New Video: French Montana “All Birds” (Trinidad)

From the gutters of St. Paul Street projects in Trinidad and Tobago, French holds his own in the alternate version of the “All Birds” video.

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  • Your Father

    This dude sucks dick.
    Someone called Trinidad is buzzing and then you try align yourself with Trinidad in hopes you can leech.
    Seriously, French needs to stand on his own two.
    His whole shit is co-signs.

  • Doe Doe

    I find it funny how French William and Khaled have not addressed the situation with French and Khaleds mum they just do what they always do and ignore it and hope it goes away

  • ^

    Just so you know, there IS a difference between Trinidad James (rapper) and Trinidad and Tobago (country where this video was shot). Pretty sure the country doesn’t count as a cosign

  • Your Father

    You can’t look at the timing (when all things are Trinidad James on twitter) and this video containing the same keyword/tag drops. Of course it’s a country before anything else by not drop the video before all this?
    This is clearly calculated.

  • R

    The non Frenchman cant get over on us we too smart Arab.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-☆-General of MKW – (CYBER FEDS IS WATCHING ME!) FUCK THE GD’s …Leave Rozay Alone !!!




  • hjater

    rubbish yes i took my time to say that and i enjoyed it,,,ALL GARBAGE [FLOPVILLA]

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Of course its calculated, your talking about a industry full of dickriders. The land of soca carnival and curry-filled roti has suddenly become synonymous with hip hop “swag” even though none of the associated artists are actually repping the island on a real cultural level, what weird and strange times we live in

  • A “Bang Em Smurf ” appearance. Song and Vid are horrible. smh.

  • Danny

    Ok let a Trini step in….Trinidad James was born in Trinidad he leaved when he was around 8, This French Video was shot last yr when he was here Bang em carried him St Paul building which is a dangerous place to be. Kind of funny he now release the vid, so it has to be calculated.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Ironically Bang Em Smurf helped form G-Unit (rising out of the old ashes of Lost Boyz) in Jamaica Queens NY and then get deported to Trini in the same vicinity where there was a gang that took up the name G-Unit and became one of the well known gangs in the island when it comes to murder as well as getting murdered. If you visit Trinidad don’t step into places like Laventille, Beetham, etc…bullets are flying for real

  • Yamzz

    @Doe Doe whys is it a big deal that french taped 50 with Khaleds mom…that was yearssss before khaled and french became boys and that was frenchs hustle at the time so he had nothing to do with it….just like french recording 50 shittin on fat joe it was years before they became cool

  • @Artise1

    Id rather listen to Kia Sunshine.

  • oby


    would you still be my boy if I pimped one of your sisters a couple of years ago becuz it was my “hustle at the time”???? smfh the game is lackin morals I see

  • mjg

    french and khaled both muslim brother so they probably let bygones be bygones and keep it moving.

  • Los

    Did Bang Em get “COKE BOYS” tat’d under his right eye? What a herb. And you see him make it evident he got his G-Unit tattoo covered up on his right hand around the 0:44 mark

  • Bang ‘Em Smurf popped a molly, he’s sweatin’. Must be a Trinidad thing..