• plaeboi

    this. sounds. horrible.

    hopefully the movie is better than this.

  • Breaking News

    …..WHAT HAVE WE DONE…. -_______-

    Separately they were legends. This is not meant to be.

  • dll32

    WTF is this shittery ?

  • D Twice

    Would’ve been nice to hear Nas over this beat. When will they let Pac rest in peace and stop putting his name on anything? Its been 16 years already. Lord knows when Jay passes they gonna throw his verses on everything.

  • Bigboy

    this songs like eating pussy. I don’t enjoy, but it had to be done….and I almost feel like I should be enjoying it. the end

  • onenutned

    this is just bad…please take this off the soundtrack..burn it…pray over it and bury it so no one has to suffer thru this shit ever again. just no.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Shit gross. Either song is infinitely better than the gronky combination of the two.


  • Pac is the don.This is hot.IDK what yall talking about
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle: http://youtu.be/5JgMw5YMb5Q

  • Q

    Definitely read this as “James Bond x 2Pac,” but this works too

  • Devante

    So since Quentin Tarantino has movie coming about slaves with an African American staring in it now all of a sudden he wants to do an all HipHop soundtrack?

  • Loaded

    ^ nigga Quentin has BEEN fucking with hip hop for years. Ge your non film educated ass out of here