New Music: Chamillionaire “The Ill Mind Of Koopa”

the ill mind of koopa-cover

Koopa sure has a way with his wordplay. And for his online army, he opens up his mind over Hopsin’s track on this new recording.

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  • dmc

    Woah, that’s dope

    Hop’s gettin cosigns from everyone

    Travis Barker

    Hopefully they help him with the album

  • Travis

    Not as good as the original he stole this from, the original artist who recorded this was hopsin and he made the beat… I’ll mind of hopsin. This is a joke… And I normally love chamillion

  • Wigz

    Travis.. do you think we are stupid?

  • Gambino

    I hope everyone who comments on this thread let’s Travis know what a moron he is, moron. Dope shit from Cham

  • dmc

    haha i guess some people don’t kno hop has a song with yela and travis that’s either goin to be on travi’s album or hops album

  • Evil

    fruit loops beats

  • TK

    chamillitary mayne!

  • QweenKoopa

    Killed it. Can’t even say anything else about it….

  • Frenchy1011

    Such a dope freestyle … cham wen’t so hard on this!!


  • Antoine G

    Dope! #1 rapper out there, ya’ll just dont know it yet…. yet

  • BJLJBranded

    3 min and 18 seconds of fire. I love how cham’s not afraid to spit how he’s feels. Just listen to the subject matter.

  • BucktownzFinest

    Endless bars. Cham did Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 justice!

  • Greatness

  • miguel solis

    koopa does it again

  • JJ

    Daaaaaaaaaaaayum!!! This brother is so underrated its not even funny

  • BuggsDbunny

    WooooooooW. ¶ call it the #BitterTruth. He went really hard. #SoDope. ¶ can’t wait for your Album. #ChamillitaryMayne.

  • big rob

    another fire freestyle from the messiah. one person on youtube was asking who chamillionaire was poor guy has never heard real music before haha.

  • killed it

  • Flamez

    Track is too real.Couldnt be done better by the best. #Chamillitary

  • Tanner Borud

    So Dope.

  • Jameson C

    ill’em all Cham!!!!

  • ad


  • Jonathan J

    This is dope as usual when Cham does “freestyles”.

  • Kannon Green

    Too sick

  • HtownGirl

    Sick!! As always cham is still the best
    #1 fan here!!

  • ripper

    Sick Cham, Way to kill it

  • terry

    Cham murdered it

  • Matthew

    Straight raw freestyle. Thanks cham