to appear to be shallow and a dick.

    But if Hot97 or Power 105 up and changed their format next week, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • Pete from Harlem


    It’s pretty much the same out that way too.
    Smaller market’s are WAY easier to get spins on than NY or LA.

    Here’s a list of all the urban markets in North America .

  • realwickwickwack

    look who caught feelings …rosenberg didnt even say anything negative
    Ebro kinda clowned them but it was all fun besides the fact that he´s minor league

    at the end of the day it´s true ,sean p is minor league when it comes to commercial /mainstream radio

  • priime dawg

    that nigga said memphis bleek

  • ebro lost me when he said tht name…

  • Peekay

    Ebro’s an asshole, him and everyone knows this. This controversy will prolly help Hot 97’s cause. Not sure why P aired Rosenberg out, a big supporter of his music.

    Not sure that RapRadar’s really one to judge, they dickride MMG so hard.

  • .

    What is radio?

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    You Tube is the new radio station for this generation. Why sit around and let some corporate tool tell you what to listen to and what time of the day its going to be played when you can go to You Tube and listen to whatever you want whenever you want. Between the blatant payola and the ‘boys club’ mentality urban radio has painted itself into a corner it cannot get itself out of. Let the dinosaur rest in peace


  • TheTruth

    Who listens to radio anymore anyways? Radio doesn’t break new music. Blogs break new music. Radio is dying and so are the corny characters that work for them.

    • B.Dot

      The truth of the matter is that the CASUAL rap fan gets their new music off radio. Whether u admit it or not.

  • How Wonderful…

    No respect. Sean Price earned his way on radio yeeeeaaaaarrrrsss ago. Leflur Laflah had radio rotation back in 95 on Hot 97 So to say he is minor league is some bullshit. Sean Price is a legend and Ebro is a puppet. I remember Star and Bucwild rferred to him as coon bro back in the day. I dont think Sean Price is mad about not getting air play on 97, but calling him minor league is just dead wrong and i think thats where the disrespect comes in.

  • radio is gonna die

    Terrestial radio as a format is on its way out, anyway. I give them another 20 years before about half the radio stations on the air now are out of business. They had a good 100 year run, but it’s over. The Net gave the people the power to get around gatekeepers like Ebro.

    @Pete from Harlem, Atlanta ain’t the mecca of nothing, their glory days are behind them. Former Atlanta stars like TI, Ludacris and Lil Jon are basically in the twilight of their careers. 2 Chainz and Future (to a lesser degree) are doing their thing, but no one from Atlanta is going to do Lil Wayne Carter 3 numbers. If you’re talking sales, there is no one city leading the field.

  • Loaded

    Fuck Hot 97. piece of shit radio station

  • sunn

    sean price is a hard rapper but he’s a big crybaby. you grown ass man, still wanting another ngz respect.foh

    • Bryan Dutra

      Where do you get that from you fucktard?…seriously learn to read or realize shit clown cakes.

  • dunn

    ^^you’s a BITCH…..EVERYONE should want respect…..”wanting another niggas respect” what he got mad at was the DISRESPECT of saying “minor leagues” and “up&coming rappers”…..Sean P is neither of the 2 and has every right to respond AFTER ANOTHER GROWN MAN HAD HIS NAME IN HIS MOUTH!!!
    aiight dun, you understand that dun?? its not like he going around beggin a nigga for respect, he heard what Ebro disrespectfully said about him….and addressed it for 1: speaking his name in a disrespectful way…….and 2: disregarding all the history that he (Sean Price) has… ..dudes not some new guy.

    • Bryan Dutra

      Anyone ever heard of Heltah Skeltah?…just saying because they dropped classic shit.

  • dee

    aint dis the same sean price clown who dissed wale for no reason a couple years ago? ctfu now hw crying cause the tables turned? minor league BITCH

    PS: it must be true if he took it so hard lol

  • @treyofive

    NY turning on their own. That was completely disrespectful

  • @treyofive

    Also…. i don’t get it. Didn’t they go at Nicki for being too pop and then turn around and diss the underground they supposedly love?

    When they say “minor league” they mean NO MONEY…. In sports it means LESS TALENT. Are they trying to say Sean P is less talented than Trinidad James?

  • EBRO is a big payola fraudster that has no clue.. He bandwagon all day hasnt though for himself in decades…… Dont give this man or station anylove… oh yeah trindad paid his dues haa….. stfu and shave

  • FaceTime100

    The Truth Is Sean Price Is Really Not Ready For Mainstream Radio. Thats from a business standpoint. He may have fans which is good and all but mainstream radio nah no way.

    • Bryan Dutra

      Yes because he is too real and people on the radio nowadays are fake ass clown bitches. Go tuck your skirt in and cuddle your boyfriend there clown cakes.

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  • Bryan Dutra

    Just to let all you ass clowns with no real hip hop knowledge know and realize that BBC in the 90’s was strong and Sean P had plenty of radio play while in Heltah Skeltah so get your heads out of your asses.